Re Zero Cosplay Costumes

The 2016 hit Isekai anime has some of the most colorful characters in anime history; wear our Re: Zero Cosplay Costumes to pay your tribute to your favorite characters.

Characters: Rem, Emilia, Felt, Natsuki Subaru, Beatrice.

Re Zero Cosplay Costumes
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Re Zero Costumes – The Perfect Avenue for Impeccable Cosplaying

Released in 2016 by White Fox Studio, Re: Zero garners a very positive review and ratings from the anime community. In addition to its cracking plot and setting, the show also has a tremendous cast of characters, who are simply ripening for a good cosplay.

Be it a cute Lolita in the form of Beatrice or the breathtaking Emilia; you will find that our store has managed to get a hold of their staggering clothing. If you are looking to play as a cute maid, there’s always Rem, or perhaps someone in the category of ‘Felt’ would suit your taste.

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