Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress Cosplay Costumes

For fans of the traditional Japanese fashion and the dramatic steampunk fashion, Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is a gold mine of stunning and aesthetically appealing clothing items. It beautifully captures a style that mixes the Victorian era and the retro techno-inspired kinds of fashion. So, we invite you to take a look at our ample and prolific assortment of the Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress cosplay costumes.
Characters: Ikoma, Yukina, Sukari, Mumei.

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The Only Guide You Will Ever Need For Your Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Cosplay

Any veteran cosplayer would be familiar with the importance of knowing and understanding a character’s backstory as well as abilities. Even if you are new to the world of cosplay, this household rule is just as important for you. Likewise, for your Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress cosplay, take a moment to learn about this impressive masterpiece of a story.

Starting out as an anime television series, Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is set in a post-apocalyptic world where undead corpses with blazing hearts feed on humans. This anime follows the story of a young steam smith or engineer named Ikoma who has been bitten by one of the zombies or ‘kabaneri’. Instead of turning into one of the flesh-eating undead corpses, Ikomi stops the virus from entering his brain. Ikomi harnesses the superhuman power of the kabaneri that runs through his system.

With a lot of characters to pick or choose from, the Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress costumes varies greatly in design and construction. Choosing only one character to portray when there are so many outstanding options is understandably strenuous and at times may even be laborious. We can help you sort through the mess of having to pick a single character and stick to it. The trick lies in not only finding a character whose story resonates with you but also in finding outfit designs that speak to you. If you have already found a particular character that you would like to portray, then you are among the lucky few. However, if you have a tough time trying to decide on a single look, consider the pros and cons of your favorite characters, and pick the one that personally affects you. Among the vast collection of delightful and arresting characters in Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress, do you have a particular one in mind? Read on to unearth more suggestions and stratagem regarding your Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress cosplay costumes.


Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Costumes- A Synthesis of Victorian Steampunk Fashion With Meiji Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk, as a fairly recent subgenre in fashion, is making headlines left and right. In the simplest term, it basically refers to the unusual mixture of both the aesthetics of the Victorian era and the fictional post-apocalyptic world. It has its humble roots in the Steampunk movement which is largely influenced by science fiction and the romanticization of the European Industrial Revolution of the 1800s.

Steampunk fashion is a major source of inspiration for a lot of styles and designs in the world of anime, as well as the Japanese street style, and even the runway shows in the world of high fashion. The most common staples of the Steampunk fashion includes steel boned corsets, layered and fringed gowns, bell skirts, trumpet skirts, goggles, pocket watch, and even dramatic hats and headgears.

The Steampunk fashion subgenre also employs several numbers of brass accessories or brass colored materials, which emits an overall shabby vintage vibe. Likewise, the Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress costumes draws their inspiration from the Japanese Meiji period, an era when Japan started opening its doors to Western technology and culture. This phenomenon is clearly demonstrated and displayed on the Japanese fashion choices, even in this show.

As a league of its own, Steampunk fashion surprisingly works well when fused and blended with different kinds of fashion, including the conservative Meiji Era fashion. In the Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress, each character wears clothing items that are distinctive of their regional background. Here we have a basic concept of the characters’ costumes and accessories in the anime.


Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Mumei Cosplay Guide

If you choose to portray Mumei, one of the main protagonists who also happens to be a kabaneri, you will need an outfit that is largely Meiji warrior with a steampunk twist. You will need a red, long-sleeved, brown collared jacket with the torso cut out, a white top which is wrapped in a kimono style, a black, dip hem corset with brass decorations on it, a brown and red coloured mini skirt with inverted pleating, one metallic knee guard, a pair of long, black socks that extends all the way to cover the metallically enhanced version of the traditional Japanese Zori sandals.


Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Ikoma Cosplay Guide

If you choose to portray Ikoma, the Kabaneri and main protagonist of the show, you will be presented with two cosplay options. The first set of costumes is the one Ikoma wears in his human form and daily life. This costume is the standard steamsmith’s uniform, which includes a light green hoodie with brown lines on it, a dark blue yukata, a matching blue pair of loose pants, a small brass corset as a belt, and a pair of sandals. In his Kabaneri form, Ikoma’s looks are slightly more dramatic and are meant to horrify.

To recreate this look, you will need a couple of body paints- a very pale shade of green for all of the skin, and a crimson red paint to replicate the scars left by Kabaneri virus that runs throughout his body. You will also need several bolts and brands a shoddy harnesses that rest on his right shoulder, a brown fingerless glove, a small brass corset as a belt, a tattered pair of his usual blue pants, a pair of black shin guards tied up by red strings, and a pair of black sandals.


Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Yukina Cosplay Guide

There are several other badass characters with Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress costumes which just scream steampunk. Among these is the courageous captain of the Iron Fortress, the bubblegum pink haired Yukina.

To replicate her outfit, you will need an off white yukata with a matching pair of loose pants, a pair of brass goggles, a yellow and brown colored head protector that rests like a scarf on the neck, a light green colored strappy vest and a matching pair of gloves, a red sash as a belt, a dark brown shin guard, and a pair of light green combat boots with metallic straps.


Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Ayama Cosplay Guide

To look like the aristocratic Ayame, you will need a white collared shirt with a matching bow tie, a wide-sleeved pink montsuki, a brass corset, a pair of pink hakama pants, and a pair of brown boots. Apart from these highlighted characters, there are still abundant choices of characters to choose from. Pick one at your own expense.


One Simple Trick For Your Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Costumes

Pay attention to the color scheme, details, and accessories of any character you decide to portray. If you get the details right, your cosplay game will go up a notch. Instead of getting hair damage from overheating and exposure to chemicals, invest in a wig that will definitely work in your favor. If you inculcate these tips in your Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress costumes, you will have a memorable and fun cosplay experience.