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Super Lovers Season 3 Release Date, Manga & Anime Overview & More

The anime industry is an ever growing organism in a perpetual state of continuously incorporating new forms of genre into its realm. Yaoi and Yuri animes are not relatively new entries into the platform, as the genre has been popular for quite some time now. However, in light of the current globally widespread LGBT movement, Yaoi and Yuri animes are perceived in new lights. These animes have always played an integral part in subverting the heterosexual culture which is often perceived as the ‘correct’ norm. In ‘Super Lovers’, we have one of anime’s finest Yaoi shows in recent years.

Yaoi and Yuri shows are not necessarily popular for their steamy and spicy homosexual scenes. It is a misconception to assume as such. Although their broadcasted sexuality is indeed a crucial element, the frequent ‘slice of life’ tone it inherits makes anime like Super Lovers extremely appealing to more than just its initial set of a targeted audience. These are part of the reasons why Super Lovers Season 3 remains one of the most coveted anime sequels, especially in the Yaoi/Yuri genre.


Super Lovers: Manga and Anime Overview


Written by Miyuki Abe, the Super Lover manga starts its serialization in Ciel magazine from 2010. In 2014, the publishing company Kadokawa Shoten decides to change magazines and ever since, the manga has been serialized in the newly launched Emerald Magazine. Up to 11 volumes have been released which comprises of 43 chapters as of the writing of this article. The manga is classified as a shonen-ai, a genre devoted to portraying romance between two young males.

The anime adaptation of Super Lover is produced by Studio Deen, one of Japan’s most renowned studios in the industry whose other works include popular Yaoi shows like Junjou Romantica and the satirical KonoSuba. So far, two seasons of Super Lovers has been released which has 10 episodes each. The first season is released on 6th April 2016 which runs till 8th June of the same year. Season 2 immediately succeeds the first season in the subsequent year in 12th January 2017 till the premiere of the last episode in 16th March 2017.

So far, no announcement has been made by Studio Deen regarding Super Lovers Season 3. Here at Squinoo, we shall look into the possibilities of a renewal of Super Lovers as well as speculate when it could be released.


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Super Lovers Season 3 Release Date: Manga Sales Remain Strong, OVA Episodes Released


Although it has been hardly two years since the release of Season 2, fans of the show have been enquiring the chances of Super Lovers Season 3. As stated earlier, a definite answer is currently unavailable although, after some speculations, we can safely say that the chances we get for Super Lovers Season 3 is reasonably high. First and foremost is the commercial success and popularity the source manga manages to garner.

Money obviously is an important deciding factor in making sequels, especially in the anime business. Fortunately for fans, Super Lovers manga performs exceptionally well, constantly appearing among the top-selling charts in its genre. Both the seventh and eighth volume features in the top ten of BL (Boy’s Love) manga sales for 2014 and 2015 respectively. The seventh volume sells roughly 52,582 copies, ranking sixth in the 2014 list while the eighth volume sells 75,654 copies and ranks fifth in the 2015 list.

What’s more, in 2017, the year which follows the release of the anime series, Super Lover manga occupies the second and third best-selling spot in the yearly BL manga sales with the tenth and eleventh volume. This means that the anime series succeeds in garnering even more publicity for the manga, which is the reason an anime adaptation is made in the first place. Other volumes also sell incredibly well, such as the ninth volume which almost exceeds the 100,000 marks with over 90,000 sales in 2016. With sales continuing to skyrocket, it seems more and more likely that Super Lovers Season 3 is inevitable.

The only real concern seems to be the lack of source material. The two seasons cover stories from roughly up to the eighth volume of the manga. It implies that only three volumes are currently available for adaptation into Super Lovers Season 3. The first two seasons use four volumes each on average. Producers could be waiting for the release of at least one more volume before plans for Super Lovers Season 3 can be put into place. They could use anime original or filler material if they opted to go for it in the near future but it seems more reasonable to wait for new manga chapters.

Studio Deen does release two OVA episodes – the first one between the premieres of the two seasons on 1st January 2017 and the second one on 1st September 2017. This, in no way, compensates for a lack of Super Lovers Season3 for the fans though.

Studio Deen usually has a busy schedule on an annual basis and 2019 doesn’t look like an exception. There are several popular animes produced by the studio that are scheduled for release in 2019 such as the third season of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ in October among others. Therefore, we sincerely hope that Super Lover Season 3 will be prioritized by the studio when more volumes are released by the author. Since the release of the last volume dates back in 2017, that could potentially be around the corner as well.

As soon as we have more information regarding Super Lovers Season 3, we will try and update this section, so do keep an eye out for us.


Super Lovers: Brief Plot Introduction


When Haru Kaidou learns that his birth mother is fatally ill and on the verge of dying, he immediately flew to Canada as he is the eldest son of their family. Haru’s birth parents are divorced while he lives with his father and stepmother in Japan while his birth mother stays in Canada. Upon reaching Canada, he is surprised and bewildered that he has been tricked – his biological mother who is brimming with life tricks him to get to Canada so that he may get well acquainted with his new adoptive step brother Ren.

The tricky part is that Ren is extremely antisocial, unwilling to cope with Haru’s attempt to form a brotherly bond.  However, as the summer goes by, Ren’s hard shell is finally cracked as he opens up more to his new brother. As the summer ends and Haru prepares to move back to Japan, he makes a promise to Ren that they will live together in Japan after Haru graduates from high school.

Disaster struck and Haru’s parents pass away in a car accident. The incident also causes Haru to lose his memories of Ren and the summer they spent together.

Five years later, Ren moves to Japan only to discover the horrible truth of Haru’s memory loss. In a plot that is deeply similar to American romantic drama ‘The Vow’, Ren must try his best to convince Haru that Ren is his adoptive brother. Will Haru eventually remember the promise he once made or would he drive away Ren as a fraudster? As the story progress, their relationship also begins to take a completely unexpected turn.


Super Lovers Important Characters and the Kaidou family


Haru Kaidou
Haru KaidouHaru Kaidou is one of the two protagonists of the show. He is the eldest sibling in the Kaidou household; therefore many responsibilities fall unto him. Haru has a distinctive tall muscular build with platinum blonde hair and light green eyes. Even at a young age, he is very dependable and reliable as evident in the fact that their parents put great trust in him to look after his younger brothers. He is also very friendly and intuitive, although he has a fierce defensive stance of his brothers. However, he can be pretty dense when it comes to emotions and feelings.
Ren Kaidou
Ren KaidouRen Kaidou is the other protagonist of the show. Haru’s birth mother Haruka finds him in an orphanage and decides to adopt him, after which he met Haru. Ren is considered short for his age which tends to infuriate him. He has brown hair which matches his brown eyes and he is considered to be cute by many girls. Ren is extremely straight forward and honest to a fault. He rarely lies except in exceptional cases. Prior to meeting Haru, he is extremely reclusive and shy, often preferring the company of dogs to that of people.
Other Members of The Kaidou Family In Brief

  • Takashi Kaidou (Biological Father of Haru, Aki, and Shima, Adoptive Father of Ren)
  • Ruri Kaidou (Biological Mother of Aki and Shima, Step Mother of Haru)
  • Haruka Dieckmann (Biological Mother of Haru, Adoptive Mother of Ren)
  • Aki Kaidou and Shima Kaidou (Twin Younger Brothers of Haru)


    The Final Verdict for Super Lovers!


    Super Lover is a classic yaoi show so it is understandable that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some components of the story can be ethical ambiguous – after all, it features a pseudo-incestuous relationship, a potentially pedophilic love, and of course the polarizing nature of homosexuality.

    We used the word ‘pseudo’ to describe the potential incest because Ren and Haru do not share any blood relation. Any sibling feelings that they may have is also canceled out the minute Haru loses his memories. Therefore, incest feels like too strong of a definition for Super Lover. Its ethical and moral composition in their scenario seems to be completely subjective. The romance aspect does not seem to be compromised at all by any potential accusation of possible incest.

    Pedophilia refers to a situation where an adult sexually lusts after an underage child. Super Lover does not seem to venture into the dangerous pedophilic zone in the story of Ren and Haru. Their chemistry is more platonic than it is sexual; although it is not necessarily completely devoid of sexuality, any notion of lust that may or may not exist is completely downplayed by the romantic aspect. Furthermore, it should also be noted Ren is fully consenting of their relationship and he is also the one who confesses in the first place.

    The question of homosexuality will remain a polarizing topic therefore, there is not much to add. It will forever be subjective and it pretty much boils down to individual choices.

    Despite these controversies, Super Lover remains one of the best stories in anime, even outside its Yaoi range. The relationship between Ren and Haru is compellingly entertaining throughout the two seasons. Characterization remains a strong feature of both the manga and the anime. The technical parts of the show are also pretty dope. Beautiful soundtrack and visually entertaining animations are part of what makes Super Lovers a great Yaoi show. We could only hope that Studio Deen will continue to sustain and improve these components in Super Lover Season 3.

    If you like Super Lover and are interested in watching more shows of the same genre, Team Squinoo has prepared a top 20 list of the best Yaoi/Yuri shows you can find in anime, which you can access by clicking this link. It would definitely worthwhile to check them out while waiting for Super Lover Season 3.

    We thank you as always for reading our articles. Please continue to support us and if you would like to drop any comments, please feel free to do so in the comment section below. We welcome criticisms and we would very much like to know which features we need to improve. Do take care, and see you next time!!

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    1. Just wanted to say, love how the article is written! So detailed, yet not muddled in them. I have finished rewatching both seasons and a third one would be great too. However, Studio Deen probably has a lot going on lately, which is why one has to wait a little bit more, I guess. After all, a fourth season of Junjou Romantica has not been announced either yet.

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