Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Costumes

The characters from Kingdom Hearts and their costumes are unsurprisingly becoming one of the most popular choices for cosplayers. In retrospect, this game has one of the most successful merchandise. Go ahead and browse through our collection of Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumes.

Characters: Aqua, Olette, Kairi, Sora, Namine.

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Costumes
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Everything You Need To Know About Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Costumes

A memorable and remarkable cosplay experience always requires dedication, a whole lot of preparation, and other neat tricks as its essential mechanisms. The first and most important thing before parading as a character is perhaps knowing and understanding the story of a show or the backstory of a character like the back of your hand. The Kingdom Hearts franchise began as an interactive or role-playing video game. Following its success, this video game has been upgraded and developed into different kinds of games. The storyline of this crossover interactive game follows the story of three main characters who live in the Destiny Islands-  Sora, a young teenage boy who has separated from his closest friends, Riku and Kairi when their home is invaded by a dark force. As Sora begins his journey to find his friends, he meets two Disney characters- Donald Duck and Goofy. Along the way, they meet famous characters from Disney, Pixar, and Square Enix. Knowing this backstory will ease you through the next important step, which is choosing your character.

Since the Kingdom Hearts franchise consists of several pre-existing characters from other popular storylines, when compared to other franchises, there are way more options to choose from in this crossover game. All of the characters are rightfully appealing in their own ways. Owing to the game’s diverse nature, the characters’ fashion styles range from conservative and mediocre to racy and extremely provocative styles. With a lot of equally cool and prominent characters on the table, choosing only one character is not a simple task. You can easily get around this task by carefully weighing the pros and cons of a character’s outfit. As always, we recommend that you choose the one that speaks to you the most. In any visual story, a character’s charm largely depends on different things- it could lie in his or her mannerisms, the overall outfit design of the character, or even the unusual and weird hairstyles. All of these elements are essential to successfully recreate the character. From all the playable on non-playable characters in the game, which one would you like to portray the most? Read on to find out more tips and tricks for the best Kingdom Hearts cosplay.


Fantasy, Fairytales, and Fashion- The Frivolous World Of Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Costumes

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has an abundant range of cool characters to choose from. It is one of the most successful role-playing or interactive games, and one of the biggest crossover games in existence.

Thanks to the rising popularity of fantasy games, movies, and epic anime television series, there is a new wave of fashion inspired by fantastical elements. This kind of fashion can not be clubbed under just one style. Under the umbrella term of Fantasy Fashion, there are many different types of styles and sub-clusters. Ranging from the new wave feminine fashion which includes flowy gowns and feathery accessories to battle gear inspired tights and body con dresses. Aside from these, there are magical realms inspired wave of fashion- medievalist or Dark Age European clothing which include cloaks, capes, and ragged or basic garments with organic looks. These fantasy-inspired articles of clothing, in the realm of cosplay, are usually accompanied by weapons, armors, and other accessories. The Kingdom Hearts costumes vary greatly in terms of flare and frivolity. Below this section, we shall further explore the art of cosplaying using popular Kingdom Hearts characters as guides. You can then decide other items you may need as well as learn about these characters and their personalities.


  • Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay Guide

If you choose to recreate Sora’s looks, which is loosely based on Mickey Mouse’s looks, you will need a red jumpsuit with puffy shorts and a long zipper, a pair of white gloves with blue, black and yellow straps, and a pair of  black and yellow shoes, a black hoodie with white sleeves and a blue inner lining, a loose blue belt which has a hanging crown chain, and a crown pendant.


  • Kingdom Hearts Riku Cosplay Guide

Riku is the kind of person who is not afraid to speak out what she thinks is right. She is kind-hearted and outgoing at the same time, loves to play around with friends and she always gives a hug to people to greet them.

If you choose Riku’s looks, you will need a sleeveless yellow vest which has a high collar with a blue inner lining, a pair of black shorts, and a pair of large blue and white shoes.


  • Kingdom Hearts Kairi Cosplay Guide

If you decide to go with Kairi’s looks, you will need a pink strapless mini-dress with three zippers, a white top, a black hood, a black belt with a bag attachment, and a pair of lilac Converse sneakers with black laces. If you choose Aqua’s looks, you will need black and navy blue, high-collared halter top, a black corset with two pairs of white laces, and a pair of tight black shorts.


  • Kingdom Hearts Terra Cosplay Guide

If you choose Terra’s looks, you will need a navy blue colored, figure-hugging halter top with two intersecting straps at the front, a plain and a simple light brown kilt.


  • Kingdom Hearts Ventu Cosplay Guide

If you choose Ventus’ looks, you will need a grey vest with a single button with white angular patterns, a plain, high-necked, black shirt as well as a green and grey armor.


  • Kingdom Hearts Namine Cosplay Guide

If you choose to go with Naminé’s looks, you will need a plain, white, lace dress and a pair of blue sandals with floral decoration.

Apart from these original characters, there are countless of other characters that are inspired by other stand-alone storylines. Most of the characters in this interactive game are seen in fantasy inspired clothing.


Additional Suggestions For Kingdom Hearts Costumes

There are several things that make an impressive cosplay besides the clothing items. Accessories such as a pair of gloves, logos, a pair of specifically designed shoes, and wigs are crucial if you want to step up your game significantly. Kingdom Hearts costumes have a lot of accessories, giving you more room for fun.

Many cosplayers often undermine the power of a wig. Sometimes, it is the most striking feature of a professional and memorable cosplay performance. Since most of the favored characters have unusual hairstyles that can be difficult to recreate, a wig is a one-step solution. To prevent your hair from burning out with bleach and dyes, or instead of overheating and applying a lot of chemical products to your hair, a wig is effective and functional. Nowadays, wigs in the cosplay industry are specifically created for cosplayers- they are already colored and styled like your favorite characters’ unique hairstyles. So, make an investment in wigs to ace your cosplay without damaging your natural hair.


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