Yona of the Dawn Season 2

Yona of the Dawn Season 2: Updates, Spoilers, Release Date

Yona of the Dawn or Akatsuki no Yona in Japanese, is an animated series adapted from the manga series of the same name written by Mizuho Kusanagi. The animated series produced by Pierrot Studio comprises of 24 episodes released in 2014.

A year later, the same studio released an additional OVA along with two others the following year. Rumors of Yona of the Dawn Season 2 is constantly floating and it is very likely that the show will continue into a second season. However, Pierrot Studio is yet to release any formal confirmation of Yona of the Dead Season 2.

Yona Of The Dawn season 1 was a huge success leaving the fans wanting for more. The first season covers only 8 volumes of 23 volumes of the series so there is no doubt that there is more content for the continuation of season 2.

Yona of the Dawn Season 2 Release Date


The answer, unfortunately, is not clear yet, although it shows great promise. Pierrot Studio has not yet released any formal answers to the multiple inquiries of interested fans. Funimation who controls the license in North America and others are said to be interested in the revival of Yona of the Dawn Season 2.

Does the series deserve Yona of the Dawn Season 2? Definitely. The show shows great potential to develop in an anime of the highest caliber. The fans certainly seem to be interested as well. Although our favorite red-headed protagonist has matured past the desire to take revenge, fans definitely want Su-Won to get what coming to him. If Yona of the Dawn Season 2 is ever made, we certainly hope it will be along such direction.

2019 seems to be the lucky year where a number of series are rumored for a revival. We hope that Yona of the Dawn Season 2 will be one of them. Anything less would be a waste as the series heads towards very interesting topics. Season one simply does not give us the closure we deserve. Yona of the Dawn Season 2, please come soon.

Will There Be a Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 In 2019?


After it’s initial release in 2014 and the completion of season 1 in 2015, Yona Of The Dawn seems to have gone into a hiatus. Though there are no confirmations from the producers or studio, there still seems a chance for the continuation of the series. Fans are disappointed with the delay but are still hopeful in the chance for the announcements for the second season.

There is no denying that the hype for the series has died down a bit but if there is an announcement for season 2, it would definitely make the viewers and fans happy. Though it seems that if there is to be any announcement, we might have to wait for the winter of 2019 or even the spring of 2020 for any more news and updates.


Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Spoiler

After its tremendous success in 2014, fans have been waiting for the announcements for the second season. It is likely that the second season would return with Yona teaming up with the dragon warriors and heading back to Kokua to avenge her father and be throned as the rightful Queen as she is the heir of the Kingdom. Though fans are still waiting for the anime, it seems unlikely that there are any announcements in the near future.

Yona of The Dawn OVA:

Though there is no news from the producers or Pierrot about the announcement for the airing of Yona of The Dawn season 2, fans were still hopeful that the anime would continue running after the first season.

After the completion of season 1, a three-part OVA followed, which could be a positive indicator that the producers are running the show no matter how. But after the third part airing in Dec 2016, Yona of the dawn seems to be on a hiatus. We can now only hope for the Hiatus to end soon.
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Yona Of The Dawn Plot:

Yona of the dawn is set in a fictional world and the story revolves around a princess, who is shown as a pampered and sheltered girl. She is shown to always be protected by her bodyguard and childhood friend Son Hak. When she tells her father about her wanting to marry Soo-Won, the boy she loves, her father refuses to listen to her and is against the idea.

Soon Yona realizes that she is unable to forget Soo-Won and on her 16th birthday, she decides to tell her father the truth that she truly loves Soo-WOn. Upon entering the King’s chamber, she Witnesses Soo-Won killing her father. She realizes his only goal was to rule the entire land of Kokua alone and their relationship was just a mere facade. Now that he had killed the king, he became the rightful ruler of the Kingdom.

Yona is rescued by Hak, and the two escape to Hak’s childhood village. In the meantime, Son-Won sends his army across the lands in search of the two. Yona and Hak take suggestions from a priest, Ik-Soo who gives Yona a prophecy that if she finds the four enlisted dragon warriors whose names are Shin ah (Blue Dragon), Kija (White Dragon), Zeno (Yellow Dragon) and Kija (White Dragon), she would become the Queen.

Yona who is seen to be pampered and betrayed by her beloved, goes through huge changes as we watch her change from a sheltered and carefree girl to an independent, strong and fierce woman, who overcomes the death of her father and betrayal by her beloved, and seeks to win her Father’s Kingdom back with the help of her childhood friend and bodyguard Hak, who has hidden feelings for her and is always protective and possessive around her. The two of them travel far and wide in search of the dragon warriors who according to the prophecy by the old priest would help Yona become the Queen of the Kingdom taken from her.

Yona of the Dawn Review:


It is quite refreshing to see a girl as the main character of the series. Not many animated series would portray girls as the main character, with the exception of ‘The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ghost in the Shell or the Studio Ghibli’s famous Spirited Away among many others. I am not about to accuse the anime industry of favoring male characters but it is a fact that female main characters are considerably lesser compared to male ones. (Studio Ghibli, however, has a lot of animated movies with a female protagonist.) Therefore, Yona of the Dawn is an integral member of such shows as well as serving towards the cause of feminist movement in animated series.


Yona’s growth as a character is a defining trait of the series, which in a way resemble the Victorian literary trait of female character independence. Jane Eyre would be the first novel that comes to mind. Joan of Arc (not Victorian!) would also serve to be another example. It is possible that the author takes inspiration from such distinguished characters. The growth of a spoilt, careless princess into an independent woman with a firm conviction is a story told many times in other genres of literature and Yona is perhaps among one of the first patrons of such development in Japanese animated genre.


An interesting aspect of Yona’s growth is that it is not confined to physical attributes. Sure, Yona develops keen archery senses and combat techniques, even later learning the swordsmanship skill. Apart from that Yona grows immensely within her mental framework. She attains maturity, develops a keen sense of purpose and even quotes that vengeance upon Su-Won is no longer a necessity. She overcomes her former infatuation over him and prioritizes her people, the citizens of Kohka who are suffering under the usurper.


The world of ‘Yona of the Dead’ is extremely rich in history. The setting is meticulously planned, along with characters lore as well as intricate racial designs. The politics of the world is based upon medieval monarchy, therefore assassination, treason, and murders are common norms of the lands. This enables the story to progress and expands into a wide arc of a network, exploring medieval mechanism which has made many franchises famous, both in the East and the West.


The love triangle of the three main characters is also worth mentioning which adds sensitivity and delicacy towards the transition of the plot. The romance card is not overplayed, however, which is a relief and the action sequence along with plot progression is well balanced. The theme of vengeance makes the show intriguing, giving it a sense of purpose as well as proper direction. That, however,   does not void the show of anticipation.

Yona Of The Dawn Characters:


The former princess of Kohka is carefree and fun-loving, oblivious to the problem of the world and only cares for her affection to Su-Won. Su-Won’s betrayal shatters the fantasy world she lived in and she grows into a strong character, finally capable of extracting vengeance upon the treacherous Su-Won. She ventures into the wild to find the legendary four dragons, who are rumored to react to her bloodline traced back to Hiryu, and thus help her in her quest to defeat Su-Won.
The former best friend of Su-Won, Hak remains the bodyguard of Yona after Su-Won’s betrayal. He is an orphan who is adopted by a general Sun Mundok. He is extremely protective of her and it is obvious that he has deep feelings for Yona. He has been called ‘the lightning beast’ for his powerful fighting skills and technique. He joins Yona after her exile and as a result, some people have brandished him as a traitor who killed the king and kidnap his daughter. It is unknown if these false accusations are propagated by the usurper king Su-Won.
Su-Won is the usurper king of Kohka as well as the main antagonist of the series. Since both Hak and Yona were his former best friends, his betrayal hurt them deeply. Su-Won has always been playing with their minds in the hope of a chance that would give him the kingdom of Kohka. He develops a shrewd and cunning personality behind his superficial façade of clumsiness and naivety. He often uses his good looks as a weapon to portray his ostensible innocence while scheming vile plots. He is also the first cousin of Yona, meaning he has traces of royal blood flowing in his veins.


Yona Of The Dawn: Dragon Warriors


Also called the White Dragon. He has power in his right hand and has the strength of 10 times than that of a human. It is the power of destroying anything on his path and can be enlarged at will.
The blue dragon, has power in his eyes which are useful for looking at long distances and even in people’s hearts. Once this is done, he can cause hallucinations and even paralysis.
The green dragon, has power in his left foot. It allows him to jump at great heights and a kick can be lethal. The leg can also be enlarged at will.
The yellow dragon, he has an indestructible body meaning that he is immortal and can withstand any disease. But this can only be activated after withstanding a huge injury.


Watch Yona Of The Dawn Online:

Funimation licensed Yona of the dawn for North American viewers. You can stream Yona of the dawn on Crunchyroll and Funimation with a fee.It is also available on youtube and is dubbed in English.

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