The Royal Tutor Cosplay Costumes

One of the most popular historical fictions in anime, The Royal Tutor boasts plenty of characters that are gorgeous with equally enchanting and stunning fashion choices. Ranging from the multi-talented tutor Heine Wittgenstein to the charming Warrior King and his five incredibly attractive sons and their other royal siblings, this anime has it all. This anime has a beautiful collection of militaria inspired outfits fit for princes and kings. So, we invite you to take a moment to immerse yourself in our splendid The Royal Tutor cosplay costumes.

Characters: Licht Von Granzreich, Leonhard Von Granzreich, Kai Von Granzreich, Heine Wittgenstein, Bruno Von Granzreich.

The Royal Tutor Cosplay Costumes
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A Definitive Guide To Your The Royal Tutor Cosplay Costumes

Anyone can dress up as any random character that they so desire. However, a remarkable cosplayer is above that. If you are an active cosplayer, then you would know the significance of getting to know the character that you are portraying. Simply dressing up as a character just because he or she looks cool does not deliver or do justice to the character’s depth. So, we would like to suggest that you get familiar with the right character. And instead of only looking like a character in an amazing anime television series, you can become the character himself or herself if you thoroughly know the backstory. Likewise, for a successful The Royal Tutor cosplay, get to know the story and backdrop of the characters. This show follows the story of a man named Heine Wittgenstein who is summoned by the king of his land to the palace. Upon the king’s orders, Heine Wittgenstein starts to tutor the four crown princes who are at the peak of their youths and are notorious for chasing all of their previous tutors away. They may be breathtaking but they are proud and cold to their new tutor.

The four crown princes are Kai von Granzreich, Bruno von Granzreich, Licht von Granzreich, and Leonhart von Granzreich. Their eldest brother is Eins von Granzreich, and they have a young little sister named Adele von Granzreich. As befitting one who is in a line for a direct succession of the throne, these princes are elegantly dressed, and they look good enough to drop jaws everywhere. Because of their extremely good looks and attitudes, it may be a bit of a task to pick one character and stick to it. It happens to the best of us, and that is completely alright because we have a trick to get you out of the dilemma. You have probably heard of the power of relatability, this is the trick that you have to use. Out of all the characters, evaluate and then pick the one that speaks to you or resonates with your experiences the most and pay attention to all of his or her aspects. Among the multitude of characters in The Royal Tutor, who would you like to cosplay the most? Read on to uncover more recommendations and methods to get the best The Royal Tutor cosplay experience.


Militaria Fashion: Look Like A Dapper Royalty With The Royal Tutor Costumes

As experts in fashion have stated time and again, the military uniform and men’s fashion have always walked side by side throughout history. The standard military clothes have always influenced men’s everyday clothing style. Starting from suits, jackets, pants, watches, shirts, and even shoes, the military-style of clothing has heavily guided the men’s civilian fashion since hundreds of years ago. Military uniforms and the militaria inspired fashion instantly gives anyone an air of sophistication, dignity, and poise. Military uniforms have blessed us with several garments over the course of many years. These items are timeless and classic, surviving many phases of history.

Over the years, the militaria has even infiltrated the runways of high fashion such as Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Balmain, etc. Garments such as pea coats, ceremonial garbs with fancy froggings, trench coats, overcoats, basic crew-neck t-shirts, combat pants and boots, bomber jackets, nautical outfits, legionnaires, and dazzles, have been making a difference to the fashion industry. Likewise, most of The Royal Tutor costumes draw inspiration from the militaria. Owing to their royal stature, all the members of the royal family in The Royal Tutor are wrapped in the most refined military-inspired outfits.

The Royal Tutor costumes have a military appeal. Depending on the character you decide to portray, you can navigate through your next cosplay arena with confidence and finesse, channeling your inner poshness.

If you decide to portray the WarrioKing, His Majesty King Viktor von Granzreich, you will need a double-breasted jacket which is royal blue in colour and has a raised collar with crimson and golden décor, a row of golden buttons down the double-breasted front of the jacket, a pair of white gloves, a pair of matching pants, a pair of standard black boots, as well as a small, golden, royal insignia to be worn below the collarbone area. The king also wears a brown cloak and a red scarf over his military garment. While testing the waters for his son, King Victor is seen in a standard waiter’s uniform, which consists of a black tuxedo suit, a white collared shirt, and a black bow tie.

If you decide to recreate any of the four crown Priinces’ looks, you will need a plain white button-up shirt, a black blazer with a white and crimson cuffs and a raised collar, crimson sashes at the back of the jacket, and a deep crimson coloured inner lining, and a pair of black pants. Among the four princes, both Prince Kai and Licht von Granzreich undo their shirt and jacket collars.

If you want to portray the tutor, Heine Wittgenstein’s looks, you will need a three-piece suit which is primarily black and white, and a long pea coat with a crimson and white cuffs with a long white collar piping as well as a pair of crimson straps on both sides of his arms, and a beret.


Little Known Bonus Points For The Royal Tutor Costumes

The royal family members in the anime have a striking inherited trait- they all have piercing blue eyes. With the exception of Bruno and Eins von Granzreich, all of them have blonde hair, too. So, for an accurate The Royal Tutor cosplay, you can also make a worthy investment in contact lenses, wigs, and other accessories that appear frequently in the show.