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Characters: Shika, Haruka Amami, Ranko Kanzaki, Mio Honda, Rin Shibuya, Uzuki Shimamura, Ranko Kanzaki, Chihaya Kisaragi, Riina Tada, Hayato Akiyama, Kyousuke Aoi, Wakazato Haruna, Natsuki Sakaki, Shiki Iseya, Jun Fuyumi.

The Idolmaster Cosplay Costumes
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The Idolmaster Costumes – Know the backstory of your favorite show

Did you know that originally, The Idolmaster starts as a video game franchise developed by Bandai Namco Studio and Cygames? The game was so popular that it sparks the interest of several anime studios as well as aspiring manga authors.

A-1 Pictures finally released this heavily anticipated animated series in 2011. However, there are lots of alternative settings of this show and if you were not aware of that, today is your lucky day! You can watch these alternate shows plus you can also get staggering The Idolmaster Costumes from Squinoo!

The show is filled with talented young boys and girls aspiring to become popular idols but competition is stiff as ever. With all these cute teenagers parading around in gorgeous costumes, fortunately, it opens up lots of avenue in the cosplay department. Get ready to be a part of The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls!


Tips on how to Cosplay with The Idolmaster Costumes

There are no easy ways when it comes to cosplaying but with little tricks applied here and there, it becomes relatively easier to become a master cosplayer. With the popularity of The Idolmaster costumes, it will take a bit of originality and creativity to stand out but don’t fret, because Team Squinoo is here to help you out.

We would first ask you to put your trust in these carefully sewn “The Idolmaster’ Costumes”. Squinoo does not play around with our products and every item displayed on the shelves are of impeccable quality. These costumes will help to attain the much need credibility which is the first step of cosplay.

Below this section, we shall further explore the art of cosplaying using popular characters from the Idolmaster as guides. You can then decide other items you may need as well as learn about these characters and their personalities.


Shika The Idolmaster Cosplay Guide

Shika is a character that is introduced in ‘The Idolmaster: Stella Stage’ as an idol from 961 Production. Below this, we have highlighted a list of things you may need to portray a better Shika for your costume party –

  • Greenish Silver Wigs
  • Pale pink lenses
  • White Shoes

The above items are purely optional but they will help you get more into her character. The main original Shika’s Stella Stage costume available in the Squinoo Store is a beautiful white dress that has a flowery pattern. She usually wears this costume while performing as an idol. This costume set comes with various accessories such as a pair of white gloves, black cuffs, black pantyhose, headwear, necklace, and various other decoration assets. Notice how she ties the black cuffs on both her wrists and black ribbons on her ankles. Follow the picture provided on where to place the decoration.

Unlike the other members of 961 Production, Shika is portrayed as kind, friendly, and polite. She also has a tendency to add German phrases in her speech such as ‘Danke Schon’ or ‘Grub Gott’. Emulating these behaviors would add new layers to your cosplay, possibly earning even more admirations.


Ranko Kanzaki The Idolmaster Cosplay Guide

For cosplay fans who are in tune with the Gothic Lolita style, then Ranko Kanzaki is definitely your type. This beautiful young girl is part of the Cinderella Girls Franchise and also appears in Starlight Stage.

Ranko has the 8th grader syndrome aka Chuunibyou making her the perfect cosplay model in terms of behavior. She has a very lively imagination, believing herself to be a vampiric fallen angel. She often converses with others in congruence with her Chuunibyou. Make a note of the list below highlighting her frequently used phrases. These could help you portray Ranko more realistically.

  • “Savor the darkness” means “good work”
  • “The tyranny of the sun” means “good morning”
  • “Drown in the Darkness” (favorite catchphrase)

You can also find more of Ranko’s catchphrases online. Now moving to her costume, Ranko’s taste in gothic culture and aesthetic can be seen in her costumes as well. Her main costume features a black dress with a hint of Victorian essence. Along with this dress, you will get a host of other items including black leggings, bowknot, and a petticoat.

This costume may not be sufficient if you are going for a fuller look. You can get these items below to look even more like her.

  • Greyish Black Wig
  • Reddish Pink Lenses
  • Black Umbrella
  • Black Shoes


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