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Your favorite characters from the epic show, Diabolic Lovers have some of the most impressive costumes ever introduced in the world of cosplay. Featuring tons of costumes from characters including Yui Komori, Ayato Sakamaki and more, we will cater to your every whims and desire.

Characters: Yui Komori, Ayato Sakamaki, Subaru Sakamaki, Shin Tsukinami, Kanato Sakamaki.

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Diabolik Lovers Cosplay: Brief History Behind the Show

Unknown to most of its fans, initially Diabolik Lovers starts as a visual novel – a popular gaming platform based on narratives and player choices. The franchise is first launched for the PlayStation Portable platform by gaming studio Rejet. The initial success prompts the creation of further series which are expanded into the realm of Nintendo Switch as well as adaptation into anime, manga, drama CD, fan books, and even stage plays.

The anime series is produced by Studio Zexcs in the form of two seasons, launched in 2013 and 2015. The anime stands out for its unique theme which blends vampire romance with ‘Shoujo’, with a light hint of a psychological thriller based on female subordination. Although this theme does not necessarily cater to the taste of all otakus, the show does manage to attract a large and loyal fandom.


Diabolik Lovers Cosplay Tips with Character Guide

Diabolic Lovers characters are divided into specific clans, from the Sakamaki Brothers to the Mukami Brothers, Tsukinami Brothers and many more. This section is dedicated to providing a comprehensive guide for our customers in the field of cosplay. Sometimes, our favorite hobby can be a nuisance, especially taking into view the amount of workload it can consume creating the perfect costume. The amount to detail needed to put in place can be nightmarishly exhausting.

Aside from fabricating the perfect costume, cosplaying also incurs a further toll from our time and energy in the process of assembling all the required parts. Furthermore, it is also imperative to know our character deeply, so as to perform a more realistic portrayal in terms of behavior and personalities.

This is exactly why, in the section below, we provide a brief character analysis of our favorite characters from Diabolik Lovers, coupled with a few cosplay tips.


The main heroine of the series Yui Komori is a beautiful blonde girl, tasked by her father to live in a vampire household with six male vampires. Throughout the series, Yui is seen wearing three different costumes which are available in the Squinoo Store.

Her first appearance features a pink top-dress that falls just below her shoulder level with black laces underneath, coupled with brown half pants. Her next costume features a blue jacket worn atop a white shirt with a large brown bow as a tie, coupled with a beige skirt. Lastly, her school uniform is a black blazer which is worn on top of a white shirt and a black skirt. Her school dress has two large bows attached atop each other in the middle, with a smaller red bow on top of the larger white bow.

Yui Komori is a very cheerful girl, brimming with optimism, although her innocence often translates into a sense of naivety. She has empathetic kindness for everyone and has shown remarkable resilience upon being thrust into a vampire household. Keep in mind these behavioral traits while playing her character.

After choosing the main costume of your choice, you may also need to assemble a few accessories which are listed below, to complete your look and get more into the character of Yui Komori.

  • Platinum Blonde Wigs
  • Soft Pink-Coloured Lenses
  • Pink Flower Hairclip (Attached this on the left side of your hair/wig)
  • Gold Heart-Shaped Necklace
  • Black Leggings
  • Brown Shoes


Ayato Sakamaki is the third son of the Sakamaki household and a part of the six vampires who are all the potential love interest of Yui Komori. He is usually seen with his school uniform, which includes a black blazer, white shirt, red tie, and a pair of black pants. He usually leaves his shirt buttons undone and his red tie is simply wrapped around his neck loosely. He also has an unconventional habit of wearing his belt above his blazers and also rolled up the right side of his pants up to his knee.

Ayato has a very mischievous and playful nature, known to have a compulsive need to create trouble and be the center of attention. He likes to bully others, has a condescending approach of dealing with others, and likes to rebel a lot as well. His personalities and attitude are what made him one of the highest coveted cosplay models from Diabolic Lovers.

Apart from Ayato Sakamaki’s main costume, here are a few cosplay accessories you may need for a more convincing look.

  • Reddish Thick Wigs
  • Green Coloured Lenses
  • Black Stud Earring (only on right ear)
  • A pair of sneakers, a blend of red and black color


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