Space Battleship Yamato Cosplay Costumes

Take a ride on the most powerful battleship that has ever set sail from planet Earth. Get the best Space Battleship Yamato cosplay costumes from our exclusive range of collection.
Characters: Susumu Kodai, Yuki Mori, Daisuke Shima

Space Battleship Yamato Cosplay Costumes
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A Comprehensive Shopping Guide For Your Space Battleship Yamato Costumes

As one of the first pioneers of successful shows in the anime science fiction genre, it has a strong fan base and still accumulates fan following to date. The Space Battleship Yamato franchise follows the story of several voyagers of the Yamato battleship who are on a quest to find the required elements for Earth’s revival. It is set in a dystopian future where an alien race called Gamilas have ravaged all of the Earth’s surface using radioactive bombs in the form of meteors. As a consequence, Earth has become not only inhabitable but have become radioactive as well. The remnants of the human race builds are forced to flee into hiding, and they barely manage to survive underneath the ground surface level in their artificial colonies. The human species are on a race with time to find a permanent solution for their unsustainable living conditions. However, help comes in the form of an ally named Queen Starsha, one of the last remaining survivors of the wilting planet, Iscandar.  She sends the element Cosmo-Cleaner D, also known as the Cosmo DNA along with her sister Princess Sasha to Earth.


The grand space probe or explorer battleship named Yamato has a lot of brave and delightful characters onboard. With vibrant space suits and stationary uniforms, this anime television series has a lot of recommendable and engaging characters to portray. From the hot-blooded Susumu Kodai to the brave Captain Juzo Okita, and from the beautiful alien royalties of the Iscandar planet to Earth’s very own jewel named Yuki Mori, there are varieties of characters to choose from. If you are aiming for an ethereal aesthetic appeal, members of the Iscandarian race are a perfect choice. If you are interested in representing the more peculiar extraterrestrial species, the Jirei race will make an excellent choice. However, for a more toned down and familiar look, the human crew members of the Yamato space ship are ideal candidates for you. Considering the fact that all of the aforementioned characters in the show have beautiful designs, it is perfectly understandable to choose only one Space Battleship Yamato costume and stick to it. Keep scrolling to unveil more ideas and suggestions for your Space Battleship Yamato cosplay.



Travel At The Speed Of Light Across The Galaxy With Your Space Battleship Yamato Cosplay Costumes


The keen interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial life is a worldwide phenomenon. For almost a century, this phenomenon has significantly influenced many aspects of the popular culture, including the Sci-Fi, fantasy, utopian and dystopian genres in literature, movies, and animated works. Owing to the vast room of mankind’s curiosity and imagination, we are materially blessed with endless stories and sources of entertainment. In conjunction with this, even fashion and styles of living have been largely impacted by the hype for the intergalactic fantasies. Similarly, not only the Space Battleship Yamato costumes are hinged upon a basic fascination with the unknown, but the whole story line and designs are founded upon it. So, to get the best cosmic adventure, pick on any of our Space Battleship Yamato costumes line-up.


Queen Starsha Cosplay

If you decide to go for the delicate and ethereal aesthetics, there are several characters to choose from among the Iscandarians in the Space Battleship Yamato franchise. To recreate the complete look of the elegant Queen Starsha, you will need all the best items to look and become royalty. Queen Starsha’s usual outfit consists of a white, strapless dress with a plunging neckline and an ombre violet flowy skirt, a matching neckpiece with precious purple stones, a pair of white gloves, and a long, waist-length blonde wig with long bangs. The Queen’s sister, Princess Sasha Iscandar is also shown to wear a similar white royal gown. In the original series, Starsha Incardia is also shown to wear a blue dress with a plunging neckline with wide sleeves, tight bodice and flowy skirt, and she also has exceptionally long lashes.


Yuki Mori Cosplay

If you decide to recreate the female lead Yuki Mori’s looks, you will need her usual space battle suit. This outfit consists of a yellow jumpsuit which has a black raised neck, shoulder pads, zipper line, and two solid lines that run on both external sides of the thighs. A blue logo rests on the upper side of her left arm. Yuki Mori also wears a pair of matching yellow, calf-length boots with black outlines as well as a brown gun holster on her waist. Yuki Mori is also shown to wear more civilian clothing, which consists of a red coloured, button up jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is short sleeved, has a red ribbon at the waist, and a pair of attached shorts. This civilian outfit also consists of a white cardigan, a pair of red calf-length cowboy boots, and a white small sling bag. To top off Yuki Mori’s looks which is similar to the Iscandarians, you will also need a long, waist-length blonde wig with long bangs.


Susumu Kodai Cosplay

If you decide to portray the main protagonist Susumu Kodai, the first clothing item you will need is a black militaristic, double-breasted coat with red coloured neckline and cuff sleeves, a golden logo of an anchor on the left side, and a yellow piping that runs down through the collar and hem of the coat. You will also need a pair of white spacesuit and pants underneath the uniform jacket, a black and yellow belt as well as a pair of brown boots. His spacesuit is primarily white with a red anchor logo that extends from the raised neckline down through the chest. To top off Kodai’s looks, you may also need a chestnut-colored wig with a messy hairdo as well as a black and white, military, peaked hat. Similarly, Captain Juzo Akita also wears the standard issued uniforms.


Daisuke Shima Cosplay

If you decide to portray Daisuke Shima, you will need an outfit similar to that of Susumu Kodai and Captain Juzo Akita. You will need a white spacesuit with a red anchor that extends from the neckline to the chest area, a matching pair of white pants, and a pair of brown boots. Above this set of costumes, Daisuke Shima also wears a brown belt and a military-style, double-breasted coat with a green colored neckline, cuff sleeves, and shoulder pads. The jacket also has a logo of an anchor on the left side of the breast and golden ribbing around the coat outline.