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Characters: Tatara Totsuka, Neko, Anna Kushina,Yatogami Kuroh.

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The Show Behind These Fabulous K-Project Costumes

Not many people know this fact, but the story of K-Project is written by a team of seven authors that chose to remain anonymous to date. The real identity of these authors, who calls themselves GoRA, remains shrouded in mystery although the manga has gained massive popularity.

Finally, in 2012, Studio GoHands takes notice of their incredible works and that gives birth to our favorite shows which subsequently sparks the rise of these awesome K-Project Costumes


Cosplay Ideas – K-Project Costumes with Character Guides

Undertaking any anime cosplay demands paramount dedication – you probably already know that. Shows like K-Project which features characters with gorgeous cosplay costumes makes it a dream haven for cosplayers who likes a little challenge. That doesn’t mean that wearing K-Project Costumes is limited to veterans. With our comprehensive guide below, even first-timers can comfortably pull off donning these K-Project Costumes with style and vigor. In the section directly below, we have prepared a detailed character analysis of your favorite characters so that you can easily get familiar even with complicated cosplay tasks such as Neko K-Project Cosplay. Let’s get started!


Neko K Project Cosplay Tutorial

Undoubtedly the star in the K-Project Cosplay Community, Neko is very popular, especially among teenage cosplay enthusiasts. After all, who could possibly withstand the incredible aura of cuteness that radiates out of ‘Neko-san’?

Due to her stardom, Neko has a bucket load of different costumes for you to try your hand. Don’t be put off even if you are a boy because gender bender is definitely a trending culture in cosplay!

Due to the sheer abundance of Neko’s costumes, we shall cover only her most popular costume to save time and space, but don’t’ worry, you’ll easily get the gist of the whole thing. After the Ashinaka Island Incident, Neko dons a costume which is arguably the favorite among her fans. The complete costume set features a short strapless shirt lined with red color ribbon lacing on her chest. A Podotheca flower decoration is attached to these lacing and a large yellow bow adorns the center collar of this dress.

Neko can be quite oblivious to her surroundings, showing traits of naivety and optimism. As a result, she is always cheerful, carefree, and shows a strong tendency to play in any situation she is in. For a better portray of Neko Cosplay, it is impeccable to reflect this same behavior. And of course, be incredibly cute by emulating catlike behavior!

You should be aware that Neko has a syndrome called Heterochromia Iridum which renders the colors of her two irises to differ from each other. Along with these, here are a few things you should consider getting apart from the man costume –

  • Two sets of lenses (blue for the right eye, green for left)
  • Pale pink wig
  • Two golden bells; attached on at right ankle, another as earing for left ear
  • White thigh-length socks
  • Pink woolen shoes
  • Red Parasol

Keep in mind that Neko K-Project Cosplay is immensely popular but we believe you can stand out with the awesome costumes in the Squinoo store!


Anna Kushina K Project Cosplay Tutorial

Much like Neko, Anna is also the embodiment of cuteness. Her doll-like appearance and somber personality make her an instant in the cosplay world right from the get-go. Several complications render her a difficult challenge to cosplay but don’t’ worry because after reading our guide you feel like a pro, ready to take on anything, even the great Anna Kushina herself!

Anna has a wide variety of costumes and we will be covering arguably her most popular costume. Anna likes to wear a costume which has been to be described as ‘Japanese Gothic Lolita’. This rare costume set features a long red-black dress covered in many layers of ruffles. She often covers her shoulders with a shawl which has a similar design pattern to that of her dress. And lastly, she also wears a miniature red hat that has black laces and butterfly pattern attached to it.

To attempt Anna’s personality, you need only to exude her same level of indifference to the surrounding environment. She rarely expresses any emotions nor does she participate in activities beyond what is necessary. She has been once described as ‘a small cute doll that has lost its emotions.’ That’s all there is to it – to portray a more realistic Anna, we would advise you to turn on your stone-cold demeanor.

After getting the main costume which includes both her shawl and hat, here are a few other optional accessories that can help you complete your looks –

  • Red-colored lenses
  • Long White Wig
  • Red Marbles (Stuff these in your dress layers like Anna usually does)
  • White Stockings
  • Red Shoes (Mary Jane Brand)
  • Different types of ribbons

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