Marginal#4 Cosplay Costumes

Would you like to be a part of the hottest boy band in the history of anime? Well, you’re in luck. With amazing songs and their looks to die for, we present our collection of Marginal #4 cosplay costumes.

Characters: Rui Aiba, Atom Kirihara, Nomura R, Nomura L.

Marginal#4 Cosplay Costumes
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Definitive Guide To Deliver Your Favourite Characters: Choosing Marginal #4 Costumes

If you are remotely familiar with music anime, then you would know the passion and enthusiasm of their fan base all around the world. Focusing mainly on the characters and their songs which are largely influenced by their experiences, this type of anime usually has a couple of flourishing franchises.

By now, most of us know how greatly anime and music go together. Owing to their fantastic opening and closing theme songs, many anime soundtracks rise to popularity. Now, anime television series which solely devote itself to the making and production of music has even more impact among its viewers who love music.

The best thing about this kind of anime is the breathtaking visuals and enjoyable music. Likewise, the anime Marginal #4 follows the story of four friends and members of an upcoming boy band called Marginal #4.  These young high schoolers named Atom Kirihara, Rui Aiba, L Nomura, and R Nomura work hard to produce music and simultaneously balance their high school life.

What do you do when all the characters of your favorite anime are equally handsome and cool? You will have difficulty choosing only one character to portray, of course. We understand that such a situation is neither ideal nor convenient. Not to worry, we’ve got you. To be able to make a decision and stick to it, we would like to suggest that you carefully and deliberately weigh the pros and cons of each individual in the show. Whether it is a crush or bias, or whether it is a congenial character with an interesting backstory, consider the possibility of delivering justice to the character when you portray him or her.

If you take a closer look at each of the character’s outfits and mannerisms, you are bound to find one thing or the other that piques your interest. Again, we would like to suggest you follow that lead and take the wheel because this is your chance to shine.

Among the hot and awesome boy band members of Marginal #4, which one would you like to portray the most? Keep reading to get more ideas for your Marginal #4 cosplay.


Marginal #4 Cosplay Costumes: Pop Culture And The Charming Fashion Of Boy Bands

The history of boy bands in the music industry spans from more than half a century ago. The concept of a vocal group that makes catchy music has always garnered a lot of attention. The fact that most of the vocal groups in the history of the music industry are almost always accompanied by good looks is a bonus.

For most boy bands, their images are just as important as their music for their overall success. Therefore, boy band members are carefully groomed to keep up with the latest trends, or even become trendsetters themselves. Although the style of boy bands evolve with each passing era, throughout the decades the main traits of boy band fashion have been extravagant, loud, and intense.

Not only is the distinctive fashion of boy bands purposefully designed and exhibited, but their mannerisms and personalities are also often projected to conform to the fans’ personality stereotypes of who is who in the group.

This stereotype influences the fashion choices of each boy band member to a large extent. For instance, “the bad boy” and “the baby” of the group are particularly styled to look and play the part they have been identified as. In many East Asian countries, the concept of boy band fashion is taken to a whole new level. They are reshaping not only the culture of their origin countries, but they are slowly taking over the Western culture, too.

As opposed to the Western preconceived notions, boy bands in East Asian countries strive to attain as well as maintain the image of what is termed as “soft masculinity” by cultural writers. This phenomenon is largely influenced by the East Asian idea of true beauty or the belief that true beauty transcends male and female genders.

The rise of ‘bishonen’ genre in manga and anime in Japan also directly contributes to this phenomenon. Men and women start to reshape and even rethink what exactly is accepted as a part of beauty standards. As a consequence, the notion of “pretty boys” is now tightly linked with boy bands in East Asian countries.

Similarly, in Marginal #4 series, the main protagonists conform to the Japanese idea of ‘pretty boys’, reflecting the widely accepted soft masculinity. So, you can become your favorite idol from this anime series. Just go through our collection of Marginal #4 costumes and shine the spotlight on yourself.


Marginal #4 Nomura R Cosplay

If you decide to portray the leader of the idol group Nomura R, you will need several outfits. R’s school uniform consists of a black school blazer which is usually tied around his waist, a pastel pink cardigan, a pair of grey formal pants, a black necktie and a white button-up shirt. His stage outfit consists of a white shirt with gold ribbings, a black ribbon, a red waistcoat with red ribbings and a black bow tie at the back, a black pair of pants with golden lines on both sides.


Marginal #4 Nomura L Cosplay

If you want to portray Nomura L, the younger twin of the band’s leader, you will need a red, double-breasted, semi-peplum coat with gold plated buttons that have a black ribbon with gold strings at the back, a pair of black knee-length pants, a black ribbon and a plain white shirt.


 Marginal #4 Rui Aiba Cosplay

If you choose to portray Rui Aiba, who is also known as the silently shining magnificent star, you will need a red military tailcoat or coatee with black decorations and golden shoulder pads, a white shirt, a white silk scarf, a black vest, and a pair of black pants with golden lines on both sides.


Marginal #4 Atom Kirihara Cosplay

If you want to portray Atom Kirihara, the self-proclaimed Wild Shooting Star of the group, you will need a cropped, red jacket with black folded ribbings with a raised collar, a pair of black harem pants with three gold strings around the abdominal area, a plain white shirt, and a loose, black necktie. With so many options to choose from, we hope to aim you get the best Marginal #4 cosplay costumes at the best price available online.


Finishing Touches For Your Marginal #4 Costumes

We offer you the chance to bring the four members of the most popular anime idol group Marginal #4 into life. A boy band with two incredibly attractive twins and two other equally handsome band members, Marginal #4 has many hardcore fans.

All the members of the idol group rock striking hair colors. Instead of damaging your natural hair for an accurate Marginal #4 costume, you can try on wigs that are specifically colored and styled like that of your favorite boy band members. Bring more to the table and don’t forget to pay attention to accessories for an excellent Marginal #4 cosplay experience.