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Hitman Reborn Cosplay – Origin and Walkthrough of Hitman Reborn

Hitman Reborn has a couple of aliases as simply ‘Reborn!’ or ‘Katekyo Hitman Reborn’ as it is known in Japan. Like most anime series, Hitman Reborn is an adaptation from a manga series. Akira Amano is both the author and artist behind this masterpiece of a manga. Spanning through a period of eight years, over 42 tankobon volumes have been released which sells over a staggering amount of 30 million copies.

The animated series of Hitman Reborn is released in 2006 by Artland Studio, ranging over 200 episodes till the release of the last episode in Sept 2010. This classic from the former decade is loved and relished, especially by longtime fans of anime.

For over ten years, the cosplay community has developed a keen interest in Hitman Reborn Cosplay. Remarkably, this series has remained relevant in the cosplay scene, even 13 years after its debut. Get the latest brands of Hitman Reborn Costumes from Squinoo along with some of their rarest old school costumes.


Hitman Reborn Costumes – Know The Plot and Setting

Tsuyanoshi Sawada, known as Tsuna is a reserved, shy, and incompetent ordinary student in Japan. Clumsy and underachieved with no known talent, he has virtually no chance with his crush, the famous and enigmatic Kyouko Sakagawa. However, through his ancestry, he is chosen to be the 10th mob boss of the Vongola family, the most powerful mafia organization in Italy.

To train him into a more capable and competent leader, the mafia sends their prodigy to train Tsuna – ‘Reborn’, an infant hitman from Italy. The mundane life of Tsuna takes an extraordinary twist. Under the guidance of Reborn, he might just be able to develop into an efficient young man, worthy of being the next mob boss and perhaps, a chance with Kyouko!

Mafia culture in anime in remarkably rare although recent animes like Nisekoi delve in the same genre. Get ready to dress up as these deadly Italian gangsters and bring more variety to your cosplay wardrobe!            


Learning the Basics of Cosplay with Hitman Reborn Costumes

Learn the easiest ways to cosplay with Team Squinoo with the most fun. Our policy is to highlight all the essentials of cosplaying so that even cosplay novices may have a chance of tackling the most complicated costumes. Various characters from Hitman Reborn are explored in the section below for that very purpose. We believe that the fundamentals of cosplay include a thorough understanding of the characters we are attempting to cosplay.

Read through these characters to develop an understanding of their personalities. This will allow you to imitate their personalities more realistically. Learn more about our costumes, the service we are providing, and the additional items you may need for a complete look.

We want to bring to your notice that our costumes and services are of impeccable quality, designed for authenticity and durability. The costumes we provide are similar to ones you’ve seen in animes, down to the last detail. Live the cosplay dream with Squinoo!


Hitman Reborn Characters With Their Costumes

Chrome Dokuro Cosplay Guide

One of the reasons why Hitman Reborn is popular among cosplayers is the sheer number of characters that are available for cosplay. Even the minor characters are some of the most fabulous and colorful characters with that hold high potential for cosplaying.

Chrome, also called Nagi, is the unofficial 10th Generation Mist Guardian of the Vongola Family. Often described as cute and sweet, she is also one of the more popular cosplay models despite being a relatively minor character. She develops an anti-social personality, as a result of her past sufferings, rendering her to be untrusting, especially against strangers. As the story progress, her timidity gradually recedes and she develops a more confident and stronger character.

Nagi changes her costumes frequently in the series. Her costume set at our store features a skirt and shirt with her iconic eye patch. Her black eye patch has a chrome-colored skull imprinted. Along with this costume set, you may need to assemble these items to improve your looks further.

  • Chrome Dokuro Cosplay Wigs
  • Violet-colored lenses
  • Pole with Trident Tip (Prop)
  • Black Belt with Chrome Skull
  • Chrome Dokuro Cosplay Boots


Mukuro Rokudo Cosplay Guide

One of the most thrilling antagonists of the series, Mukuro features during the Kokuyo Arc as the villain. Eventually, he is chosen to be the 10th generation Mist Guardian of the Vongola Family.

Mukuro has an almost permanent smile on his face, which could be marked as a sadistic nature since he remains apathetic to the suffering of his victims. He can be straightforward, shows no signs of intimidation when threatened, and exudes an aura of arrogance. However, contrary to his antic disposition, he can also be very affectionate towards his underlings.

Mukuro’s costume reflects the classic mafia looks, comprising of a long black overcoat, black pant, black tie, and a white shirt. With this costume set, you are bound to steal a look or two with its sinister aura — Complete Mukuro’s full looks by assembling the list of items below.

  • Mukuro Rokudo Cosplay Wig
  • Pole with Trident Tip (Prop)
  • Mukuro Rokudo Cosplay Lens
  • Pair of earrings (manga only)
  • Black Leather Gloves
  • Mukuro Rokudo Cosplay Boots


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