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Kagerou Project provides an endless possibility of options for a memorable cosplay experience. Check out our complete collection of the Kagerou Project cosplay costumes and have a legendary cosplay experience.
Characters: Ayano Tateyama, Tsubomi Kido, Marry Kozakura, Kousuke Seto, Ene.

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All The Things You Need To Know About The Kagerou Project Cosplay Costumes

A memorable and remarkable cosplay experience happens when you prepare for it from several different angles. Quite possibly the first and most important thing to know before cosplaying a character is knowing the story of a show or the backstory of a character like the back of your hand. The Kagerou Daze franchise began as a series of vocaloid music series and it was later adapted into a series of novels, and subsequently into manga and anime television series. This show follows the story of a group of young people known as the Mekakushi Dan gang. They are unique heroes, with each of them possessing a distinct visual prowess that works in favor of their group. Knowing this backstory will definitely ease you through the next big step, which is choosing your character.

All of the major characters in the Kagerou Daze franchise are vibrant and visually stunning. Each character sets himself or herself apart from the next, owing to their acutely distinctive features and fashion choices. Their fashion styles range from extremely laid back to classic and even Lolita-esqe. We understand that you might not be able to easily choose a character to portray. If you have a favorite character and have already made your pick, lucky you! However, if you haven’t, you can carefully and elaborately weigh the pros and cons of a character’s outfit. It would be wiser to go with the one that speaks to you the most. Each character has an indiscernible charm about himself or herself. This could be many different things- it could be the character’s subtle mannerisms, the overall outfit design, or even the unusual or slightly weird hairstyles. These elements are very crucial for a cosplay where there is not much room for silly mistakes. From all the Mekakushi Dan gang members in the show, which one would you like to portray the most? Read on to find out more useful and considerable tips for your Kagerou Project cosplay.


The Ultimate Conglomeration Of Japanese Subculture Street Style- Kagerou Project Cosplay Costumes

You have all heard of it, the international vocaloid hit song series called Kagerou Daze! Undoubtedly one of the most popular franchises across the globe for its vocaloid music and its subsequent anime adaptation, this show is home to a wide range of cool characters.

Kagerou Project costumes interestingly exhibit different kinds of fashion- a hint of Lolita style and Gyaru inspired yet casual looks. Depending on your choice of character, your preparation process can be easy or tasking. The Kagerou Project has a lot of clothing options to choose from. Here are several options for your favorite Kagerou Project costumes or Kagerou Project cosplay ideas.

If you decide to recreate Ayano Tateyama’s looks, you’re in for a simple and easy cosplaying experience. You will need a black, sailor-style high school uniform, a long and fluffy red scarf, a pair of black socks, and a pair of brown, standard uniform shoes.

If you decide to go with Tsubomi Kido’s looks, you will need a red jersey jacket with a high zip collar, a hoodie in a dark pale shade of violet which has a headphone graphic print on the hood as well as an iPod button design on the front, and volume bars on the pocket. You will also need a pair of faded green jeans with white insides, and a pair o mint green converse high tops.

If you choose Takane Enomoto or Ene’s outstanding looks, you will need a dark blue jacket which has white stripes covering up the arms, a silver zipper on its collar, a black skirt, and a pair of black thigh highs with turquoise stripes.

If you want to recreate the only albino of the gang, Marry Kozakura’s looks, you will need a Lolita-esqe light blue dress with a white apron tied around the waistline and a white hoodie with pink roses on it.

If you decide to go with Shintaro Kisaragi’s casual and laid back look, you will need a red jersey jacket or track jacket that has running white stripes on both the sleeves,  a black v-neck T-shirt, a pair of light brown chinos, and a pair of red sneakers with a black design.

If you choose Momo Kisaragi’s casual looks, you will need a pink hoodie, a blue shirt, a pair of light brown colored shorts and a pair of red sneakers.

If you choose Shuuya Kano’s looks, you will need a black zipless hoodie, a beige shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a pair of grey skinny jeans, and a pair of black strappy boots.

If you pick Konoha’s looks, you will need a white shirt with long sleeves, a plain black t-shirt, and a pair of light green colored flap trousers. His white shirt has a  round neckline and two rounded cuts at both sides and his bibs or suspenders on his trousers hang down loosely, and he also wears a pair of grey boots.


Important Recommendations For Kagerou Project Costumes

For any keen and passionate cosplayer, the reason for a successful cosplay lies in the details! Whether it is a logo, fabric pattern, cutting, piping, or even an accessory, every little bit of the costume is important. For an impressive and spot-on Kagerou Project cosplay, read on to find out all the little tips and tricks to stun the crowd.

Kagerou Project costumes are beautiful in design, vibrant, eye-catching and stunning. However, if you want to step up your game, pay attention to all the accompanying details. All the members of the Mekakushi Dan gang also have unique and unruly hair color as well as hairstyles that are often difficult to replicate. So, a wig is extremely important to complete each of their looks. Often, a wig is understated by many cosplayers. You can, of course, use hair products and electrical styling gadgets. However, if you want to prevent your natural hair from heating and chemical-related damage, a lot of cosplay wigs are available especially for you.


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