Harmonquest Season 3

Harmonquest Season 3 Confirmed: An Incessant Quest To The Unknown

Entertainment today has provided viewers with a flurry variety of choices. From real-life actors to cartoon, anime, animation etc and now the latest segment of entertainment have been provided by Role-playing gamers. To this last segment belongs Harmonquest. If you’re a fan of table-top games like D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and a fan of the […]

Line Of Duty Season 5

Line of Duty Season 5: ‘Policing the Police’ Continues

In a world where sci-fi movies and Superheroes dominate the box office, Line of Duty is a television Series that jolts us back to reality. What kind of reality? Ever heard of a corrupt Police department? If so, then Line of Duty is the perfect Television show for an audience who wants a little peek into […]

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