Prison School Cosplay Costumes

Provocative, racy, and overall laced by sexual overtones, a Prison School cosplay is bound to get you a lot of attention. As an ecchi and a sex comedy anime, this show has a massive following and is attaining popularity among cosplayers all around the world.
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Prison School Cosplay Costumes
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The Only Guide You Will Ever Need To Pull Off The Prison School Costumes At Your Cosplay Event

It is safe to say the genre of ecchi cosplay is still one of the most popular forms of cosplaying since the beginning of the cosplay culture. With half of the audience criticizing it and the rest glorifying it, the act of cosplaying ecchi anime characters is a widely controversial one. Whether you believe that ecchi cosplay costumes objectify women’s bodies or not, it can not be denied that it has a magnitudinous influence all across the globe.

Apart from the clashing opinions and never-ending debates, what holds true for all the cosplayers anywhere is that it takes a lot of courage to step out in costumes that are revealing and provocative in nature. Likewise, ecchi anime television series and mangas have a fairly mixed reaction among critics and viewers alike.

As a flourishing genre, it is well on its way to establishing itself as one of the genres of anime and manga with the most fan following. Using the erotic elements as the major points to deliver the punchline, the ecchi kingdom executes over the top comedy plots.

As a winner of the Best General Manga award at the 37th Kodansha Manga Award, Prison School is one of the top favorites among fans and critics alike. This comedy follows the misadventures of five male high school students named Kiyoshi Fujino, Takehito Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Joji Nezu, and Reiji Ando.

These five students are the only male students at Hachimitsu Academy, which is a newly co-ed school that recently opened their seats for boys. Among a thousand female students, these five boys stick to each other and agree to commit the risky crime of peeping on the girls at the school’s bathing facility.

What they do not know is that the school has two student councils- an underground student council and a more overt one called the aboveground student council.

To give the five boys a punishment worthy of their crime, the sadistic members of the underground student council gives a final proposal that can either get the boys expelled from the school or imprisoned in the school’s very own prison and serve their time instead.

The sadistic underground student council consists of Mari Kurihara, Meiko Shiraki, and Hana Midorikawa. From the eccentric, weird, pessimistic, and perverted boys to the fiendish and ruthless girls, this anime has a horde of well-developed and funny personalities to choose from. Among these, who would you like to portray the most? Read on to learn more details about the Prison School costumes and tips for your Prison School cosplay.


Shopping For Your Prison School Cosplay Costumes: The Institutional Uniforms And Their Ecchi Elements

Have a mind of dialing your cosplay game up a notch? Look no further because the Prison School costumes are here for you.

For cosplayers and role players all around the world, the value of costumes is deeply rooted in a lot of things. It could depend on individual preferences or kinks from one person to another.

In many cases, cosplaying gives a sense of security or even a haven to the cosplayers. Once a cosplayer wears a costume and puts on his or her desired makeup, a new person is born, and the experience proves to be a satisfying experience for them more often than not.

Even though the ecchi genre in anime invites a lot of unwanted criticisms, it is not enough to slow the fans and cosplayers down at any moment. Uniforms have always been a prominent part of cosplays and role-plays. From uniforms of authority figures, military figures, and even French maids, these distinctive outfits have always piqued the interest of the masses. Such specifically issued clothing sets are only accessible through certain systems, therefore, exciting the appeal as well as the curiosity of uniform enthusiasts and admirers.

Naturally, dedicated followers of costumes have entered the cosplay scene with their choice of uniform apparels and excellently execute their roles. The history of cosplay would be a whole lot different if uniform costumes had not invaded it.

The Prison School costumes comprise mostly of school uniforms and prison uniforms. Owing to this fact, the long list of characters, several of them wear similar types of clothing. However, each character manages to add a personal twist to their issued uniforms.

Depending on the character you decide to portray, your journey to a successful cosplay can be effortless or troublesome.


Prison School Hachimitsu Academy Female Uniform

If you decide to portray any of the female high school students of Hachimitsu, you will need the standard uniform which consists of a white collared, button-up shirt, a red ribbon, a brown blazer jacket, a matching brown pleated mini skirt, a pair of black socks, and a pair of standard uniform shoes.

Each character wears a personalized or modified version that expresses their personality. Mari Kurihara wears her standard high school uniform without much alterations, and she wears a pair of black stockings instead of socks.


Mari Kurihara Cosplay Costume

To portray Mari in her prison uniform, you will need a black and white, horizontally striped, tight and cropped tank top, a pair of matching short shorts. You can browse through our collection of Prison School Costumes to get both of Mari’s prison uniform and Hachimitsu Academy Uniform.


Hana Midorikawa Cosplay Costume

Hana Midorikawa wears a pair of dark grey leggings in addition to her standard issued school uniform. To portray Hana, you will also need a blonde wig with a fringed, bobbed style. Shop at Squinoo to get the best of Prison School Costumes that will serve you the classic look you deserve for Hana Midorikawa Cosplay.


Meiko Shiraki Cosplay Costume

Meiko Shiraki completely ditches the red ribbon and a few upper buttons of the school uniform shirt altogether, generously revealing her cleavage with credit to her personalized plunging neckline, and she also wears a pair of knee-length socks instead of the usual pair of black socks.


Meiko Shiraki Cosplay Costume

To portray Meiko, you will also need a grey or pastel, faded, violet-dyed wig and a pair of cat-eye framed glasses. The male prisoners or students are all given identical uniforms which consist of a black and white polo shirt, and a matching pair of long pants. You can get this look from our collection of Prison School Costumes.


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