Evangelion EVA Cosplay Costumes

Suit up and fight the apocalyptic, smiting angels! If you are looking for the perfect Evangelion EVA costumes, look no further. Check out our exclusive collection of the Evangelion EVA cosplay costumes.
Characters: Asuka Langley, Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari, Ritsuko Akagi, Misato Katsuragi, Mari Illustrious Makinami, Maya Ibuki

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Basic Tips And Tricks For Your Evangelion EVA Costume Shopping

Before you pick your favourite Evangelion EVA costumes, avoid the following mistakes. For professional cosplay performers, the art of cosplay is a lot more than just dressing up as their favourite characters on an anime television show. Even for part time cosplay artists, the bar has been raised significantly higher than ever before. A common mistake that many people make is showing up at a cosplay convention with a watered-down version of famous and lovable characters. The audience now expects a well-rehearsed performance, and a make-up and costume accurately similar to that of the character. So, it is no longer sufficient to pass off as a character using poor imitations of costumes, makeup and roleplay. To fix this issue, a cosplay artist has to deliver his or her best, or at least make an attempt to bring the best on the table, against all odds.


Another common mistake that cosplay artists tend to make is failing to pay attention to the smallest details and accompanying accessories of a character’s get up. It could be anything, ranging from a piece of jewelry, a logo, to something as trivial as a hairpin. Surprisingly, these little things do contribute a lot when it comes to the finishing touches of a cosplay costume. It is, therefore, very important to include all the items of a character’s costume set.


Another mistake that cosplay artists tend to make is underestimating how much time and effort are required to prepare a decent costume. If you can devote your time and money, then it will definitely work in your favour. However, if you can not afford to do so, you would be able to present a poorly done costume. Disorganized cosplay artists also tend to make the mistake of not knowing enough about the very characters they are portraying. Without the knowledge of the character’s background and experience, it is difficult to have an understanding or depth while cosplaying. At the very least, knowing the basic premise of the setting is extremely important. It will definitely help you to deliver justice to your character with ease and precision. Keep reading to find out more suggestions and stratagem for your Evangelion EVA cosplay costumes.



Futuristic Fashion And Functionality: Fight For Humanity With The Best Evangelion EVA Cosplay Costumes


Set in the post-apocalyptic world, Tokyo-3 city witnesses the ascent of the prophetic Angels. These creatures are extremely powerful and ruthless, destroying everything in their paths. Now, to combat the Angels, the human race has developed a bio-machines or semi-cyborg shells with human souls. These semi-machines are called Evas, and they function by directly fusing with the operator’s nervous system. The Evas and the pilots, who are children who have lost their mothers, become two parts of an integrated unit to fight the Angels. The Evangelion EVA anime series follows the story of a young boy named Shinji Ikari, the pilot of Evangelion Unit 01, or EVA 01 which hosts his dead mother’s soul. The character design of this anime television series is elaborative, and the costumes are gorgeous with their immaculate designs. Which one of the Evangelion EVA costumes is your favourite? Get the Evangelion EVA cosplay costumes to get the best experience.


Shinji Ikari Cosplay


If you decide to recreate the main protagonist Shinji Ikari’s looks, you will need two sets of costumes. To recreate his usual everyday wear, you will need a black undershirt, a white button up shirt which is tucked in a black, high waisted pair of pants, a black belt with silver buckle, a pair of white sneakers, a black back pack, a black wrist watch, and a black duffel bag with leather straps. To recreate Shinji Ikari’s get up as an EVA pilot, you will need a full bodysuit which allows a lot of room for mobility. These pilot suits are called plug suits. Shinji Ikari’s suit consists of a black bodycon jumpsuit which has a white armour-like structure on the upper body and blue shields on the lower body part which extends to the shoes. You will also need a headset which looks like a pair of robotic cat ears.


Asuka Langley Cosplay


If you decide to recreate Asuka Langley’s looks, you will need three sets of costumes. To recreate Asuka Langley’s casual wear, you will need a yellow sun dress with two straps, a matching choker, a pair of red buckled shoes, a red duffel bag with her EVA unit number on it. Another set of Asuka Langley’s costume is a school uniform which consists of a white button up shirt, a red ribbon, a blue pleated skirt with two suspensions, a pair of white socks with one red line, and a pair of black buckled shoes. To recreate Asuka Langley’s pilot get up, you will need a tight, red bodysuit with red protective armour around the shoulders, chest, and legs. To top off Asuka Langley’s signature hairstyle, you will need a copper red coloured wig which has two long half ponytails and fringes.


Rei Ayanami Cosplay


If you decide to recreate Rei Ayanami’s looks, you will need two main sets of costumes. Although Rei Ayanami is shown to wear several sets of clothings, she is usually seen wearing her pilot plug suit. To recreate her everyday wear, you will need a school uniform which consists of an oversized white button up shirt, a red ribbon, a blue pleated skirt with two suspensions, a pair of black socks, a pair of white canvas loafers, a white sling for the right arm, and white bandages for the arm and right eye. To recreate Rei Ayanami’s pilot wear, you will need a primarily white plug suit with a black undershirt, black lines on the thighs, red lines on both sides of the shoulders, and two circular objects at the middle of the chest. To complete Rei Ayanami’s looks, you will also need a blue coloured wig which is styled in a messy short bob, and a pair of amber coloured contact lenses.


Toji Suzuhara Cosplay


If you decide to recreate Toji Suzuhara’s looks, you will need two sets of costumes. His casual wear consists of a black track suit with a white collar and two parallel lines on both sides of the arms, and a pair of white sneakers that is eerily similar to the Nike Cortez line. To recreate his pilot get up, you will need a black bodycon plug suit with a mixture of a dark shade of blue. The suit has a protective armour around the mid section, shoulders, and legs, which are blue in colour.