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Enjoy the thrilling experience of cosplay with your favorite Violet Evergarden Costumes. Capture the graceful essence and elegance of Violet Evergarden cosplay and get exclusive cosplay cosmetics such as wigs, boots, costumes, and other cool items at Squinoo.
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Violet Evergarden Cosplay Costumes
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Violet Evergarden Cosplay – Tracing its Origin

This sensational anime caught the anime world by storm upon its release by Kyoto Animation in the winter season 0f 2018. It is fair to say that there are not many other anime shows which achieve the same feats as Violet Evergarden. Not only is it visually stunning, the show tells its story most compellingly and emotionally that would leave only a few tears unshed. Seriously if you didn’t cry watching the anime, you must have a heart of stone or something.

Nonetheless, its mind-blowing visuals earn Violet Evergarden the Best Animation Award in the Crunchy Roll Awards in 2018 and although it was a nominee for the best anime category as well, in the end, it just fell short.

The source Light Novels written by Kana Akatsuki receives similar reception like the anime, winning the Kyoto Animation Grand Prize in 2014. Several Gaiden chapters exploring side characters have been released as well.

With such formidable accolades, it is only inevitable that a cult following of Violet Evergarden would be formed. In the modern cosplay culture, Violet Evergarden Costumes are one of the classiest costumes you will ever come across. Cosplay fanatics across the globe yearn for the chance to cosplay as Violet Evergarden and here at Squinoo, we are offering the most coveted and rarest Violet Evergarden Costumes on sale!


The story of Violet Evergarden – Violet Evergarden Costumes in stock

The title reflects the name of the protagonist Violet Evergarden herself. Born and bred to be a war machine, Violet knows little from warfare, and she has developed into an excellent war machine. Meeting Major Gilbert Bougainvillea sets her destiny on a new path and after the war ends, Violet sets off to find the meaning of love. Only left with the final parting words of Major Gilbert saying ‘I love you,’Violet determines to unravel the purpose of these words by becoming an Auto Memory Doll.

Set in a post-war-ridden world of Telesis, the journey of Violet takes her to many lands where she learns the real power of words and emotions. Heartbreaking and emotionally heavy, this anime will leave you pondering and crying for quite a while.


Learning How to Cosplay with Violet Evergarden Costumes

Let’s get to the real reason why we are here – cosplaying. This section will be devoted to highlighting the essentials of cosplaying. For first-timers of cosplay, we hope that these guidelines will serve to be fruitful in your cosplay endeavors. For the veterans as well, it is always better to polish your cosplay skills by going over the fundamentals for the second time. That being said, let’s begin with costumes.

If you are making your own costume, we admire your dedication and tenacity. In the past, creating your own cosplay costumes adds value to cosplaying and buying costumes has been considered to be a form of cheating. However, in the increasingly busy world, not everybody has the time and luxury of tailoring our own costumes. Purchasing costumes has been assimilated into cosplay norms and is no longer considered as cheating. That being said, it is vital to buy costumes only from reliable sites such as ourselves.

The next step of cosplaying is to stay in the lane of our character. If your behavior differs too much from the character you are playing, it will not create a particularly good impression. Knowing your character’s traits and eccentricities will help you in ways you can’t comprehend. Plus we guarantee you will have so much more fun by staying in character.

Check out our character section below to understand the essential character of Violet Evergarden and others. This knowledge will provide the guidelines on how to cosplay as these characters.


Violet Evergarden Costumes- Character Guide

Violet Evergarden Cosplay

Starting with Violet herself, we shall move directly towards her costume. The Squinoo store boasts two different costumes set along with a host of other cosplay accessories. Here are a few items you should consider getting for a full cosplay look.

  • Violet Evergarden Cosplay Wigs
  • Violet Evergarden Cosplay Boots
  • Metallic Gloves Props
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Light Blue Lenses

Apart from the lenses, all these items are available in our store. Her pearl necklace is a gift from Major Gilbert, which is essential to her character, along with her metallic hands, which represents her past life as a soldier. Her main costumes feature her casual wear and her auto memory doll outfit. Her casual attire features a simple white shirt with a long green dress. Her auto memory doll costume set will get you her white ribbon-tie dress, Prussian blue jacket, and her white, pleated silk skirt with brown gloves.

While cosplaying as Violet, try to maintain her deranged behavior. Many veteran soldiers in real life have commented upon the authenticity of Violet’s PTSD portrayal and it would do you good if you can emulate that same behavior. Show little emotion, maintain a straight face, at all times but when the camera points at you, don’t forget to smile!


Benedict Blue Cosplay

Benedict Blue is one of the side characters of the show who is a colleague of Violet at CH Postal Company. This tall young man is a rather common sight in recent cosplay conventions so we have decided to include him here.

First and foremost, make sure to get a list of the items below for a successful portrayal of Benedict.

  • Benedict Blue Cosplay Wigs (Available in our store)
  • Sky Blue Lenses
  • Knee-length Black Boots with tall cross-shaped heels

Benedict’s costume set includes the beige shirt he usually wears along with golden suspenders, black inner shirt, military green leather pants, and a pair of open finger gloves.

Benedict is a brusque fellow with a bit of an attitude. He is quite short-tempered and continuously gets into an argument with Cattleya. He has been considered rude and blunt, although that is often because of his lack of oratory skills. Inside, he is kind and gentle, even showing signs of chivalry on several occasions. Understand these behavioral mechanics while cosplaying as Benedict.


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