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Characters: Zero Two, Ichigo, Hiro.

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The Ultimate Guide to Darling in the Franxx Cosplay

Set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world, Darling in the Franxx is certainly not a new entry to this trope when released in 2018. Instead, the recurrence of this particular theme in anime starts to lean towards an annoying repetitive phase that is borderline cliché in a competitive industry. Despite its unoriginal premise, Darling in the Franxx proceeds to achieve stardom and immense popularity because of its great story and a cool cast of characters. After all, it takes the combined effort of three prominent studios in A-1 Pictures, CloverWorks, and Trigger to create this masterpiece.

The anime is barely a year old yet it already leaves a huge impact in the cosplay industry as well. Many veteran cosplays and newbies alike have taken up the hoist in portraying characters from this beloved animes. Characters especially Zero Two and Kokoro has been some of the most frequently played characters in the recent cosplay events. It is no wonder that Darling of the Franxx Costumes is always in hot demand since the launch of the anime just a year back!

Therefore, as the anime is relatively new compared to others, to take on the exciting characters from this show means there are lots of creativity or improvisation you can add to your cosplay levels. And who better to guide you down that path than Squinoo? In the next section, we shall briefly explore a couple of cool characters from the Darling in the Franxx franchise to help you get into tune with this new show!


Darling in the Franxx Cosplay – Cosplay Pointers with Character Guides

Let’s get straight down to business, shall we? Cosplaying is a complex art, as we both know. It demands dedication, patience, skill, confidence, but most importantly, a brilliant cosplay costume. Pretty much all of its success hinges on the accuracy of our costumes and our emulative behavior.

The section below this provides a quick cosplay guide using some of the most popular Darling in the Franxx characters. Be sure to read them carefully to greatly enhance your cosplay skill and experience.

  • Zero Two Cosplay Tips

With her rising popularity, cosplaying as Zero Two will be quite a challenge and therefore, much attention will be focused on you. Apart from getting Zero Two’s costumes right, it is imperative that you exude the similar cold and aloof personality she is known for.

She frequently changes her costumes during the course of the show, but fortunately, Squinoo manages to get hold of most of her costumes, ranging from swimsuits, jumpsuits, normal attire, and the popular Zero Two Cosplay bodysuit. Check out our store for these different varieties of Zero Two Cosplay Costumes

After choosing the main costume of your desire, here are a few items you may need to complete your cosplay –

  • Long Pink Wig with horns for her hair (Available in the Squinoo Store)
  • White Boots (Available in the Squinoo Store)
  • Cyan-colored lenses
  • Props for her fangs

Arguably the star of the show in terms of popularity, 02 or Zero Two is the main heroine of this series, carrying much of the show’s weight on her shoulders. She has become a very popular model among the enthusiastic cosplay community, courtesy to her aloof nature and demonic looks.

Despite having unnatural physical attributes, 02 or Zero two is considered to be a beauty. Her physical state of being stems directly from her origin – she is a product of an experiment that creates a hybrid species from human and Klaxosaur DNA. She is the only survivor out of countless failed experiments.

  • Hiro Cosplay Tips

Denounced and ostracized due to his inability to pilot a Franxx, Hiro is also the main hero of the series. He is formerly a failure Parasite, given the codename ‘016’, until his successful synchronization with Zero Two rendered him a full Parasite. Hiro is commonly shown wearing two costumes – his pilot attire which is a black jumpsuit while his normal attire features a grey suit with a unique red tie. Both costumes are currently available in the Squinoo store.

After his successfully synchronizing with Zero Two, Hiro starts to develop physical traits similar to her that include tiny blue horns and sharp fangs. Keep in mind these new physical markers while attempting to cosplay as Hiro along with these items –

  • Black Short Wigs (Available in the Squinoo Store)
  • Brown Black Boots (Available in the Squinoo Store)
  • Deep Blue Lenses
  • Props for his fangs and horns

Hiro is defined as quite jovial and optimistic in his default behavior. He has an overwhelming sense of curiosity, constantly inquiring the nature of their surroundings to adults. After meeting Zero Two, his tougher side emerges which show traits of endurance and tenacity.


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