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Are you a fan of bubblegum pop music and its electrifying fashion? Welcome to the world of Prism Paradise where fashion is always fun and vibrant. Shop now to get the best PriPara cosplay costumes.

Characters: Laala Manaka

PriPara Cosplay Costumes
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The Ultimate And Informative Shopping Guidelines For Your PriPara Cosplay Costumes


If you take a look at the fashion of the bubblegum pop music throughout several decades, then you would notice the specific trends that come and go with it. However, at the dawn of every new pop music era, some styles leave for the best while some make a comeback every once in a while. That is just the way styles function, and even trendsetters themselves roll with it. Some trends attain such a massive amount of following that it leads to the birth of a whole new subculture and subgenre. One such phenomenon is the ‘Pop Kei style’, a street style in Japan. In the PriPara anime, this Pop Kei style and its eerily similar, sibling style called Fairy Kei are the overarching themes in character design as well as construction.


The life of a pop singer seems to be all about glam and gloss if you look at the lives of the PriPara pop idols. Each singer who has ever been invited to perform at the Prism Paradise are known to be unique, competent and mesmerizing. Everyone wants to be a part of it, but this opportunity only presents itself to the special, chosen ones only. How amazing would it be to become a part of the exclusive pop idols? We can help you become the most elaborately decorated pop idol, and we are prepared to go through the whole process with you. Let us worry about the most rigorous preparation while you take a breath and hit the steam off. We invite you to sit back and relax as we guide you through the significant steps to help you get the best PriPara cosplay experience.


We can not stop stressing the importance of knowing a character’s background as well as the show or game’s back story for cosplay artists. To become a character or to participate in an active roleplay, you have to be thoroughly familiar with the show. The PriPara anime television series, manga, and video games follow the story of a young middle school student named Lala Manaka. She receives the coveted and mysterious PriTicket which allows her to perform for auditions along with other aspiring idols and magically become the main idol. She meets and befriends several other idols and grows as a person along the way.


Another significant thing to remember is to identify the character type, design, and to consider the possibility of an accurate representation. A lot of characters are desirable but not all of them are easy to pin down. So, we would like to suggest that you weigh in all the factors that may affect your chances of successfully portraying a character. Another thing we would like to suggest is paying attention to details and accessories. An item as small as a hair clip, a necklace, a pair of earrings, or even a bracelet can transform the way you look. There are other major items such as bags, weapons, makeup, wigs, and shoes that can accentuate your costume. Keep on reading to learn more tips and ideas for your PriPara cosplay costumes.



The Electrifying Beauty And The Bright Colours Of The Pop Music Fashion In PriPara Costumes


The PriPara costumes are heavily impacted by the real-life street fashion of Japan such as the Pop Kei style and Fairy Kei style. As the name suggests, the Japanese Pop Kei style is largely influenced by the electrifying and flamboyant trends of the 1980s, whereas the Fairy Kei style is focused on accentuating the soft femininity using pastel colors. Both of these styles draw their inspiration from the kawaii style of the Harajuku culture and even the sweet lolita style. The most remarkable part of the PriPara costumes is its dazzling array of colors in each outfit set. The PriPara costumes also defy the traditional fashion norms due to the bold and endless mixture of loud and dynamic colors, different patterns and ruffles. So, get ready for one heck of showtime at your next PriPara cosplay experience.


Recreate Laala Manaka’s Look With PriPara Costumes


If you decide to recreate the main protagonist Laala Manaka’s looks, you will have abundant clothing options. To recreate her normal appearance, you will need a violet coloured wig with fringes and two space buns, a pair of teal green contact lenses, a sailor style school uniform dress which is primarily yellow with a white and pink sailor flap, a pair of white knee length socks which has two hot pink and light pink solid lines as trimmings, a pink cardigan sweater with pink stripes at the sleeve cuffs, left arm, and bottom, a pink bow tie with yellow heart, as well as a pair of standard uniform shoes.

To recreate Lala Manaka’s looks after her transition into a pop idol, you will need a white sleeveless, button up shirt, a pink bow tie, a blue dress with a yellow waistband, three yellow bow ties around the mid-section, several layers of white ruffles and a white trims at the hem of the skirt. The dress has a lolita-esqe design due to the huge bow tie at the back, ruffled yellow socks with white trims, a pair of two disjointed ruffled sleeves, as well as the Victorian style of exposed ruffles at the front of the skirt. You will also need a violet coloured wig with fringes and two space buns, a pair of green contact lenses, a pink bow tie with a golden heart at the middle, and a pair of blue pumps.


Recreate Mirei Minami’s Look With PriPara Costumes


If you decide to recreate Mirei Minami’s looks in the world of PriPara after her transformation, you might want to be bold and courageous to rock her bright coloured outfit. You will need a short, wavy blonde wig with two buns as well as red and blue coloured bow ties. The extremely vibrant dress has a white mid-section with a green and blue coloured bow tie on the left chest area, layers of blue and white striped ruffle sleeve on the right side and yellow and green ruffled sleeve on the left. The skirt section of the dress includes several layers of puffy ruffles- neon green at the top, followed by a blue and white polka dot layer, a red and white candy-striped layer, and a solid yellow layer with white trims. You will also need a pair of multi-coloured, knee-length socks, a yellow ribbon for the right wrist with a blue one for the left, a red and white coloured beaded necklace, and a pair of light blue boots.


Recreate Sophie Hojo’s Look With PriPara Costumes


If you decide to recreate Sophie Hojo’s looks, you will need a long, red wig with fringes, a white collar with black outlines, a primarily black bodice with black and red striped frills, a red and black striped dress skirt with a white layer above it, a black corset with yellow ribbons at the waist, a black bow tie at the back, a pair of laced up, knee-length boots, and a pair of black wrist bands with white trims and red bow ties.


Although each character exhibits fresh and new coords in new situations or shows, these are the most popular PriPara costumes. Choose your favourite outfits and enjoy the best PriPara cosplay experience.