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Squinoo’s exclusive Ensemble Star Cosplay Wardrobe is filled with a wide variety of beautiful costumes and cool accessories to enable you to cosplay as your favorite character – be it Leo Tsukinaga, Kuro Kiryu, Izumi Sena, or any other. Make sure to bring your A-Game to the scene because you are about to look fantastic with these awesome Ensemble Star Costumes!

Characters: Leo Tsukinaga, Kuro Kiryu, Ra Bits.

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Ensemble Star Cosplay – Introduction to the Anime

This show is extremely new and fresh in the anime scene, premiering on the 7th of July, 2019. Initially, the franchise was released by producers ‘Happy Elements’ in the form of a Mobile Card Collecting Game on Google Play Store, then the iOS Store later on.

The anime series made by David Production is barely weeks old yet it has already climbed the heights of popularity, hailed as one of the best shows in the ongoing season. Of course, we cannot count out the attraction it garners as a Card Game as well. Suffice to say, this franchise is a rising star in the world of anime and if you are looking for something new and exciting to cosplay, it doesn’t get better than this!

So relish this prime opportunity to cosplay as your favorite Ensemble stars characters and show the world that a new king has entered the realm of cosplay. Your loyal subjects at Squinoo are ready to adorn you with your chosen garment from the Ensemble Star Costumes Wardrobe.


Ensemble Star Cosplay – Easy to follow Cosplay Ideas with Character Guides

Cosplay is not a simple art; in fact, it is one of the most demanding and time-consuming tasks. Getting the perfect costume is extremely difficult, especially when we are making them by hand. Not to mention the various accessories required for a complete look, emulating our character’s personality demands a whole other skillset.

While you are choosing your favorite outfit from the Ensemble Star Costumes Collection, we have prepared a few instructions for you based on the characters you want to cosplay. Make sure to read their basic character traits carefully along with the list of gears needed to be assembled for a complete look. Let’s get into it, shall we?

  • Leo Tsukinaga Cosplay Tips

Cosplaying as Leo Tsukinaga, one of the most interesting characters from the show can be quite a challenge as well as fun. Leo is a third-year student of Yumenosaki Private Academy, although he has skipped school entirely since the break after his second year. He is the leader of the Idol Unit called ‘Knights’.

While performing, Leo wears a white coat embroidered with gold designs and blue linings. Beneath this, he dons a black shirt while his pant is black with vertical white linings. This costume also comes with a pair of gloves and a belt.

The most striking behavior of Leo is his overt imouto complex (a condition where you are infatuated with your younger sister). As a result, he constantly fussed around her, often acting like a knight in her presence. Aside from this glaring character, Leo has been known to be impulsive, eccentric, and has a naturally loud disposition. Keep in mind these behavioral traits while cosplaying as Leo.

If you are looking to further get into his character, here are a few items which can help you complete your looks as Leo Tsukinaga.

  • Orange colored wig
  • Light Green Lenses
  • Black Boots with golden laces
  • Katana prop

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  • Kuro Kiryu Cosplay Tips

Kuro Kiryu is a third-year student at Yumenosaki Private Academy as well as a member of the Boys Idol group ‘Akatsuki’. After his mother’s death, he has been compelled to look after his younger sister and as a result, he has also developed a hint of the notorious Imouto syndrome.

Due to his immense strength and large built Kuro gives off a rather scary demeanor. Kuro is known to be a perfectionist, always demanding order and precision in his dealings. He has a very earnest character, sincere at heart, and always put his friends and families before himself.

While performing as a member of the Akatsuki, he wears a costume which seems to be a tribute to the traditional Japanese culture. His red kimono has a very unique design, with the upper left collar featuring white color accompanied by fur. The collar and part of the sleeves are lined with gold color. This costume comes with black pants, a pair of gloves, as well as a belt.

Aside from donning the main costume, getting these items will help you get more into character and enables you to portray Kuro Kiryu at a more realistic level

  • Flashing Red Wigs
  • Lenses with a color which is a blend of green and yellow
  • Black Boots with Red Laces
  • Three golden earrings, two on the right ear, one on the left
  • Gold necklace with a gold ring

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Aside from these two costumes, Squinoo is the home to some of the coolest Ensemble Star Costumes including the outfit of popular idol bands like Trickster, Akatsuki, Red Moon, and more. Check them out at your convenience!


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