Danmachi Sword Oratoria Ais Wallenstein Cosplay Costume With Boots

15,317.84 10,853.20


Danmachi Sword Oratoria Ais Wallenstein Cosplay Costume With Boots

15,317.84 10,853.20


Get ready to knock the socks off your feet! The supreme maiden-warrior, Danmachi’s best girl Ais Wallenstein is back in town! Her costume set includes – Cosplay boots, dress, headband, protective gears, pant, and sleeve covers.


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 Ais Wallenstein Front And Back

The strong silent type

Never mistake Ais’ quietness as a form of meekness or intimidation. This costume has been created to instill that same quiet demeanor into your character. Unravel your mystical beauty for the world to see.




Danmachi Sword Oratoria Ais Wallenstein Art

Noble Swordswoman

Only a few can match the sword skills of Ais. Hailing from the noble family of the Loki Familia, Ais is an embodiment of grace and strength. You can easily earn the attraction of the crown by donning her noble attire.




Danmachi Sword Oratoria Aiz Wallenstein Cosplay Costume With Boots 2

Strong and Sturdy

This costume is made to be strong and sturdy, as befitting of Ais’ abilities. Using only pure leather, knitted fabric, and high-quality spandex, we have crafted this masterpiece of a costume which is not only gorgeous and authentic but also highly durable, resistant to any form of wear or tear.     

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Included Items

Boots, Dress, Headwear, Pant, Protective Gears, Sleeve Covers


Knitted Fabric, Leather, Spandex


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