My Hero Academia Pussycat Mandalay Shino Sosaki Cosplay Costume

9,108.00 6,935.26


My Hero Academia Pussycat Mandalay Shino Sosaki Cosplay Costume

9,108.00 6,935.26


Cat themed costumes always steal the spotlight of any event. By wearing this Pussy Cat Mandalay Cosplay Costume, you can capture the attention of your fellow cosplayers who will bask in your glorious cuteness. This complete set includes accessories such as cat ears, cat tail, cat paws, and many other interesting items!


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 Pussycat Mandalay

Cat Madness

Despite them being morons, cats are still the cutest creatures in the universe. As a result, cat-themed costumes are always an instant hit in the fashion industry. Why change the recipe for success?





 Pussycat Mandalay Shino Sosaki

Cute Red Design

This fiery red costume guarantees absolute cuteness for its wearer. Parade around wearing this costume and you are bound to attract attention or two at any place. Honestly, who doesn’t love a cute catgirl?





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Durability and Easy Maintenance

Our products always boast high durability that can withstand the test of times. This is attributed to the fine materials used by our clothing experts. The costume will last for years without wear and tear with proper maintenance. You can also wash it using a machine or hand, and ironing should not pose a problem either.

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Included Items

Bag, Belt, Bulster, Cuffs, Gloves, Jacket, Shirt, Tail, Vest, Waist


Uniform Cloth


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