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We proudly present to you the most breathtaking and badass costumes of the Kingdom of Vale’s brave Huntresses. Take a look at our exclusive collection of the best RWBY cosplay costumes.

Characters: Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long

RWBY Cosplay Costumes
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Get Suited For The Best RWBY Cosplay Costumes


You have heard it from the most prominent fashion moguls in the world that fashion is an art that lets you express yourself and have fun with it. This sentiment holds for the finest and most adorable huntresses of the Vale Kingdom. As students in training, extraordinary beings who wield powers, and as fighters with moral obligations, the girls of the RWBY franchise are slaying it. Each of the RWBY costumes and overall appearances is more than just fancy items put together. Just like the hunters and huntresses have ‘semblance,’ a manifestation of their inner being, fashion is one’s expression of the true self. All four members of the RWBY group are endowed with personality, looks, and superhuman abilities.


Blessed with a good head on their shoulders, each member of the RWBY team are exciting to watch as they maneuver through several obstacles that are headed their way. How awesome would it be to become one of them? We can help you make that happen, and we are prepared to assist you all the way through. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as we take you through the important steps to ensure your best RWBY cosplay experience.


The first and foremost thing for any cosplayer is to know your character’s backstory as well as the overall background of the show, so here is a snippet of what goes on in the show: RWBY follows the story of four friends who are students of a prestigious institution called the Beacon Academy. Set in the world of Remnant, the four girls are trained to become the most efficient huntresses along with several other teams. Although they have their own reasons for becoming a huntress, their collective goal is to fight against the malevolent Grimm and maintain the balance of their turbulent realm.


Another significant step is to identify with a character and to identify the character design as per your convenience. Choosing a character to portray is not a walk in the park. So we suggest that you consider the pros and cons of a character’s outfit, style, and the possibility of an accurate delivery. If you can not do justice to your portrayal, as a cosplay artist, is it worth the try?


Yet another significant step is the bit about accessories and little details that make a part of the set of costumes. If you have participated in the past or if you are a keen observer of the art of cosplaying, then you must be aware of how accessories make big differences. The usually ignored aspects such as hair accessory, bracelet or amulet, or even a piece of jewelry can accentuate the costume. More prominent items like hairstyles, contact lenses, body painting, or weapons add even more flair and significantly impact the success of your cosplaying attempts. So, take your pick, and let us worry about all the things you need for your character representation. Keep on reading to find out more tips and ideas for your RWBY cosplay costumes.



Creating A Badass Persona And The Unusual Style Of Action Heroes In RWBY Costumes


At some point in our lives, most of us have dressed up as our favourite action heroes and pretended to be in their shoes. But as a cosplay artist, you are not just a stranger in a fancy suit. In essence, you become the character once you gear up and enter the cosplay convention arena. As the masterpiece of Monty Oum, this franchise is captivating, fresh, and even unique from the rest of the typical Japanese anime series. As a host of the most beautiful, bold and lovable designs, the RWBY costumes are at your disposal. Constructed from the best materials available, we are ready to bring the best RWBY costumes to your doorstep.


RWBY Cosplay Ruby Rose


If you choose to portray Ruby Rose, the main protagonist and fiercest huntress in the world of Remnant, you will need several items. You will need a solid black dress with an internal layer of solid red fabric. This dress has long sleeves, raised collar, wide sleeves, and a corset at the mid-section area. You will also need a brown belt with a floral insignia which also acts as a holster, a massive black and red coloured hooded cloak attached to the shoulders of the dress, a pair of black leggings or stockings, and a calf-length pair of black combat boots with red laces. To highlight Ruby Rose’s prominent features, you will need a black wig with red ombre, a pair of grey contact lenses, and a weapon- Sniper-Scythe which is called the Crescent Rose.


RWBY Cosplay Weiss Schnee


If you decide to recreate Weiss Schnee’s looks, you will need to conform to white without mixing much colours because Weiss’s colour code is white. You will need a short, white, strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and a flowy ribbon at the waistline, a cropped, long sleeved, ruffled wide sleeves bolero jacket which fades into light blue with a bright red inner lining, and a pair of  white wedge heeled boots with red trims. Weiss has a particularly pale due to her affinity to ice. To top off her looks, you will need a long, platinum white wig which is tied in a ponytail with bangs, a pair of light blue contact lenses, a pair of silver earrings and a necklace, a silver crown-like hair accessory, and a sword called Myrtenaster, a Multi-Action Dust Rapier (MADR).


RWBY Cosplay Blake Belladonna


If you decide to recreate Blake Belladonna’s looks, you will need to stick to black and white basics because her colour code is black. You will need a white, cropped halter neck top, a black, cut out, sleeveless coattail, a pair of tight, white shorts that can be tucked in a thigh length socks which gradually fades to purple at the bottom, and a pair of black ankle boots. You will also need a black ribbon as a wristband for the right hand, a long, arm band on the left, a black bow tied ribbon for a hair band, and a black sword named Gambol Shroud, which is classified as a  Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe (VBCS).


RWBY Cosplay Yang Xiao Long


If you decide to recreate Yang Xiao Long’s looks, you will need to abide with bronze and yellow colour codes. You will need a bright yellow basic crop top, a tanned jacket with puffy short sleeves, an orange scarf, a black, tight shorts, a brown belt that acts as a holster, a pair of bright yellow arm shields or gauntlets called Ember Celica, which has a dual ranged shot, a pair of black fingerless gloves, and a pair of calf-length tanned boots. To top off Yang’s looks, you will also need a long, voluminous blonde wig with fringes a d a pair of purple contact lenses.


Get The Best of RWBY Costumes Online


Explore the world of RWBY with these mesmerizing set of cosplay costumes that are designed exclusively for you with care and love. You can be anything you want to be – join the prestigious  Beacon Academy or be apart of Team RWBY channeling the super badass warriors like Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long.

On the off chance that you only need to upgrade your RWBY costumes, then we offer you the most exquisite accessories that are only one click away. Even if you want your outfit to be custom made contact our friendly team who will gladly assist you.