It Follows Movie Poster

It Follows Ending: Twist You Still Missed

Upon the first release in March of 2015, It Follows made a relatively small splash due to its limited showings in select theaters. According to IMDb, it made approximately $160,000 in its opening weekend in the United States. Compared to box office smashes like the 2017 Stephen King adaptation, It, which pulled in a whopping […]

American Psycho Movie Poster

American Psycho Ending Explained In Depth

American Psycho is, without doubt, one of the most humorous and blood-curdling thrillers in American cinema. Released in 2000, the movie reflects the intense satire of yuppie culture in the 1980s. It is a condemnation of a society that values the economic prosperity and fame over any discernible morality. However, let’s not talk about all […]

Sleepaway Camp Movie Poster

The Sleepaway Camp Ending Doesn’t Stop Haunting Us

Sleepaway camp is unapologetically a sleazy cult classic, and perhaps the only one that successfully oversteps the bounds of the slasher genre without getting you off. No spill of blood and neither does it make any unnecessary attempt to throw your guts off. As it turns out, the killer is that one person you suspected; […]

Atomic Blonde Movie Poster

Atomic Blonde Explained: Everything You Need To Know

The movie ‘Atomic Blonde’ was originally supposed to be titled Coldest city based on the graphic novel that inspired it but our protagonist being blonde and with looks to die for, chasing an atomic bomb of information, conventional wisdom prevailed and the movie was rightly rechristened “Atomic blonde”. The term atomic blonde is used in modern […]

The Prestige Movie Poster

The Prestige Ending Explained: Hiding In Plain Sight

The Prestige is a film that depicts a fierce rivalry between two stage-illusionists, and former associates, Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Christian Bale), sparked by the death of Angier’s wife, Julia (Piper Perabo), during a stage trick. Their rivalry leads to great loss and even death. The movie is an adaptation of the […]

Nocturnal Animals Movie Poster

Nocturnal Animals Explained: Hidden Meanings Behind Edward’s Novel

The 2016 American film Nocturnal Animals is a devilishly compelling movie of love, revenge, and solitude. It spins multi-layered that explores the emotional emptiness of two past lovers through a novel. Also, Nocturnal Animals ending leaves on a possibly confusing hanging scene. Don’t worry, read on and you’ll see Nocturnal Animals ending explained descriptively. The […]

Blade Runner 2049 Movie Poster

Blade Runner 2049 Explained [Straight Out Of 1982]

Blade Runner 2049 is a futuristic Sci-fi movie based on a sequel to the 1st Blade Runner movie. This movie resonates the fear of an impending Man-Machine conflict as science advances at an unprecedented pace. Set at a time in a distant future, humans ‘retire’ (kill) Bio-engineered humans called ‘Replicants’ using their trained force called “Blade Runners”. What […]

47 Meters Down Movie Poster

47 Meters Down Ending Explained [Wishful Fallacy Of Happy Endings]

Every existing movie has an inspiration behind it. Production is also geared towards satisfying the needs of specific audiences. The thriller audience derives satisfaction from extremely scary and nerve raking scenes and happenings that go beyond the consolation of camera tricks and video editing. Thrillers are meant to bring the audience on the edge and […]

Alien Covenant Movie Poster

Alien: Covenant Ending Explained

After seeing Alien Covenant, you most likely have a few inquiries. That is alright—like Prometheus before it, Alien Covenant was long on dread and short on answers. Thus, we’re here to do our best to get to the base of a portion of these puzzles and attempt to make sense of exactly what the takeaway […]

Memento Movie Poster

Memento Explained: Let’s Discuss That Ending

Memento is a movie that premiered on the 5th of September 2000 at the Venice International Film Festival and later hit European theatres in October. It is Christopher Nolan’s second movie as a director and the first that garnered him the attention he is to have in the later, more established stages of his illustrious career. […]

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