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The first child and the pilot of Evangelion Unit-00, Rei Ayanami is a girl with a stoic nature who rarely interacts with anyone except for Gendo. Rei is one of the most intriguing characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion. At the end of the show, we came to know that she is one of the main principal plot points.

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Rei Ayanami Cosplay Ideas

Rei Ayanami seems to be a very reserved character with the nature of being socially withdrawn to most of her peers. However, as the series progresses her character also evolves with more interaction towards her classmates.

Rei is seen to have a short faded blue hair with bangs centered to the middle. She has red eyes and wore two different types of body plugsuits which is worn by the Eva Pilots so as to increase the synchronization with the Evangelions.

For those to you who wants to cosplay Rei Ayanami, you can choose from the two different types of costume which she wears in the series.

  • The first Plugsuit worn by Rei Ayanami is called the Plugsuit 00

Plugsuit 00 is white in color and has a distinctive coloration with orange, dark blue and green accents. This plug suit is worn by Rei Ayanami when she pilots Evangelion Unit-00.

  • The second plugsuit worn by Rei Ayanami is called the Plugsuit 09

Plugsuit 09 sports distinctive coloring accents of red, green and grey on a solid black color suit. This one is kind of similar to SEELE’s plugsuit. Rey wore this plugsuit while piloting Evangelion.Mark.09.

Rey Ayanami Costume is a guaranteed head turner for any type of cosplay events especially if you resonate with her personality and style.

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