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Come and unleash your inner fantasy of becoming your favorite character from video games, RPG or Board Games by browsing our collection of Game Costumes. Available in an array of high- quality designs, our exclusive selection of Game Cosplay Costumes effortlessly lets you celebrate the game that you love; simply pick your favorite costume and rouse your cosplay spirit to the fullest.

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Welcome To The World of Game Cosplay

Dear Reader, let us talk a bit about gaming for a while. The world of gaming is an ever-growing industry, with millions of gamers scattered around the globe. Let’s admit it; we all love to play a bit of video games for a change, especially during our leisure time. Our favorite game could be as simple as switching color blocks in ‘Candy Crush’ to the highly anticipated ‘Cyberpunk 2077’. We are so hyped for this game as you are!!

Long gone are the days when gaming is constantly mocked by society. Video Game today is as cool as it can be; Mr. Stark, we the gamers have won! We succeeded in making gaming cool!

That being said, the revenue of the gaming industry exceeds billions of dollars in today’s market. After all, the current prize pool of The International 2019 has exceeded 30 million dollars, a figure larger than the prize pool of Wimbledon! And this figure is only continuing to soar.

I think we have made our point pretty clear. The realm of gaming, especially in competitive e-sports has not only provided a viable employment opportunity, but it also has the capacity to propel someone to the status of a millionaire. That’s not something every sport can brag about!

To our beloved reader,

The time has come forth for us to shine and make a stand in the cosplay industry. Cosplaying should not be limited to only characters from anime, movies or comics. After all, video games have some of the best characters ever made in the history of literature! (Yes, a good gaming story is currently in the process of being incorporated into literature)

Embrace your destiny, claim your rightful seat, and choose the best game costume for the next cosplay event. Our huge collection comprising of cool and fun game cosplay merchandise is sure not to disappoint you in any conceivable way. Be Geralt of Rivia, be the Dark Knight from Gotham City, or perhaps a character from ‘League of Legends’ will suit you more! Stand tall and proud, fellow gamer, our time has come.


Game Cosplay Costumes – What To Keep In Mind

Cosplaying as your favorite character from a gaming franchise is not so different from other forms of cosplay. Understand that ‘authenticity’ in our costume is the absolute prerequisite while engaging any form of cosplay, and this is especially true when engaging complex game costumes.

Every good cosplayer understands that authenticity is the quintessential element of any good costumes. That is why you should keep in mind to get your costumes right, whether you are tailoring them by hand or getting them online. Every last detail in the costume design should not be left out by any means. That is why we should always be careful while ordering any game costume from any site.

At Squinoo, we understand the necessity of such importance and that is why the items in display on our store are always textbook quality. Every game costume or any other cosplay products in our site undergoes routine and thorough inspection to eliminate any potential problem.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that the products from the game cosplay section are tailored with utmost precision, not only to produce a realistic costume but to make sure they are durable and comfortable to wear.


Game Costumes – Get the Best Online Deal at Squinoo

Squinoo boasts one of the largest collections of game costumes in the online platform. Our exclusive game cosplay wardrobe feature different games from all genres – RPG’s, Shooters, Puzzles, Interactive Novels, Sports, and many more! Take your sweet time to get the best pick!

So, if you want to get into a bit of medieval fantasy, we have costumes from the Witcher series. If a straight-up shooter is more your style, we’ve got Exclusive Far Cry Costumes for you only!

For Ancient Greek mythology, God of War. The Western World, Red Dead Redemption. You name it, we got it. This list can go on and on!

Our collection is also not limited to just game costumes. Check out the different wigs, item props, shoes, and tons of other cool accessories, to help you complete your character.

Furthermore, have you look at prices? We are basically giving these items away for free. The sharp decline in the prices of our products, compared to other sites is only possible because Squinoo has worked through thick and thin to bring our prices significantly lower. We care for you and we care for the cosplay community. That is why our store is scot-free from the horrible inflation that is currently prevalent in the online market.


Benefits of Buying Game Costumes from Squinoo

‘Shopping at Squinoo is like finding a gold mine’, is a very recent quote by one of our customers. People who buy costumes from Squinoo have the knack of coming back multiple times and have the tendency to develop into our beloved Squinoo veterans. This is only possible because we offer a plethora of benefits for you – our dearest customer!

Keeping aside the exceptional quality of our products and their ridiculously low prices, there are quite a few other reasons why Squinoo is developing into one of the best shopping sites for game costumes and other cosplay items. Here are a few of the best ones!

Our reasonable prices can be further lowered through the use of codes as well as the seasonal discounts that are retroactive at all times for every last product. Shopping at Squinoo will not make your wallet bleed as hard as in other sites.

A set of carefully written narratives will be available for each page, each product, and each franchise to guide you through the route of cosplaying. You will get in tune with your favorite characters, you will learn new cosplay moves, but most importantly, you will have a blast! A team of writers has made sure that you get the best value out of our products!

Did you also know that shipping is effectively free of cost at Squinoo? You will get your chosen game costume at your doorstep, for the exact price in the tag, without any need for further expenses. While other sites charge a ridiculous sum in shipping, we grant you this exclusive benefit that will further dampen the damage to your wallet. Our worldwide shipping service will bring your game costume anywhere in the world – be it the basking sun under Miami or the snow-clad towns of the Swiss mountains, we are dedicated to delivering our products to your doorsteps.

Last but certainly not least, we would like to share that we have an impeccable ‘Return and Refund’ Policy. If you have any grievances, we will listen. If you have any problems, we will solve it. Don’t fret during any transaction in our site – we have state of the art security system in place, monitoring every transaction to protect you from scams and hacks. Please read our FAQ Section to know more regarding our company’s policies.