The Rising Of The Shield Hero Cosplay Costumes

Treat yourself to our exclusive and newly acquired cosplay collection of The Rising of the Shield Hero Costumes. You can get different assortments of cool cosplay items like wigs, shoes, costumes, and other interesting props from the show.
Characters: Raphtalia, Naofumi Iwatani, Filo

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Cosplay Costumes
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The Rising of the Shield Hero Cosplay – Origin and Background

Undoubtedly the star of the summer season of 2019, The Rising of the Shield Hero breakthrough could be seen coming from a mile away. After all, the light novel from which it is derived is currently one of the best-selling and popular novels in its genre. Written by Aneko Yusagi, the immense success of this LN prompts the creation of a manga series as well as the anime show, both of which also achieve spectacular success.

The release of the anime’s first season ends as late as of June in 2019; therefore it still is a relatively fresh face in the cosplay world. Cosplay enthusiasts have already started to notice the radiance and glamour of The Rising of the Shield Hero Costumes and these costumes are increasingly recurring in the recent cosplay events.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to be one of the first cosplay pioneers to adorn our lovely costumes form this franchise.


Plot Breakdown – The Rising of the Shield Hero Costumes

First and foremost, The Rising of the Shield Hero is just not another typical Isekai anime. This overused and unoriginal trope has rendered many anime series to be judged even before their release. While it is true that they are dozen of mediocre Isekai animes, The Rising of the Shield Hero definitely does not deserve to be lump into that category.

To introduce the plot in a few sentences, the story revolves around the four characters of modern Japan who are transported into another realm that is, The Kingdom of Melromarc. These four characters who have been bestowed the title of ‘The Four Great Cardinals’ now have a moral obligation to bring order to the Kingdom. Among these Cardinals is Naofumi Iwatani, an Otaku who is armed with only and shield, who must now bear the burden of being the ‘Shield Hero.’


Cosplay Ideas and Tips for The Rising of the Shield Hero Costumes

Cosplaying is meant to be fun and fulfilling, and it is also our way of showing our gratitude and giving tributes to our favorite characters and their authors. However, cosplaying is also by no means, an easily accomplishable feat as it requires at the least, fundamental knowledge of cosplay as well as the characters we wish to portray. If you are looking to tailor your costume, then you have a surmountable task ahead, my friend. However, if you are looking for authentic, high-quality costumes with affordable prices, then you have come to the right store!

Even after acquiring the right costumes either by hand or through shopping, there are still a few cosplay steps you will need to master. Check out the characters we have highlighted down below which should give you the basic idea of cosplaying.


Shield Hero Naofumi Iwatani Cosplay

If we did not start with our main hero, it wouldn’t feel right. Before being summoned to the other world, Naofumi was a regular university student who loves anime culture. After receiving the Shield as a weapon, he is bestowed the title of the ‘Shield Hero’, which also serves as the name of the franchise.

Although he is initially enthusiastic and cheerful, Naofumi learns the harsh truth of his new world after being betrayed by Princess Malty. After that incident, he developed a resentful and cynical approach towards the world, as evident in his constant anger and rage. Despite all these superficial surfaces, inside he remains a cool and calm headed character and as the story progresses, he eventually reclaims some of his lost gentler sides. For a realistic portrayal of Naofumi, we would recommend maintaining his permanent scowl.

Naofumi adorns an armor which is known as the ‘Barbarian Armor’. You can get this costume set from our store which will present you with several clothing accessories. Some of these items are the breastplate worn by Naofumi, his green cape, pants, shirt top, shoe covers, and host of other cool accessories. Although this costume set includes his complete attire in its entirety, there are few other items you could pick up.

  • Naofumi’s Wig (Available in our store)
  • Naofumi’s Boots (Available in our store)
  • Legendary Shield Prop (Available in our store)
  • Green Lenses for his eyes


Shield Hero Raphtalia Cosplay

Raphtalia is one of the main characters of the series who is of the demi-human race. She is purchased by Naofumi as a slave and set free, after which she joins his party. Currently, she wields the legendary katana and she is the katana hero.

Initially, Raphtalia is shy and reserved, courtesy to her sufferings as a slave and the trauma that occurs from witnessing her parent’s death. Gradually she outgrows her trauma and she begins to place great faith in Naofumi as a hero. Raphtalia has a strong heart, as mentioned by Naofumi on occasions. She has become quite a strong woman, both in personality and in physical terms, and she had grown into s strong-willed, bold, and assertive young lady. Try to emulate these basic personalities while cosplaying as Raphtalia.

At Squinoo, you will find the entire costumes of Raphtalia from our display selection. Her main costume set which is displayed as a single clothing unit includes her breastplate, shirt, tank top, leg covers, and other accessories such as gloves, arm cuffs, belt, and a tie. Along with this costume, you can further include these items which will increase your likelihood to Raphtalia even further.

  • Raphtalia’s Cosplay Wig (Available in our store)
  • Raphtalia’s Cosplay Boots (Available in our store)
  • Katana Prop
  • Dog Ears and Fully Tail Props
  • Light Red Lenses

Armed with your newly acquired knowledge and costumes, you can now easily tackle the most complex characters and costumes, not just from The Shield Hero franchise.


Trendy and Classy – The Rising of the Shield Hero Costumes

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