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Inazuma Eleven Costumes in Cosplay Community

There are not many sports anime out there, especially one that is dedicated to football or soccer. Inazuma Eleven is the place where football and anime meshes, the perfect show for football enthusiast otakus. It is arguably the most popular show in its genre.

After being incorporated into multiple media platforms such as anime, manga, and video games, Inazuma Eleven also sparks the interest of the cosplay community. Keeping this interest in mind, we have assembled a vast collection of Inazuma Eleven Costumes for you to have your fun. Browse our store to find the exact costume you are looking for!


Inazuma Eleven Cosplay – Football Fever

Football is undoubtedly the world’s most popular sports and perhaps the only one that has been successfully globalized. Inazuma Eleven explores the spirit of football in Japan, where several teams compete to be the best in the country. It focuses on the team of Inazuma Eleven and its cast of unique individuals who are tasked with reviving the once-famous football club.

Be a part of that unique team by getting these awesome jerseys and costumes. These costumes would be perfect especially if you are going with your mates. You can relive the glory years of Inazuma Eleven by paying tributes to your favorite characters


Creativity and Conformity – Exploring Cosplay Mechanism with Inazuma Eleven Costumes

While cosplaying, you have effectively two choices set before you. You can either choose to be creative with your cosplaying tools and explore new elements such as gender bender or adding your personal touch or you could also go for authenticity and conform to the existing dynamics. If you prefer to go the creative route, then, by all means, you can go crazy as you wish. But, if you prefer to look and act like your favorite characters, then please bear with us and indulge us while we outline some of the primary fundamentals of being a good cosplayer.

Cosplaying essentially involves two different skillsets – the first one is the assembling of required cosplay items and the second one involves how accurately you can emulate your characters and their personalities. At Squinoo, we prefer to use a narrative centric approach of various character models. We believe that intrinsic knowledge of cosplay characters is crucial towards the execution of a perfect cosplay. So sit back and relax in the cool costume we got you and with the information contained below, you can deliver one hell of a cosplay in your next cosplay party!


Choosing The Right Inazuma Eleven Characters For Cosplay

In this section, we provide a detailed analysis of some of the most renowned characters of Inazuma Eleven. Learn their background, their complete costume sets, and their characters to know them on a more intimate level.

Endou Mamoru Cosplay

If you are looking to cosplay as the Endou Mamoru, then you could not have come to a better place. Endou is the protagonist of the series, while also serving as the captain and goalkeeper of Team Raimon and Inazuma Japan.  Endou is a typical football enthusiast as well as a capable leader for his team. He has a happy go lucky type personality and he has the ability to fuel his team to victory through his strong mental aura. If you can be a bit of a hothead with a loud disposition, it would certainly help you to portray a better version of Endou.

At Squinoo, we have an exquisite costume set of Endou Mamoru just for you. This costume set is the outfit he normally wears outside of playing football. It features a white jacket with an orange t-shirt underneath, along with his blue pants and orange scarf which he often ties around his head like a headband. Along with this set, we would also recommend getting the list of items highlighted below and adding them to your Endou Mamoru Cosplay Collection.

  • Endou Mamoru Cosplay Wig
  • Endou Mamoru Lenses
  • Endou Mamoru Orange Cosplay Boots


Kirino Ranmaru Cosplay

Here’s to Kirino, one of the main supporting casts of Inazuma Eleven. Although he is often teased for his androgynous appearance, it does provide avenue even for the opposite sex to engage in cosplay of Kirino. Along with his feminine appearance, Kirino is described to have a strong feminine disposition and his movement inside the field is fluid and graceful. Kirino is a cheerful fellow and has acted as the team’s emotional pillar in times of distress. Make sure to imitate his strong character while cosplaying as Kirino.

Kirino is known to change his costume wardrobe several times throughout the series, especially in relations to each arc. One of his most popular costumes features a white jacket meshed with blue colour that comes yellow jersey to be worn underneath and blue track pants. You can easily get his costume set from our store with exclusive discounts attached.

Here are a few items you can assemble to make your Kirino cosplay more convincing.

  • Kirino Ranmaru Cosplay Wigs
  • Kirino Ranmaru Blue Cosplay Lenses
  • Kirino Ranmaru Cosplay Boots


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