Hetalia: Axis Powers Cosplay Costumes

Imagine living in a world where different nations are personified with their distinctive traits; this is where Hetalia: Axis Powers came into the picture. Enjoy the humor and fun with our collection because a little cosplay won’t hurt anybody.
Characters: China, Korea, America, Prussia, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, United Kingdom, Russia, Sealand, Iceland, England, Liechtenstein

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Hetalia: Axis Powers, a web series which is adapted to manga and anime is a metaphorical interpretation of different countries in the world (as humans) that highlights the political and historical events, particularly during the World World-II.

One of the biggest advantage of cosplaying Hetalia: Axis Power is that the costumes did not scream out that you are watching anime.

You can simply get any of these costumes like; China, America, England, Russia, etc and wear it on any party or event.

Hetalia: Axis Powers Costumes highlights the style and accents of each country; so even if you do not watch this series, you can still wear these costumes with pride and love for your country.


Hetalia: Axis Powers Cosplay: Which Country Are You?

You might be hailing from the ‘land of morning sun’ or from the ‘land of hopes and glory’, with a rich culture and ethnic background; Hetalia Axis Powers has enabled you to personify your own nation simply by donning these amazing set of costumes available exclusively at Squinoo.

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