Magic-kyun! Renaissance Cosplay Costumes

Unravel the coolest costumes in anime history from our exclusive collection of Magic-Kyun! Renaissance Costumes. Get incredibly cool suits of your favorite characters along with hoards of other fun accessories to begin your journey in Magic-Kyun! Renaissance Cosplay.

Magic-kyun! Renaissance Cosplay Costumes
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A little history behind Magic-Kyun! Renaissance Cosplay

Originally, Magic-Kyun starts as a media mix franchise, which is an exceptionally rare genre, especially among anime series. After getting a PlayStation game and a manga series, the anime series of Magic-Kyun Renaissance is released by Sunrise Studio in 2016 and since then, it has not looked back.

Since this franchise delves in multiple platforms, it is inevitably successful and popular and we are truly grateful for that. After all, we wouldn’t have this gorgeous collection of Magic Kyun! Renaissance Costumes if not otherwise.


Cool Cosplay Ideas with Magic-Kyun! Renaissance Costumes

In this section, we shall provide a basic explanation on how to a good cosplayer using our very own costumes. This will be done using brief characters sketches where you will be informed of your character’s costumes, personalities, and other essential quirks. This basic information could determine just how good you can really be, so make sure to read them carefully. Lets’ start!


Kohana Aigasaki Costumes: Comprehensive Guide to Cosplay

Starting with the hero herself, Kohana is the lucky recipient of a reverse harem, meaning she is surrounded by a cast of six handsome male characters. She starts off in the story as a transfer student of the second year at Hoshinomori School of Magical Arts. She is in every essence, the embodiment of wish fulfillment among girls, which makes her a very popular figure in cosplay.

Before we start, you can assemble this list of items which can further help your cause to cosplay as Kohana –

  • Orange Wigs
  • Light Olive Green Lenses
  • Brown Loafers

During the course of the show, Kohana usually wears the girl’s uniform of their academy. The main costume is a white blazer adorned with gold linings as well as purple shades, indicating she belongs to Class Purple. Along with this, the costume set also includes a white shirt to be worn underneath and a purple skirt. You will also get other cool items such as a pair of black leggings, red tie, and two head decorations that are connected with turquoise strings. Follow the picture provide to get a better insight on how to equip these items.

Before we forget, we would also like to highlight some of her key personalities. Behavior plays an important role in cosplaying and emulating Kohana’s personality would further warrant the authenticity of your character.

Kohana is described as incredibly kind to everyone. She has a very friendly and cheerful character and she gets along with almost anyone. Along with her beauty, this behavior would explain why she normally attracts a lot of attention. Like her mother, she develops a hobby of making flower arrangements; therefore, taking flowers with you while cosplaying could paint an even better picture!


Monet Tsukushi Costumes: How To Cosplay

Monet is one of the main characters of the Magic-Kyun! Renaissance franchise who is part of Kohana’s suitors. He is a member of the Festival Committee and he has been shown to have a natural affinity for painting.

Monet has a very calm and composed character and it might be more convincing if one is to mimic that same aura. Apart from that, he has shown himself to have great wisdom and confidence, along with a cheeky side that occasionally surfaces.

Monet’s costume set features white blazer, white pants, light blue shirt, belt, along with a plethora of decorative ornaments. His main blazer, in particular, has distinct shades of gold markers, such as lining on his sleeves and golden wires that protrude from his attached shoulder pads. Along with this costume set, you can also get the list of items listed below which will further help you get into his character.

  • Light Purple Wigs
  • Light Orange Lenses
  • Black socks
  • White Shoes that has gold design


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