Tiger & Bunny Cosplay Costumes

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero at some point in your life? Well, every superhero needs his or her super suit as well as an incognito get-up. To rock the most flashy superhero suits sponsored by the biggest company names and their personal styles, head to our section of the best assortment of Tiger And Bunny cosplay costumes.

Tiger & Bunny Cosplay Costumes
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An Exhaustive Guide To Become Your Favourite Extraordinary Talent Hero: Tiger And Bunny Costumes

For fans of superhero manga, comics, or animation, you would be most likely to experience the lasting impact of the notion of superheroes. Due to its immense popularity across the globe, it is safe to say that most of us are familiar with the noteworthy sights and designs of the traditional superhero costumes. They usually have distinctive features that either blend the superhero with the background or set them apart due to their bold and showy nature.

Most of the fictional heroes the audience looks up to typically live seemingly normal and mundane lives in what is a striking contrast to their ostentatious job of saving lives or fighting crimes. They do so in order to avoid unwanted attention as well as to protect their privacy. However, in Tiger And Bunny, the superheroes are not particularly mysterious or secretive. The show tells the story of two superheroes named Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (also called Wild Tiger in his hero suit) and his partner Barnaby Brooks, Jr. (also called Bunny).

Set in a fictional place called Sternbild City during the year NC1978, Kaburagi and Barnaby they are a major part of a TV show called Hero TV, a reality television program wholly dedicated to the commercialization of the hero concept. Instead of focusing on moral actions, the heroes are bound by the show’s producers and directors before even making a decision on their own. They have to maintain their scores with the audience lest they lose their corporate sponsorships.

In the show, the most important thing that a hero can do is highlighted as being able to showcase their sponsors, and this statement pretty much sets the tone of the whole story. These mentioned differences sharply isolate this anime series from other typical hero stories.

Tiger And Bunny have many such described superheroes. Although they may not always agree with the situation they are in, these heroes have not much of a choice but to wear what they have been assigned or follow the director’s cues. As a consequence, the cast of superheroes is clad in bright, flamboyant and ads and endorsements. However, the costumes are designed to be eye-catching and attractive for the viewers. So, the hero suits of the Tiger And Bunny costumes are unsurprisingly both functional and stylish.

Each superhero is provided with a suit that not only keeps their identities a secret but also gives them a peculiar disposition, whether it is a full suit or disguises. From the charismatic Kotetsu T. Kaburagi to the pop idol superhero Blue Rose, there are a bunch of interesting characters with beautiful designs to choose from. Among the troupe of quirky and unconventional superheroes, which one would you like to portray the most? Keep reading to get more ideas and tips for your Tiger And Bunny cosplay.


Dressing To Impress And The Importance Of Costumes For Super Heroes: Tiger And Bunny Cosplay Costumes

A superhero without a suit does not really tell the tale. A hero’s suit does so much more than just attract attention. It reflects the character of the one in the suit, establishes stability in terms of morals and reliability, and completely reshape a person’s looks and demeanor.

The history of superhero costumes spans from more than 70 years ago. Ever since then, there have been many different kinds of hero costumes. Some classic heroes who stand the test of time have seen the changes and modifications of their suits with the evolution of each new era’s fashion.

From the classic underpants over tights, capes, and boots to the hyper-realistic costumes in the contemporary era, a great hero costume always leaves the audience begging for more. Based on the design of a costume, the viewers can make out what to expect from the storyline.

In most cases, a hero suit makes half of what the hero is in terms of personality and influence. And in some cases like our contemporary famous fictional superheroes, the suit makes the hero who would not be as ‘super’ without the high technology suit.

Just as much as a hero suit appeals to the majority’s interest and firmly establishes the hero in a particular light, his or her incognito outfits and dresses strips all of that away and reflects the relatable side of the strong and unattainable hero. Either way, hero suits mainly establish a personal brand that is iconic in itself.

However, the Tiger And Bunny costumes work in the exact opposite way- the hero costumes are like small and mobile advertisement boards for the big names of the corporate world, not a personalized icon.

With so many great options to choose from, take a look at each of the cast members from the Hero TV show in the anime.

Tiger And Bunny Costumes: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Cosplay Tutorial

For a successful Tiger And Bunny cosplay, you will need to pick one character and stick to it. If you choose to portray the main protagonist Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, or the Wild Tiger, you will need two main sets of outfit. To replicate his hero suit, you will need a full-bodied armor which is predominantly white with light green lines, it highlights muscle lines at the mid-section and a full visored helmet.

To replicate his civilian outfit, you will need a green button-up shirt, a brown necktie with green line in the middle, a vest, brown suspenders, a pair of black pants, and a pair of black and white Oxford shoes.


Tiger And Bunny Costumes: Barnaby Cosplay Tutorial

If you choose Barnaby’s character, you will need a two-toned, red and white racer jacket, a pair of green combat pants and a pair of crimson combat boots. To recreate Blue Rose’s hero look, you will need a bodycon, backless dress which is dark blue and teal colored with gold ribbings, a pair of teal-colored mid-thigh length boots, a bold blue colored neckpiece, and a clear plastic hat.


Tiger and Bunny Costumes: Ivan Karelin Cosplay Tutorial

To recreate Ivan Karelin’s civilian outfit, you will need a black t-shirt, violet and white varsity jacket with two logos on either side of the chest and one at the center of the back, a loose green cargo pants, and a pair of tanned Timberland boots.


Tiger and Bunny Costumes: Golden Ryan Cosplay Tutorial

To portray Golden Ryan in his civilian outfit, you will need a yellow-colored, long-sleeved shirt that has solid black lines running through the arms and shoulders, a pair of black knee-length pants with golden accents, and a pair of black boots.


The Tiger and Bunny costumes are bold enough to make a statement but not too flashy or inconvenient in design. They are light, easy to maintain and perfect for your Tiger And Bunny cosplay or any superhero-themed party.