My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya School Uniform Cosplay Costume



My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya School Uniform Cosplay Costume



Experience the essence of being a student at UA High by dressing up as one of the boys. This costume has been made to be identical to the boy’s uniform during their academic endeavors. The set includes a blazer, shirt, pants, gloves, and a tie.


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 Izuku Midoriya UA School Uniform

Smart and Savvy

You are a student at UA High, the most prestigious Hero Academy, therefore it is essential that you exude confidence among your fellow cosplayers. Keep in mind that you have the best costume and make sure to maintain your smart and savvy demeanor.





 Izuku Midoriya School Uniform Short Necktie

Train to be a Pro Hero

Your mission to be a pro-hero cannot be hindered by any means. Such dedication requires diligence and perseverance of the highest calibre. This cosplay uniform will help you achieve that very goal.


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Heroic Endurance

Like the wearer, the costume is designed to have heroic traits. One of them is its durability. Made of the finest cotton and satin, this uniform is not susceptible to any form of easy tear and wear. The smooth texture also effectively guarantees comfort in wearing them.

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Included Items

Belt, Coat, Pant, Shirt, Tie


Satin, Shirting, Spandex, Uniform Cloth


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