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Characters: Rias Gremory, Issei Hyoudou.

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Everything You Need To Know About High School Dxd Cosplay Costumes

High School Dxd is a commercially successful franchise, owing to its unapologetic perverse nature. It is the mother ship for a lot of adorable and unique characters, ranging from literal she-devils and fallen angels. With a little twist to the traditional Japanese High School uniforms, the costumes are interesting, to say the least.

High School Dxd started out as an illustrated light novel series, followed by a manga adaptation, and finally into the anime series that we know and love today. This commercially successful franchise, owing to its unapologetic perverse nature, is one of the most popular shows in the world of anime. It belongs to the supernatural, harem, and comedy genres. In the world of cosplay, High School Dxd costumes are establishing themselves as one of the most popular representations.

This show has an endless supply of pretty girls in cute outfits. They are sweet, charming, or just really dangerous. Either way, High School Dxd characters are totally worthy of a cosplay.

To flawlessly recreate the characters and look spectacular in High School Dxd costumes, let us browse through the backdrop of the massively successful anime series.

The story follows the life of a high school student named Issei Hyodo at Kuoh Academy. Apart from being a peeping Tom and being perverted in general, he is a fairly normal and easy-going teenager. On his first date with his school mate, he gets killed by his date named Yuma Amano. However, he is resurrection as a devil by Rias Gremory, a devil and third-year student at his school.

Rias Gremory Cosplay Costume

Rias Gremory, the show’s main female protagonist, is almost always seen wearing a standard Kuoh Academy school uniform for girls. This ensemble includes a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt, a black ribbon, a black shoulder cape, a button-down corset, a magenta skirt with white accents, and a pair of white crew-length socks and brown dress shoes.


Issei Hyodo Cosplay Costume

Likewise, Issei Hyodo, the show’s main male protagonist usually wears the standard Kuoh Academy school uniform for boys. His get-up includes a black blazer with white accents, a long-sleeved white dress shirt with black highlights, a black ribbon for the collar, a matching pair of black pants, and a pair of white sneakers instead of the standard uniform shoes. Issei’s signature look is completed with the red vest he wears underneath the uniform. If you are planning on buying High School Dxd cosplay costumes, we’ve got you covered.


A Closer Look At The Essential High School Dxd Cosplay Guidelines

Unlike your typical high school uniforms, the  High School Dxd costumes are a bit different. The high school uniform for girls is slowly becoming a fan-favorite among cosplayers all around the world. The outfit is a synthesis of the Victorian style and postmodernist fashion.

From a corset to a mini skirt, it has it all. If you want to recreate the infamous Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess’ looks, you will need a few essential items. First and foremost, the uniquely designed Kuoh Academy school uniform is a must. The set of uniform is distinctive not just because of its design, but because of its color scheme- crimson mini skirt in contrast to the rest of the generic black and white clothing items. It certainly is eye-catching and is bound to demand attention.

Apart from the uniform, you will definitely need a perfect wig to complete your looks. Rias Gremory’s famous long crimson locks are definitely a sight to behold and a fairly difficult look to recreate. A well-made wig would naturally heighten your chances of getting an accurate hairstyle of your favorite characters, lessen your effort, and make your High School Dxd cosplay experience so much easier for you.

If you are looking for the owner of the harem Issei Hyodo’s costumes, we’re here for you. As a cool mixture of the standard uniform and casual wear, Issei’s signature look gives a laid-back and calm vibe. This mismatched set of clothing is perfect for a comfortable and memorable cosplay. We have a wide range of options for you, so pick up your favorite High School Dxd costume from our store.

The trick to make any cosplay costume pop is paying attention to the accessories. They may not look that important but they play a huge role in the overall appearance. Stick to your preferred character’s choices of accessories and watch your cosplay costume raise the bar by a notch.


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