Kemono Friends Cosplay Costumes

Come get lost in the world of Japari Park, the untamed paradise and be a part of the super cute animal girls. Your world will be filled with laughter and mysteries with the PPP (ペパプ, Pepapu)  and Friends (フレンズ), also known as Animal Girls.

Characters: Serval, Rockhopper Penguin, Emperor Penguin, Humboldt Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Royal Penguin Princess

Kemono Friends Cosplay Costumes
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Kemono Friends Cosplay Ideas

The world of ‘Kemono Friends’ takes place in the untamed paradise called Japari Park where the endangered and legendary species live.

Japari Park is filled with mysterious and super cute creatures like the Animal Girls also know as “Friends” who are a hybrid between the wildlife animals and humans.

We also have the extraordinarily cute PPP (ペパプ, Pepapu) also known as the Penguins Performace Project.

The first generation PPP consists of 4 members:-

Rockhopper Penguin, an Emperor Penguin, a Humboldt Penguin and a Gentoo Penguin.

So, you get to cosplay all of the super cute members of PPP from our collection of Kemono Friends Costumes.

These set of Kemono Friends costumes are not just for social events. It has a subtle design that is sexy and versatile also at the same time it does not scream out that it’s an anime costume. So, you get to wear it at home, birthdays or even at the movies.

We also offer you the costume of the one and only Serval (サーバル Sābaru) who is super energetic and is also the main mascot of Kemono Friends. You can shop for Serval Costume from our collection of Kemono friends costumes for your next cosplay. We can guarantee you that you will be the center of attraction with the amazing outfit that we have crafted with the most exacting of standards.


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