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The culture of ‘moe’ is undoubtedly the beating heart of anime, one of its most pivotal themes that remain both prevalent and relevant to date. Bring forth, Twin Star Exorcist, the animated series filled with tons of cute characters will swoon you over with all the cuteness in the air. At Squinoo Exclusive Store, you will get the chance to select from a wide variety of different costumes for Twin Star Exorcist Cosplay. With characters like Mayura, Benio, and Rokuro, Twin Star Exorcist Costumes will incorporate the ‘moe’ culture in your cosplay game, garnering you more fans and admirers!

Characters: Benio Adashino, Rokuro Enmado, Mayura Otomi.

Twin Star Exorcists Cosplay Costumes
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Twin Star Exorcist Cosplay – Brief Background

This popular franchise initially starts as a manga series like most anime series. Written and illustrated by Yoshiaki Sukeno, the manga becomes quite popular especially among fans who love the use of moe, loli, and chibi. Studio Pierrot soon takes up the hoist to bring this show into the realm of anime and the rest, as they say, is history.

There are no reasons to doubt the popularity of Twin Star Exorcist Cosplay. After all, one of the main objectives of cosplaying is to look incredibly cute and there are not many better outlets for that purpose than Twin Star Exorcist Costumes.

This overload of cuteness is not the only firepower of this anime. The show is also quite badass in its own terms. Sure the characters are drawn to be cute but when you see these cute characters swathing down evil entities like flies, it adds a new dimension to the show. Cute plus badass, now that’s a winning combination, especially within the realm of cosplay.

Therefore, dear reader, please indulge us while we guide you towards the path of enlightenment. While wearing these awesome Twin Star Exorcist Costumes, we guarantee that you will get the maximum value out of it and steal the show in any cosplay event.


Twin Star Exorcist Cosplay – A Comprehensive Guide To Cosplay Using Specific Character Models

In this section, we shall explore the two main characters of Twin Star Exorcist, vividly explaining their background as a character. This procedure is designed to help you know the character you are playing at a more intimate level. This will inevitably help you get your costumes right and you will be able to project your character’s disposition more accurately.


  • Benio Adashino Cosplay 

Benio is the main heroine of the Twin Star Exorcist Franchise. Along with Rokura, she currently serves as one half of the Twin Star Exorcist. Benio is usually seen wearing two costumes – her school uniform and her Exorcist outfit. Both costumes are available in the Squinoo Store.

Benio’s school dress composes of a white coat which has an unusually large bow knot just below its collar. This costume set comes with a hairpin attached with three bellflowers along with black leggings. Her Exorcist Costume features a black and white dress along with a long list of cool accessories including gloves, headwear, socks, pants, and belt.

Benio has a very serious personality, often coming off as cold and rude before she starts to warm up. She gets easily irritated and has a general dislike for social interactions. However, she can get extremely enthusiastic while talking about exorcists and their works. She also has a highly competitive streak and hates to lose an argument. These traits should be noted while cosplaying as Benio.

Here are a few other accessories you may need to collect after getting the main costumes –

  • Dark Purple Wigs
  • Emerald Green Lenses
  • Black Boots with white linings
  • Samurai prop
  • Japanese Fox Mask (Optional)


  • Rokuro Enmado Cosplay

Rokura is the main hero of Twin Star Exorcist series, currently serving as the other half of the fabled Twin Star Exorcist along with Benio. Much like Benio, Rokuro is usually seen with two costumes in the show – his school uniform and Exorcist gear.

Although Rokuro has a very cheerful character, his traumatic past often resurfaces, leaving him in a somber mood. He is quite talkative, often shrouding himself in a superficial aura to hide his emotional turmoil. He is also known to be hard working with a keen sense of responsibility, showing his grown maturity as the series progresses.

Like any normal student, Rokuro wears his school uniform while loitering at the Academy. His school uniform comprises of a white blazer along with white pants and a red undershirt. While fighting evil spirits, he dons his Exorcist Battle Suit which is a black overcoat with a very specific design. He wears shoulder pads which encircle around his neck. This costume set also features a pair of black gloves, a unique white belt, and black pants.

To further get into his character, you can also grab a few other items such as wigs for his hair among many others. Check out the list of items below –

  • Messy Brown Wig
  • Crimson Red Lenses
  • Black High Boots with a lining of pink colour
  • Fiery Arm Prop


Get Exclusive Top-Class Twin Star Exorcist Costumes

As your fellow cosplay fanatics, we understand that cosplaying comes with a set of tasks that often requires gargantuan efforts. There are so many things to fuss much about such as getting your costume’s details right, selecting a unique costume, projecting the right mood, etc. etc. Especially while tailoring your own costume, getting every detail right is often a herculean task.

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Twin Star Exorcist Costumes – Squinoo, The Ideal Haven for Cosplay enthusiasts

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