Tsukipro The Animation Cosplay Costumes

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Characters: Tsubasa Okui, Dai Murase, Sora Oohara, Nozomu Nanase, Ren Munakata, Soshi Kagurazaka, Morihito Arihara, Issei Kuga, Ichiru Kuga, Shu Izumi, Eichi Horimiya, Kensuke Yaegashi, Ryota Sakuraba, Mamoru Fujimura, Koki Eto

Tsukipro The Animation Cosplay Costumes
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Background of Tsukipro The Animation Cosplay

Did you know that Tsukipro begins as a Vocaloid Project? That’s right, the series does not have a source Light Novels or manga like many others. You could say that it is one of a kind.

The franchise initially starts under the title ‘Tsukiuta’ as a music collaboration project between Vocaloid and popular voice actors of the anime industry. Due to its enormous financial success, it soon spread to other media platforms. Today, Tsukiuta is present as an anime show, manga anthologies, stage plays, video games, and of course, cosplaying.

Tsukipro The Animation is produced by Studio PRA and released in 2017. A second season has been announced and confirmed, but that is yet to materialize. Tsukipro The Animation Costumes are trendy in the cosplay market as a result of the animation.


Tsukipro The Animation Costumes – What is it really about?

Ever since the astounding success of K-on!, the genre of music takes a massive leap in the anime platform. Tsukipro The Animation follows the footstep of K-on! by creating a grand narrative using musical elements. You will find tons of good music in this show along with a ‘slice of life’ element to keep the story real and simple. For a more enjoyable experience, we would recommend getting in touch with its musical CDs and learning the lore of the characters before watching. We promise that this will immensely increase the magnitude of satisfaction you get by watching the show.


Honing Your Cosplay Skills – Exclusive Tsukipro the Animation Costumes

Even the sharpest blades get dull with the passage of time and require a whetstone to sustain its sharpness. In a way, cosplaying is the same. Even master cosplayers need the relearn the basics of cosplay to remain in great shape.

This section will provide the basic outlines of cosplaying, filled with easy to follow instructions for amateurs and experts alike. We will be using the Tsukino the Animation Costumes and characters themselves as examples to allow greater emphasis on specific guidelines.

Ichiru Kuga Costumes

One of the most popular characters from this franchise is undoubtedly Ichiru Kuga. He is currently a member in the idol group QUELL, which is under the Tsukino Talent Production. He also has a twin brother named Issei Kuga.

The most blatant feature of his personality is his compulsive and expressive character. He can be quite straight forward in his dealing, and his philosophy does not include ‘beating around the bush’ techniques. His emotions are easily triggered, whether by anger or sorrow, and he is quite protective of his brother. Try your best to bring out your impulsive character and smirk occasionally to portray Ichiru more effectively.

Ichiru’s costume set features his large, possibly oversized white jacket. By ordering his costume, you will also get a blue silk scarf, black pants, and a necklace. With this set, you will have covered a large portion necessary for his cosplay. However, to further improve your looks, here are a few optional items that can help you.

  • Thick Black Wig with inbuilt bangs
  • Dark Blue Lenses
  • White Shoes


Ryota Sakuraba Costumes

Ryota is one of the four members of the popular idol group’ Growth’ under the sponsorship of Tsukino Talent Production. He is well known among fans for his pretty-boy appearance.

Despite this pretty boy façade, Ryota has proven to be quite sharp and shrewd. He has great pride in his abilities as an idol. He has a very calm and composed demeanor and rarely loses his cool, except upon exposure to things he dislikes or fears. He has the stubbornness of a mule and will defend his arguments incessantly until the other person is subdued.

At our store, we have Ryota’s exotic idol costume set currently on sale. This costume set includes an elegant green jacket embroidered with gold designs, a dark blue inner shirt, and a pair of black pants. Along with the leading apparels, you will also get a host of other cool merchandises such as gloves, necklaces, and belt. Along with this set, you should also consider getting a list of the items below to further improve your looks.

  • Light blonde, wavy wigs
  • Light Pink Lenses
  • Knee-length white boots


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