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Gakuen Basara Cosplay – Origin

A heated feud between football star Sanada Yukimura and baseball star Date Masamune disrupts the working environment of Basara Academy. To make matter worse, the student council seat of the chairman is forfeited by Hideyoshi Toyotomi as a result of a suspension. The vacancy of such a prestigious position inevitably stems the interest of various parties, who are all vying to occupy this vacant seat. With such chaos running amock, Basara Academy has never been livelier. Who will emerge supreme in this ultimate political chaos?

Surely you have heard of the Sengoku Basara franchise. Released on 5th October 2018 by Brain’s Base studio, Gakuen Basara is an action-comedy series that takes place in a high school setting that features characters from Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings. This show takes inspiration from the anthology comic series of Sengoku Basara written by Kyuugou. See how the ruthless samurais from the Sengoku period fare in a Japanese High School.

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Learning How to Cosplay with Gakuen Basara Costumes

At Squinoo, we will not only provide the best costumes, the best prices, and the best service – we will also teach you how to look best with our costumes! Even for beginners in cosplaying, our tips can help you approach cosplaying in the right manner, making you understand the fundamentals of cosplaying with relative ease.

Cosplaying essentially involves two processes – getting the right costumes and wearing them the right. Sound easy enough, right? But let us warn you that there are lots of things that can go wrong.

First, we have the costumes itself, whether they are tailored by hand or bought somewhere. If you are sewing your own costumes, then we salute your tenacity and skill. However, not everyone has the sewing skills required to make our own costumes and that is where we can lend a hand. Products at Squinoo are sure to hit the quality mark, no matter how high you set your standards. Choosing the right site for cosplay shopping can pose a tricky task and let us warn you that there are tons of dubious sites that sell inferior or duplicate products. Please take note to buy your costumes at only well-known and reliable sites like Squinoo.

The second process involves donning your costumes. As simple as it sounds, there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind. All cosplay characters, especially from anime genre, has complex costumes that demand an assembly of a number of rare items. Identifying these items and locating them can often prove to be trying. Always remember to get these details right for a more admirable cosplay.

If you are not cosplaying only for the sake of photographs and candy eyes, make sure to read the character section below. At Squinoo, we firmly believe in a character-centric approach for a more convincing cosplay. Understanding characters deeply are pivotal towards the mechanics of cosplaying. With the two examples provided, you will get in tune with the right ethics of cosplaying. Learn your character’s quirks, traits, personalities – these will allow you to replicate your aura at the main stage.


Gakuen Basara Costumes and Characters

It should be noted beforehand that Gakuen Basara is made with a humorous intent, and the characters in the series are not necessarily refection of their original characters. That being said, there are also lots of similarities, especially in regards to their basic personalities.


Date Masamune Cosplay

The fearless ruler of the Date Clan makes his return in Gakuen Basara as the school’s baseball star. His rivalry with Sanada is continued in this series as well. Masamune is known for his energetic and optimistic leadership, leading the baseball team with ruthless efficiency and excellence. Although he is generally quiet and composed, he can get passionate while playing or during his encounters with Sanada.

In Gakuen Basara, Masamune dresses in a rather casual manner. His costume set which is available at Squinoo features a collection of eight different items worn by Masamune in the show. He usually wears a blue shirt underneath his black jacket and black pants. You will also get this list of items by purchasing his costume – belt, handcuffs, eye patch, necklace, and waist chain.

For a complete cosplay look, you may also get these items –

  • Date Masamune Cosplay Wigs
  • Date Masamune Cosplay Shoes
  • Blue-colored lenses
  • Baseball Bat


Sanada Yukimura Cosplay

One of the most distinguished and capable warriors of the Sengoku era, Sanada Yukimura makes his return in Gakuen Basara as the captain of the football team. Just as he was in the original series, he is hot-blooded and brimming with volatile passion, always causing a comic scene with his rival Masamune. He is quite naïve and innocent, which often earns him teasing from his friends.

You can get the exclusive costume set of Sanada Yukimura from our store at a discount rate. In Gakuen Basara, Sanada rests his warrior armor and instead, he dresses in a carefree modern manner. His costume set includes a typical coat suit – black blazer, black pants, and white shirt. Along with these, you will also get his red headband, necklace, and belt. Make sure to dress loosely, avoid dressing too smartly, and go for a more careless and casual style.

You can also get these additional items for a complete look.

  • Sanada Yukimura Cosplay Wigs
  • Sanada Yukimura Cosplay Shoes
  • Crimson Red Lenses


With your newly learned skills and freshly acquired costume, you are ready to rain havoc over the cosplay universe. All that left is for you to shine in these Gakuen Basara Costumes!


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