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Vocaloid Cosplay- What Vocaloid Is Really About

Contrary to popular belief, Vocaloid has no legal or official ties with the anime industry and hence, there is no such thing as a Vocaloid anime series. This misconception is propagated by the immense success of ‘Hatsune Miku’, which is popular Vocaloid software that continues to serve as the unofficial ‘Vocaloid’ mascot worldwide.

In truth, Vocaloid is a project started by Kenmochi Hideki and Yamaha Corporation. It deals with software that is designed to serve as a singing voice synthesizer, much like Auto-Tune. Utilizing a technique known as ‘moe anthropomorphism’, several avatars are developed to create appeal to the mass media.

These avatars enable the cosplay industry to participate in this popular culture. Today, cosplaying as avatars from Vocaloid is a trending norm in cosplay, and that is why we have assembled these fabulous Vocaloid costumes for your next cosplay!


Popular Vocaloid Costumes and Avatars

First off, keep in mind that Vocaloid Avatars are very different from anime characters. They do have a defined set of personalities and quirks but they do possess some of the coolest cosplay costumes you will ever find. In the section directly below, we will explore some of the most popular Vocaloid Avatars to get you in tune on how to cosplay as them.


  • Hatsune Miku Cosplay Costume

Arguably the most popular Vocaloid Avatar is Hatsune Miku. She is also one of the first Vocaloids to be released by the producers. Hatsune takes the form of a sixteen-year-old girl with long bluish-green hair that is tied in the form of two pigtails. Her eye colour is the same as her hair colour to enforce thematic congruence.

Released in 2007, Hatsune has been portrayed several times over the years wearing different costumes. If you check our store, you will find several costumes of Hatsune in the Vocaloid Cosplay Section ranging from nurse costumes, maid costumes, and more.

The original release of Hatsune Miku features her wearing a maid costume. This costume features a sleeveless blue shirt with buttons, a blue tie, a pair of non-attached black sleeves, and a short black skirt. You can get all these items in a single set from Squinoo but to further elaborate your looks, it is recommended to get these items as well.

  • Bluish Green Wigs
  • Bluish Green Lenses
  • Black Set of Headphones
  • Black Thigh Length Boots


  • Kagamine Rin and Len Cosplay Costume

These duos are the perfect cosplay models if you are looking to cosplay with a partner!

Rin and Len are twin Avatars developed as part of the Japanese Vocaloid Project. Released on December 2007, they are also one of the pioneers of Vocaloid Avatars for the Vocaloid 2 engine. They are given the codename CV02.

Much like Hatsune, the popularity of Rin and Len in cosplay is undeniable. Throughout the years, both these avatars are portrayed and broadcasted numerous times with different costumes. Some of their most popular cosplay costumes include nurse costumes as well as tributes to popular culture (manga and anime).

Len’s Servant of Evil costume is not only awesome looking, but it also has a terrific backstory. (For more info on this particular subject, you can check out the manga series written by Akuno P. titled ‘Aku no Meshitsukai.’) In this costume set, you will get a yellow coat with a white shirt and a pair of white pants. A large black ribbon tie is attached to the collar of the white shirt.

As for Rin, we have chosen to highlight her popular rabbit costume. White is the colour theme for this costume set which features a white suit, undergarments, headband, and wrist band.

Whether going alone or with a partner, you will need a few extra items to really get into your avatars’ looks. Here are a few items that can be easily obtained –

  • Two different blonde wigs
  • Two pairs of white headphones
  • Black socks
  • White Shoes
  • Two sets of turquoise blue lenses

With these items assembled, you are ready to rock the crowd with your awesome Vocaloid Costumes!


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Trending as Ever – Vocaloid Costumes for sale

The producers of Vocaloid software has successfully appeal to the anime community by designing their avatars to be similar to anime characters. That is why even among the most trending anime costumes, you will find that Vocaloid Costumes bossing the stage around. Apart from the above avatars mentioned, others like Fumi and Fukase are some of the most popular cosplay models. Luckily for you, Squinoo is currently putting Vocaloid Costumes on sale!