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Kill La Kill definitely is not shying away from the raunchy and salacious kinds of design, it proudly presents what could easily the raciest cosplay costumes you will ever come across. Well, take a chance on yourself and rock these amazing and sexy Kill La Kill costumes for a cosplay experience quite unlike any other!
Characters: Mako Mankanshoku, Ryūko Matoi, Uzu Sanageyama.

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The Ultimate Guide to Kill La Kill Cosplay

Kill La Kill is an anime series that is packed with action and comedy. The show follows the story of a fierce girl named Ryuku Matoi who is on a quest to accomplish her personal mission. Ryuku Matoi seeks to avenge her father’s death and to find the twin of her longsword named Scissor Blade. She transfers to Honnoi Academy in search of her father’s murderer and her blade’s twin, only to find more trouble awaiting.

Ryuku Matoi is one of the toughest magical girls to ever grace the screen in the anime realm. Wielding a half scissor shaped sword, she is easily one of the coolest female protagonists in action and comedy genres. In the show, Ryuku’s costume is the infamous sailor-style high school uniform named Kamui Senketsu. It is far from an ordinary Japanese high school uniform. It is a Life Fiber that has the ability to talk as well as give supernatural powers or abilities to the wearer.

Set in an eccentric world where Life Fibers are a part and parcel of human hierarchy and essence, the seventeen-year-old Ryuko must maneuver and win against her opponents at all costs if she wants to achieve her goal.

Ryoko’s path is shrouded in mystery and is full of challenges as well as difficult trials. To topple the rigid hierarchy of the Honnoi Academy, Ryuku Matoi must overcome her personal insecurities and embrace her Life Fiber, the Kamui Senketsu in all its forms. When she finally does, she works with the magical outfit and executes breathtaking actions accompanied by several badass outfits. If you want to recreate these awesome looks, we have a great variety of Kill La Kill cosplay costumes that are fired up and ready to go.


Kill La Kill Costume Essential Guidelines

Kill La Kill is home to one of the most memorable and eye-catching costumes in the history of cosplay. It garners all sorts of attention, ranging from the typical Lolita-esqe school uniforms to the most risqué battle outfits to have ever made appearances. With the costumes ever-changing and evolving into something else or more, Kill La Kill is a great source of characters and costumes to choose from!

The outfits in this show are not merely pieces of clothing put together. They are significant power sources, companionship, and signs of strength. They are intricately designed and different at each level of a character’s development process.


Kill La Kill Ryuku Mato Cosplay Guide

One of the first things that usually pops up when you thinking about a Kill La Kill cosplay is Ryuku Matoi’s signature look. Over the past few years since it’s release, one of the most iconic Kill La Kill costumes is the black and red sailor-style high school uniform- the Senketsu costume.

If you want to recreate this look, you will need a slightly cropped, a black sailor-style top, a deep red neckerchief, a black mini skirt, a half scissor shaped longsword, and a red glove.


Kill La Kill Mako Mankanshoku Cosplay Guide

However, if you want to go for Ryoko’s best friend Mako Mankanshoku’s looks, you will need a pristine white and baby blue colored sailor-style high school uniform. It consists of a white short-sleeved shirt, a light blue neckerchief, a light blue mini skirt, and a pair of white socks and a simple pair of tanned loafers. This is the standard uniform at the Honnoi Academy for those students who are generally without Life Fibers and stars. After Mako acquired her two-star uniform, she usually wears a black overcoat with golden decoration that hangs casually over her shoulders, and a belt with two black stars to signify her rank.


Kill La Kill Uzu Sanageyama Cosplay Guide

For ardent fans of Uzu Sanageyama, one of the topmost members of the Honnoi Academy, you will need a long white coat with spiked shoulders, a pair of white pants with a matching belt that proudly displays three stars. The white coat has a raised neckline or high collar. You will also need a green bandana as a part of Uzu Sanageyama’s cosplay costume.


A Closer Look At The Kill La Kill Costumes

Ryuku Matoi’s dark outfit is not your typical high school uniform. It speaks, advises, and enhances Ryuku’s abilities during battles. It also frequently acts as the voice of reason. Elucidating the unstoppable force of the Japanese High School Uniform fashion phenomenon, this Kill La Kill costume is one of the most memorable high school uniform outfits. The dark theme added to the sailor style of the costume elevates the outfit among vintage or classic Japanese school uniforms. However, the intricately designed red neckerchief with Kamui Senketsu’s eyes and the super short skirt set the school uniform apart from the rest. The magnificence of the Kill La Kill costumes largely depends upon the simplicity of the costumes. They are simple, yet very effective and practical. If you are looking for a more exciting or flirtatious costume, then you can definitely go for the sexy and revealing Life Fiber that transformations of the characters.

For a more efficient and effective cosplay, there are several items that are absolutely necessary to complete your looks. You cannot, under any circumstance, leave out accessories like gloves, logos, a pair of specifically designed shoes, and wigs. The tiniest details are as important as the bigger and more prominent parts of the whole outfit. At Squinoo, we pay attention and listen to your preferences and demands. We value your comfort and convenience above all else. So, make a worthy investment in our collection of Kill La Kill costumes only on Squinoo.


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