Saint Seiya Cosplay Costumes

Would you like to become a cosmic warrior and defeat the agents of evil? The brave mystical soldiers of the goddess Athena who are also known as Saints are valiant and powerful. The suits, like the warriors, are glamorous and heroic. Step into the role of a knight who defeats the forces of evil and win many hearts at your cosplay event. You can effortlessly transform into one with our Saint Seiya costumes.

Saint Seiya Cosplay Costumes
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A Comprehensive Guide To Become A Saint Or Knight With The Best Saint Seiya Costumes

The art of cosplaying and interesting or distinctive characters such as heroes are tightly woven together. Looking back at the origins, the world of cosplay has always been closely related to the expression or recreation of a noteworthy character who happens to be heroic, more often than not. Such a valorous and dignified character is usually held in high esteem and regard. So, naturally, the notion of a cosplay event is incomplete without at least a few participants who march as superheroes while completely being in character.

As a performance art, cosplay can be successful only through some crucial and highly eminent qualities such as passion, dedication, and commitment. A cosplayer has to be somewhat of an expert in the field of a selected costume pick. He or she is required to know, look the part, and even ‘become’ a character instead of just blindly dressing up as one.

Thus, a cosplayer has the power to bring his or her favorite characters to life, but he or she must be thoroughly familiar with the selected character’s backstory as well as character development. Likewise, for cosplayers of the Saint Seiya franchise, also known as Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac a proficient knowledge of the show is absolutely necessary.

It started out as a manga series and was later adapted into an anime television series following its success. The show follows the story of Pegasus Seiya, who is one of the many Saints or Knights of the Greek goddess Athena. Each of the goddess’ mystical soldiers is extremely powerful, brave, and passionate about their duties as protectors of the Goddess of War.


The Saint Seiya costume collection has a wide variety of options to choose from. As galactic heroes, the characters are wrapped in remarkably outstanding outfits. The character design of the show stands out to catch the attention of the audience. They are striking in design and demand attention with each curve, protruding section, and flashy color of the armor. Each of the costumes is representative of the Knights’ immense status as warriors of the mystical realm. These otherworldly soldiers are divided into three major ranks, viz., gold, silver, and bronze, depending on their skillset and ability.

The Gold Saints are the elites or the highest-ranking soldiers and are the strongest forces of the deity Athena herself. The Silver Saints are the second strongest forces of Athena. They specialize in utilizing weapons in their battles and are quick and efficient. The Bronze Saints are the lowest-ranked forces, and they master the art of utilizing the cosmos to win against their enemies in their battles.

Among the superhuman soldiers of goddess Athena, which rank would you like to be a part of? Keep on reading to learn some tips and ideas for your Saint Seiya cosplay costumes.


The Function And Fashion Of The Extravagant  Knights In Shining Armour: Saint Seiya Cosplay Costumes

A long history of records, reimagined fiction and fantasy have told tales of gallant champions who protect and serve their lords. In the feudal system, knights were the epitome of righteousness who uphold morality and bravery. They were influential, respected and admired far and wide. Stories about knights traveled across several countries and with the course of time, through generations after generations. Knights were distinguished by their attires and overall appearance- their coat of arms sets them apart from other warriors in battles, they wore full plate armors and metal helmet, and they carried a sword and a shield for protection in battles as well as in jousting, and they also had specific warhorse. Old and new tales still carry the appeal of the knights on. Similarly, the character design and Saint Seiya costumes are based on the historical and fictional characteristics of knights.


Pegasus Seiya Cosplay Guide

If you want to portray the main protagonist Pegasus Seiya, you will need a red and silver-colored tight armour with large silver shoulder pads, a one-shoulder metal strap that extends from the left torso, a pair of red tight pants, a pair of mid-thigh length metal boots with golden wings, a pair of metal arm shields, and a headgear with golden wings on both sides.


Dragon Shiryu Cosplay Guide

To portray Dragon Shiryu, you will need a teal blue armor with dragon claw shoulder pads, teal armored skirt, violet tights underneath the armors, a pair of knee-length armor boots, a pair of oval-shaped arm guards, and a dragon-shaped helmet.


Cygnus Hyoga Cosplay Guide

To portray Cygnus Hyoga, you will need blue overall tights underneath a silver armor, a small battle armor skirt, a pair of silver knee-length boots, a pair of silver arm shields, and a shiny, winged headgear.


Andromeda Shun Cosplay Guide

To recreate Andromeda Shun’s looks, you will need a full pink armor with extremely prominent shoulder protectors, a green pair of tight pants, a pair of pink, mid-thigh length battle boots, a pair of pink arm shields as well as a pink helmet with two protruding silver horns.


The Last Canvas: Alone Cosplay Guide

To portray Alone from The Lost Canvas arc, you will need a long, flowy, black robe with golden ribbings and has raised collars and wide sleeves, a red scarf, and a necklace with a star inside a circle as a pendant.


Saint Seya Hilda Cosplay Guide

To recreate the elegant Hilda’s looks, you will need a light blue colored, flowy, gown with an extremely elaborate, golden, neck design, wide sleeves, string of pearls that decorate the midsection.


Many of the characters in the anime wear different hairstyles and colors. In addition to your Saint Seiya costumes, you can recreate your favorite character’s looks by wearing wigs that have been specifically styled and colored like theirs. Choose your looks and get the best Saint Seiya cosplay costumes from us.