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Welcome to the exclusive wardrobe of Hoozuki no Reitetsu where we will fulfill your cosplay dreams. Capture the essence of Hoozuki and her coolheadedness with the list of cool cosplay products we have assembled. You will find some of the most exquisite kimonos, yukatas, and an array of other gorgeous costumes here!

Characters: Oko, Hoozuki, Minamoto, Hakutaku, Goldfish Plant.

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Hoozuki no Reitetsu Cosplay Origin

First and foremost, let us get to know the origins of our beloved series and the team of writers behind it. The series has an English title which is ‘Hoozuki’s Coolheadedness’. The series initially begins as a manga series written by Natsumi Eguchi but today, it has taken a major form in other media platforms such as anime and cosplay. The manga sells over 10 million copies as of 2016 and the anime is widely considered as one of the best animes among its contemporaries.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu Costumes are all extremely rare, highly coveted, and exquisitely deluxe. Especially before the advent of online marketing, getting hold of one can be difficult and although that problem has been solved, it still holds a high value among veteran cosplayers.


Why Hoozuki no Reitetsu Costumes is popular among cosplayers?

The most obvious answer to this question would be its hilarious take on the bureaucracy of hell along with its rich lore in Japanese culture and folktales. The series features a series of authentic Japanese costumes such as kimonos which are stunningly breathtaking, to say the least.

Taking from the main character Hoozuki aside, the show still has tons of colorful and awesome characters who are just begging to be cosplayed. This is the one series you should definitely attempt if you are an ardent cosplayer.


Learning How To Cosplay With Hoozuki no Reitetsu Costumes

We certainly cannot claim to be masters of cosplaying but we do hold a few tricks underneath our sleeves, which we feel could be fruitful especially among the beginners and novice cosplayers. In this section, we shall highlight the fundamentals of cosplaying which is, trust us, fairly simple. After reading this section, we are fairly confident that you would catch the basic mechanism of cosplaying, even if you have never tried cosplaying before.

Without further ado, we would like to point out that there are two crucial steps while engaging cosplay. The good news is that you have effectively passed the first step in flying colors simply by shopping with us. Assembling the right and authentic costumes can be tricky but we have taken care of that problem.

Secondly, you will need to know the characters you are playing at an intimate level and for that, we have provided a character section in the next heading. This should help you get acquainted and familiarized with some of the main characters from Hoozuki no Reitetsu. We believe this step is crucial for a successful cosplay. After all, if your personality does not match your model, it simply would not be very convincing for the crowd.

Read the characters’ info thoroughly and we promised that you will get the hang of cosplaying in no time.


Character Breakdown for Hoozuki no Reitetsu Cosplay

Hoozuki Cosplay

What better way to begin than the star of the show itself? Hoozuki serves as the deputy to King Enma, the ruler of hell. His job involves carrying out the commands of his masters and stabilizing the realm of hell from potential problems. Hoozuki is known for his reliability, his efficiency, and prowess in handling his job. He is also vastly talented with a shade of sadism in his character. If you are playing Hoozuki, understand that it could prove quite a challenge. Make sure to stoic, coolheaded, confident, and most importantly, sadistic.

Hoozuki is usually seen in black kimono with red linings along the sleeves, collars, and belt area. You can get this costume from our store which comes with a girdle to tighten the kimono. A large marking of a Chinese lantern is engraved in the backside of his kimono.

After getting this costume set, we would recommend going for the list of items mentioned below. Assembling these items would be very complementary with this kimono and would also serve towards a better cosplay of Hoozuki as well.

  • Hoozuki Cosplay Wigs
  • Single Horn Prop (Attach this on the forehead)
  • Hoozuki Red Cosplay Lenses
  • Pointed Elf Ears Prop
  • Vampire Fangs
  • Hoozuki Weapon Prop (Spiky Metal Club)
  • Red Flip Flops


Oko Cosplay

Oko is the cute assistant of Shugo Hell who has a thing for snakes. She is described to be incredibly friendly towards everyone and has been lauded for her polite and refined manners. She has an almost permanent smile on her face, even while she dishes out harsh and sharp comments. Although she is the object of desire for many of the male cast, Oko shows no semblance of romantic interest towards her numerous pursuers.

It is no secret that Oko has one of the most exquisite and complex costumes not only in the series but also across the entire anime industry. You can get her popular purple kimono which has green and blue triangle markings across its borders. Oko also wraps a pair of pink snakes across her bodies although we would recommend using props in place of live ones for your cosplay. Check out the list of items below which can help you complete your cosplay of Oko.

  • Oko Cosplay Wigs
  • A pair of small black horns
  • A single pink lily attached to her wig/hair
  • Oko Cosplay Lenses
  • A pair of two pink snake prop
  • High pink Geta footwear


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