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Kamisama Kiss has an ensemble of characters who are extremely ravishing and charming at the same time. It brings forward the essence of the classic Japanese anime with its rich flavors of costumes that highlight both the modern and ancient aspects of anime fashion. So browse through our collection of Kamisama Kiss costumes to have a fantabulous cosplay experience.
Characters: Nanami, Tomoe

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Best Kamisama Kiss Costume Guide

The ‘Kimono’ which is widely worn by many of the Kamisama Kiss characters and most importantly by the deuteragonist of the series Tomoe, is an insanely popular traditional garment in the Japanese culture. It has highlighted the most significant part of the Japanese fashion which has been practiced for thousands of years.

In addition to that, Kamisama Kiss Costume also boasts some iconic Japanese school uniform which has garnered a cult-like following especially in the world of cosplay. For these reasons, Kamisama Kiss is widely cosplayed in different conventions until today. The anime adaptations have also earned a lavish rating of 8.13/10 in ‘My Anime List’ which is one of the biggest platforms for the anime community.

That being said, we totally understand if you fumble up while choosing the perfect costume for your Kamisama Kiss Cosplay. This dilemma happens with a lot of cosplayers, that is why we try our best to sort out the best guidelines for you to have an impeccable Kamisama Kiss Cosplay; in terms of character selection, costume or anything that confuses you.

In the meantime, you can browse our sumptuous collection of Kamisama Kiss Costumes while we provide you the best tips and tricks for your next cosplay convention.


Easy Kamisama Kiss Cosplay Ideas With Character Guides

The universal truth about an impeccable cosplay is that a cosplayer should know about the nuts and bolts of the character you choose to cosplay. Now let us help you choose the most suitable character for your next Kamisama Kiss cosplay.

  • Nanami Cosplay Ideas:

Nanami Momozono, the main protagonist of Kamisama Kiss is a kind-hearted girl who is also very good looking. She has hazel brown eyes of an angel; long hair with bangs that swept to the right; rosy red cheeks that accentuate her fair skin. She is known as the Guy Magnet and is admired by supernatural creatures and human boys alike.

Nanami has a rich wardrobe which is available in our Kamisama Kiss Costume collection. To start the list, she is normally seen wearing her school uniform which is brown with black lining accents and a silky yellow bowie which is tied at the collar. Nanami is also often seen wearing dresses and kimonos which captures her charm through the exquisite outer beauty that she has. She often mesmerizes the demons and humans with her beauty while she is in this costume. So be sure to put on these amazing set of costumes donned by Nanami that assure an arrest to the eye


  • Kamisama Kiss Tomoe Cosplay Ideas:

Being around for a series of centuries, Tomoe has a harsh past which is violent and destructive. One interesting fact about Tomoe is that he doesn’t like wearing shoes and is seen walking barefoot a lot of times.

Tomoe is the chicks magnet of the series; an extremely good looking guy with a silver-white hair, fox-like ears which he can manipulate, eyes like a fox with bags of intense emotions and a fluffy whitetail.

Tomoe always wants to hold Nanami’s hand and protecting her is his priority. So, in case if you are attending a cosplay event anytime soon, you can try out something new with your partner and go as a couple donning Tomoe’s costume and Nanami’s.

All of the notable costumes which Tomoe wears in the series are available in our collection of Kamisama Kiss Costumes. Be sure to check them out to get the most insanely awesome deals!


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