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Welcome to the world of Zone 00 where all the characters are extraordinarily beautiful, sexy, and best of all, fashionistas. Browse through our exclusive collection of Zone 00 cosplay costumes.

Characters: Ruiko, Ango Shima, Hime Shirayuri, Kinuko Ibara, Benio

Zone-00 Cosplay Costumes
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The Only Information You Will Ever Need For Your Zone 00 Costumes Shopping

If you like and enjoy flashy and fun cosplays, you are sure to love the flamboyant Zone 00 cosplay costumes. Since the release of the manga in 2011, this manga has been developed into audio only form of Drama CD. This manga has a strong following among readers who are mostly captivated by the complicated nature of the characters and the overt magnitude, development, and potential of the plot. After a decade since its release, this manga has a lot going on.

It is set in Tokyo where demons and humans coexist together in a seemingly peaceful manner. Each species or primordial race has a fragile tolerance for the other, and it all falls apart when a mysterious and menacing drug called ‘zone 00’ surfaces. This drug causes chaos amongst the humans and demons alike, turning normal humans into demons when they ingest it.

The major plot of the manga follows the story of two middle school students called Ango Shima, an intensely serious fourteen year old who happens to be the head of an exorcist clan called the House Of Shima, and Saburo Kujo, another fourteen year old boy who hosts the soul of an ancient evil ogre called Kiyoami. As the story progresses, other stunning, cross-dressing demons and witches are involved.

All the prominent characters of this manga are aesthetically pleasing. They are clad in outfits that are vibrant with over the top designs. Their elaborate make-up, as well as marks or tattoos, are visually stunning. The character designs emulate a kind of punk visual art and are pretty distinct from other supernatural dramas.

As a manga that is quite gory and bloody, the aim of the visual aesthetics is not to be simply pleasant, but to leave a lasting impression on the readers. The beautiful characters are not perfect or just some pretty boys or bishonen characters either. Many of them exhibit both beauty and the horrid as well, and this novelty strikes a chord with many of the fans who are on the lookout for drawing styles.

From the wide-eyed Saburo Kujo to the three-legged demon Benten and the witches, there are tons of characters to choose from the Zone 00 franchise. Among the beautiful and shocking characters in this series, which one would you like to portray the most? Keep on scrolling to uncover more details and ideas for your Zone 00 costumes or Zone 00 cosplay.



Zone 00 Cosplay: Cross-Dressing And Beauty That Bends The Norms Of Gender Prejudice

The popularity of gender-benders never fails to excite inspiration and interest, no matter the era. Although the East Asian cultures have always been fascinated and even obsessed with the achievement of a beauty that defies the norms of both male and female genders, cross-dressing, for a long time, was not a widely accepted phenomenon in most cultural settings. In the West, however, cross-dressing was reserved for theatres during the medieval times.

As psychologists have written in their observations, cross-dressing entails the overarching desire to become one’s object of interest without losing his or her basic self. Sort of like hitting two targets with one bullet, cross-dressing and role-playing literally transforms one’s looks and allows him or her to inhabit a character without losing his or her sense of seld  Considered a taboo, the art of crossdressing only started to get attention and acknowledgment in the postmodern era.

However, in the contemporary context, the strict binary between male and female is now less rigid, fashion a lot more progressive, and our laws a little bit more inclusive than some centuries back. This is reflected in many artworks and productions, including the swanky Zone 00 costumes and character designs. Whether you have a mind of transforming yourself into an awesome character, becoming a pretty and brooding exorcist or becoming a goofy, adorable and lively reincarnation of an ogre, this is the right stop for you. If you are one of the passionate and dedicated cosplayers, we have not a single doubt that you will deliver any character’s looks that you decide to recreate. So, here is a closer look at the Zone 00 cosplay costumes.


Ango Shima Cosplay Costumes

If you choose to recreate the looks of Ango Shima, you will need a set of a typical Japanese gakuran black school uniform. A distinctive feature of the gakuran uniform is the Tsume eri, a jacket that has a tight, raised collar with golden-colored buttons at the front of the jacket. Ango Shima’s tsume eri has a silver-colored cross pinned at the left side of his upright collar. He also wears a pair of extremely low waisted black slacks with a criss-cross patterned, silver, studded belt around the waist. You will also need a long rosary with silver-colored beads and a large, red cross for a pendant, a pair of golden half-rimmed glasses, a katana with black sheathing, a pair of platform black shoes, a black pistol, a blonde messy wig, and a couple of black bracelets which are heavily studded.


Saburo Kujo Cosplay Costumes

If you decide to portray Saburo Kujo, you will need a basic standard school uniform look. Kujo usually wears a white, short sleeved, button up shirt, a loose black necktie, a pair of black pants and a pair of white and red-colored sneakers. He also occasionally reveals his pink boxer shorts with hearts on it, and constantly wears a thick, black, rope-like choker with a yellow circular pendant. You will also need a messy red wig, a Space Invader bag, and a hot pink colored flip phone with cute charms.


Benten Cosplay Costumes

If you choose to recreate Benten, the gorgeous crossdressing demon’s looks, you will need a white cropped top, a pair of tight black shorts (with protruding black thongs), a pair of silver heels with the straps that reach upto the mid-thigh section. You will also need a very long, wavy blonde wig and body paints to replicate his snake tattoo on his left arm.


Hime Shirayuri Cosplay Costume

If you decide to portray Hime Shirayuri, the witch princess of the east, you will need a short, light blue dress with a white chest cut, a pair of mid-calf length white socks, and a pair of black buckled shoes. Hime Shirayuri’s more provocative outfit consists of a lingerie style corset which is primarily black and decorated with several layers of white lace, and two rows of ribbons on both sides of the corset, a matching panties, a pair of black gloves, a pair of white, lacy pantyhose stockings and a pair of black strappy heels.


Apart from these characters, there are many other supporting characters who are just simply breathtaking. Carefully pick any one of the characters from the series, you would not go wrong with any of them. So, go ahead and get the best Zone 00 costumes for the most extraordinary Zone 00 cosplay experience.