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Characters: Rinne Ohara, Karen Kurutsu

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Welcome To The World of Island Cosplay

The sensational visual novel called Island caught the gaming community by storm upon its release in 2016. Although it is initially drafted for a Windows platform, it does not take long for it to latch on and spread to other forms of media. The anime adaptation, in particular, stands out because it set the franchise to new heights, gaining even more publicity.

The cast of colorful characters in ‘Island’ is why we as cosplayers love this franchise. We just cannot get over cosplaying as the cute and mysterious Ohara or the energetic Karen. If you are looking to display and showcase your cosplay skills or if you are just starting your journey in cosplaying, then the majestic Island costumes might just be the thing for you!

Before you adorn your body with these costumes, let’s get into a quick relapse of the story of ‘Island’ to joggle your memory.

The story takes place within the desolated island of Urashima and it revolves around its three main heroines. As a series of misfortunes befell upon the island, the island community itself detached even further from the mainland. One day, a man from the outside is washed ashore. With the help of the three main girls, he will be tasked with unveiling the secrets of the island, which can potentially save it from destruction.”

Bone-chilling and mysterious, right? If you haven’t watched the anime or played the game, we would recommend that you do either one immediately. But, if you are here for cosplay, let’s further dive into the world of cosplay and see what these wonderful characters have in store for us!


Exploring Cosplay Ideas with Island Costumes

While there are tons of creativity and personal touches you can add while cosplaying, nothing beats originality and conformity, especially if you are just starting out. Customizing your costumes is all good and fun and it certainly adds more dynamics to cosplaying. You can swap around different costumes, wigs, and accessories or you could also play as the opposite gender. It all depends on your whims.

On the other hand, you can always opt for originality and authenticity instead of going down the creative route. We would also like to recommend this method for our readers who are beginners in cosplay. While the art of cosplaying can be complex and difficult to get, we have essentially narrowed it down to two major steps- grabbing the right costumes and acting as your character convincingly. The second step is particularly crucial if you want your cosplay to be successful.

At Squinoo, we employ a character-centric narrative approach to inform our readers in the ways of cosplay. Learn the two characters and their details below to grasp the fundamental aspect of cosplaying. By shopping at our store, you have already completed the step of choosing the right costume. Now we will tell you what other items you may need, how should act in character, and others.


Characters Breakdown For Choosing The Right Island Costumes

Rinne Ohara Cosplay

The nocturnal queen and one of the three heroines in Island, Rinne Ohara has become increasingly popular among cosplay enthusiasts in recent years. This is not a surprise – after all, she does boast a stunning outfit to go with her mysterious behaviour. As the daughter of one of the three prominent families, Rinne plays a huge role in the story in both the anime and the visual novel.

She is known to be a bit of a social pariah, reclusive, and embraces the nocturnal hours for her adventures. She can be broody, extremely stubborn, and gets fascinated by the strangest of things. If you are looking to cosplay as Rinne, make sure to act her part by acting mysterious and aloof.

At Squinoo, we do have the cracking costume of Rinne Ohara for your next cosplay. Our costume is the classic outfit of Rinne, consisting of a stunning blue hoodie, her white sailor cap, a black-tie garment, and lastly, a white pair of leggings. By getting this costume set, you have completed a major portion of Rinne Ohara cosplay but there are still a few items you need to assemble for a complete look. Check out the list of items below –

  • Rinne Ohara Cosplay Wig
  • Amber-coloured Lenses
  • Rinne Ohara Cosplay Boots

Karen Kurutsu Cosplay

If you are a fan of the town mayor’s daughter Karen, then we have the absolute best costume for you! Karen has ambitions that reach far past the boundaries of the island and her dream is to pursue the outside world like her mother. The rebellious princess has one of the most daring costumes in the show, as befitting of her character. Be bold, be brave, and be daring while you are cosplaying this young lady.

Karen’s costume set features a classic Japanese naval-style dark blue top that comes with short pants, her white socks, and cream-coloured scarf. After getting this costume, we also recommend getting the list of items below to make your cosplay even more convincing.

  • Karen Kurutsu Cosplay Wig
  • Violet-coloured Lenses
  • Karen Kurutsu Cosplay Shoes

We would also recommend that you carry a small knife prop as Karen always does. Make sure not to harm yourself though!


Island Costumes – The latest trends of cosplay

It is no wonder that Island costumes are getting so much attention from the cosplay community. With each costume as gorgeous as they are, it was only a matter a time before they are discovered.

As Squinoo, we offer these costumes of the highest grade with unbelievable discounts and world-class service attached. Get them while they are trending and become the new face of cosplay!