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Characters: Goblin Slayer, Priestess

Goblin Slayer Cosplay Costumes
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Get ready to slay some goblins with our amazing collections of Goblin Slayer Cosplay Costumes that allows you to be the mesmerizing Priestess, the High Elf Archer, Dwarf, Lizard-man and most importantly the prestigious Silver rank holder, the Goblin Slayer. Move in with style and comfort that’ll take you places and have the best times.


The History Behind Goblin Slayer Cosplay

Goblin Slayer certainly needs no introduction. Cosplaying as characters from Goblin Slayer has become quite a common phenomenon recently. How does this particular anime become so popular in the cosplay community? What exactly lies behind the sensational success of Goblin Slayer Costumes?

The answer, of course, lies in the anime. Goblin Slayer is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime series that are released in 2018. Released by White Fox Studio, this 12-episode series is based on a light novel series of the same name written by Kumo Kagyu. The Light Novel becomes so successful and popular that it soon sparks the birth of a manga adaptation along with three audio drama CDs, and of course the anime series.


Goblin Slayer Costumes – Plot Introduction

The series revolves around the Goblin Slayer, a veteran warrior obsessed with hunting down goblins only. He only takes quest related to goblins, which he often strikes down mercilessly and flawlessly. His sole purpose for existence lies in the complete eradication of goblins from the face of the world. He later forms a party with Priestess, High Elf, Lizard Man, and Dwarf to amplify his goblin hunting.

The plot seems at the surface to be mundane and dull while the truth couldn’t be further from that. Goblin Slayer will leave you entertained throughout its entire run; it’s a shame that it lasted only for 12 episodes. Hopefully, Season 2 will at least be considered by White Fox Studio.

At our store, check out different forms of Goblin Slayer Costumes featuring costumes of Goblin Slayer and his companions.


Cosplaying Tips for Beginners with Goblin Slayer Costumes

Cosplaying is a skill that has several layers. Veteran and advanced level cosplayers like to add some twist to cosplaying using techniques such as gender swap or adding their own personal touch. Creativity in cosplay knows no bounds and its boundaries are limited only by your imagination.

For beginners who are new to cosplay, tackling such advanced techniques early on might be too difficult. Despite all the creativity and originality that can be utilized, the fundamental core of cosplay remains on its authenticity. Cosplaying is a realm we escape to where we can imitate our favorite characters from TV or anime. Therefore, it is often best to stick to what is already in place, especially for novice cosplayers.

Cosplaying demands authenticity at two levels – costumes and personalities. Understand that every cosplay costumes on sale at Squinoo are of textbook qualities that are made with the most exquisite attention to detail. Therefore, you can leave it up to us to deliver the perfect costumes.

Emulating the personalities of our characters can prove troublesome at times. Missing a vital cosplay component is also quite common. To relieve you of these two common problems, we have prepared a guideline using popular characters from Goblin Slayer. We promise you will get the gist of cosplaying after you are done reading. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the next section where we have highlighted the bio of our two main characters – Goblin Slayer and Priestess


Goblin Slayer Cosplay Tutorial With Character Guide

Goblin Slayer Cosplay

Goblin Slayer is the titular hero of the series, named after the show’s title. His only drive is hunting goblins and he seems to have no other purpose. As a result of this obsession, he lacks certain social skills and subsequently has a hard time interacting with others. As the series progress, his kind attitude beneath the goblin obsession façade emerges numerous times as he has shown to care about his companions and express the desire to protect the general populace. Maintaining his stoic demeanor could be key while cosplaying as Goblin Slayer.

Goblin Slayer usually dons a plate armor along with chainmail underneath, both of which are available under a single costume set in our store. Bu purchasing this costume set, you will get both pair of armors along with a pair of gloves, waist bags, armband, belt, scarf, and a pair of leggings. Despite its rigorous design, the costume is quite light and sturdy, making it effectively easy to wear while being durable.

After getting this costume set, you should also get a couple of items which are listed just below.

  • Goblin Slayer Cosplay Helmet
  • Shield and Sword Cosplay Props
  • Goblin Slayer Cosplay Boots


Priestess Cosplay

Arguably the main heroine of Goblin Slayer, Priestess is a trendy cosplay model for fanatics. She met Goblin Slayer after her former party members are killed by goblins when Goblin Slayer saves her. She is also the first party member recruited by Goblin Slayer.

Priestess practically exudes vulnerability. She has a very fragile emotional state of mind, often breaking down into tears at the slightest provocation. She gets a little shy at first, but after she warms up, she transforms into an incredibly kind girl. You need to be a kind crybaby to portray a realistic Priestess!

Priestess costumes are highly based on her role as a priestess. She wears white robes with blue garbs underneath laced with golden linings. Her costume set also includes black inner garments and her white priestess cap. You can get all these items from Squinoo under a single costume tag. However, there are a few items that can further accentuate your looks. Check out the list of items below.

  • Priestess Cosplay Blonde Wigs (Available in our store)
  • Priestess Cosplay Staff Prop
  • Blue-colored lenses
  • Priestess Cosplay Boots


Armed with this new information, you are now ready to enter the cosplay world. Hold your head high, keep your confidence intact, and march with pride using your new Goblin Slayer Costumes!


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