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An In-depth Information For Your Osomatsu-San Costumes Shopping

For longtime fans of the Osomatsu-Kun anime television series, you are sure to love its sequel, the Osomatsu-San series as well as its movie adaptation, Osomatsu-san The Movie. One of the best comedy anime franchises, this anime has been a hit among parody and comedy lovers all over the world. The original series, Osomatsu-Kun which ran during the 1960s follows the story of the identical sextuplets who pass their days causing trouble around town.

In this show, the brothers are not distinctive and they act as a collective whole. However, in the 2015 reboot of this pre-existing series, named Osomatsu-San due to the time leap of the characters who are now in their teenage years, each of the brothers is more distinguished with a sense of their own personalities.

The six identical brothers are the namesake of the show, Osomatsu Matsuno who is the eldest or leader among the siblings with red as his colour code, Karamatsu Matsuno who is the second eldest with blue colour code, Choromatsu Matsuno who is the third born with green colour code, Ichimatsu Matsuno who is the fourth born with purple colour code, Jyushimatsu Matsuno the fifth son with yellow colour code, and Todomatsu Matsuno who is the youngest sibling with pink colour code.


As the show progresses, each brother develops into their dormant and distinctive traits which barely registered to the audience at the initial stages of the series. As their differences begin to show, each of the identical Matsuno brothers become somewhat greater than the sum of the collective parts.

So, if you have ever sat through their best gags, you are more than likely to have a favorite or preferred individual among the hilarious siblings. However, if you are not yet sure about which sibling to choose, we would like to suggest a few things:-

  • Pay close attention to each of the individual’s outfit, mannerisms, or character development throughout the series.
  • In addition to the character’s relatability or charm, pick the one you think you would look amazing in.

Once you’re done with that bit, stick to your choice of character and leave the rest to us. We can help you get the best Osomatsu-San costumes. Among the six brothers, which one do you like the most? Read on to find out more about the characters for an awesome Osomatsu-San cosplay.


The Bishonen Or Pretty Boy Style Evolution Of The Sextuplets And The Change In Osomatsu-San Cosplay Costumes

The initial character design of the identical Matsuno brothers is fairly simple and basic in nature. Each sibling barely differs from the other, with their distinction only noticeable through their color codes, mannerisms, as well as slight disparities in their hairstyles. The drawing and animation style of this anime series does not boast much, but the dialogue and punchlines are to die for.

In celebration of the 80th anniversary of the release of Osomatsu-Kun, the new anime series Osomatsu-San introduces several new traits that were absent in the original series. The rebooted version of the anime television series introduced a bishonen version of the show. Striking as a not-so-subtle parody of many typical animes, all the seven siblings are given further personalities and individualistic appearances. This version of the Matsuno sextuplets is surprisingly popular among many cosplayers.

So let’s dig deeper into the character traits and the set of Osomatsu-San costumes in both of the series. This comprehensive guide will assist you with all of the information you ever need for cosplaying your favorite brother from Osomatsu San series.


Osomatsu Cosplay Guide

Like any group stereotype, each brother has designated a particular personality trait. Osomatsu, the eldest is the leader, the confident and sometimes pushy one. Apart from his school uniform, he wears a red hoodie with a green insignia on it, a pair of blue denim jeans, and a pair of red sneakers.

If you want to portray the pretty boy version of Osomatsu Matsuno, you will need  a red wig, a white shirt, a red scarf, a white waistcoat, a white military jacket with golden ribbings and red shoulder pads, a pair of white pants, red rectangular scarf for the waist, and a pair of long, black boots.


Karamatsu Cosplay Guide

Karamatsu struggles to find his own place amidst the chaos that is also known as his brothers. He constantly strives to identify himself as the cool one. His casual outfit includes a blue hoodie with a green insignia on it, a pair of skinny blue jeans, and a pair of blue sneakers.

To recreate Karamatsu’s look from the new series, you will need a blue wig, a sleeveless, white military jacket, a dark blue sleeveless shirt, a pair of white pants, a light blue rectangular scarf, and a pair of black boots.


Choromatsu Cosplay Guide

Choromatsu is the responsible or mature one who seeks to please others. His casual outfit includes a light green hoodie with a dark green insignia on it, a pair of blue, cuffed, straight cut denim jeans, and a pair of green sneakers.

To recreate Choromatsu’s looks from the new series, you will need a green wig, a white shirt, white waistcoat, light green scarf, white and green colored military tailcoat, a pair of white smart pants and a pair of black formal shoes.


Ichimatsu Cosplay Guide

Ichimatsu is the indifferent and sarcastic one among the brothers. His casual wear includes a purple hoodie with a green insignia on it, a pair of blue athleisure or track pants with a white line on both sides, and a pair of purple sandals.

To recreate Ichimatsu’s looks from the new series, you will need a purple wig, a cropped purple shirt, a purple, fringed, triangular scarf, a purple, and white-colored cropped military jacket, a pair of low waisted, knee-length pants, a purple rectangular scarf, and a pair of black ankle boots.


Jyushimatsu Cosplay Guide

Jyushimatsu is the carefree, happy, and oblivious one. His casual wear includes a yellow hoodie with a green insignia on it, a pair of blue shorts, a pair of white socks and a pair of grey house sandals.

To recreate Jyushimatsu’s looks from the new series, you will need a yellow wig, a yellow-colored button-up shirt, a long yellow scarf, a sleeveless, long, white and yellow colored coat, a pair of white pants, and a pair of ankle boots


Todomatsu Cosplay Guide

Todomatsu is the designated cute but crazy one among the brothers. He is also the most stylish one with his outfit consisting of a pink hoodie with a green insignia on it, a pair of ankle-length, cuffed jeans, a pair of violet sneakers and a brown beanie.

To recreate Todomatsu’s looks from the new series, you will need a pink wig, a golden and white-colored crown, pink button up shirt, a violet scarf, a white and pink waistcoat, a pair of white shorts, a pair of white socks and a pair of black ankle boots.



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