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For cosplay fanatics who are also passionate fans of popular anime series D.Gray-Man, we have excellent news for you! With the arrival of brand new D.Gray-Man Cosplay Merchandises, the Squinoo store is proud to present you with our endless galore of costumes, featuring authentic replicas from your favorite show. Featuring different costumes of Allen Walker, Cross Marian, Lenalee Lee, and countless others, we present you with the opportunity to cosplay as any character you desire.

Characters: Allen Walker, Cross Marian, Lavi, Lenalee Lee, Miranda Lotto.

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D.Gray-Man Cosplay

Initially, this popular series starts out as a Japanese manga series authored and illustrated by Katsura Hoshina. With over 24 million copies sold worldwide, it is fair to say that D.Gray-Man is a phenomenal success. This inevitably arouses the interest of several anime studios and in 2006, TMS Entertainment takes up the helm to adapt this popular manga into an anime series.

As expected, the anime series further propels the popularity of the franchise and not before long, it enters the realm of cosplay with a ‘bang’. In an instant, D.Gray-Man costumes are in constant demand in the cosplay market and 13 years later today, it still has managed to sustain its immense popularity. Characters like the Earl of Millennium and Miranda Lotto continues to steal the show in every major anime cosplay event.

Therefore, under the careful guidance of our team of experts, we will help you select the best D.Gray-Man Costumes to suit your desire and taste, and guide you to become a master in the art of cosplaying. Let’s get started!


D.Gray-Man Cosplay – Useful Tips with Character Guide

In this section, we will approach a handful of characters on how to cosplay them effectively by highlighting a brief sketch of their character. The art of cosplaying is our way of paying homage to our favorite characters, therefore, it is essential to get a couple of things right. The success of a cosplay rides on mainly two things – the authenticity of the costumes as well as the manner they are portrayed. So, please check out our section below where we highlight a few characters from D.Gray-Man on how to carry out a successful cosplay.


Allen Walker

Let us begin with our hero Allen himself. There are a few accessories you will need to assemble aside from the main costumes. These may include –

  • A gray-white wig to emulate his hair color
  • Red paint for his face tattoo/scar
  • Purple lenses for his eye color (Grey in the manga)
  • Different Weapon Props
  • Black heavy boots

Throughout the series, Allen dons a variety of different costumes which are all available in our store, conveniently classified on the basis of their chronological appearance. Select the one that you feel will fit your taste the most!

Allen used to serve as an Exorcist in the Black Order under the command of General Cross Marian. Currently, he serves as a Street Performer following in the footsteps of his adoptive father Mana Walker. Allen’s past is shrouded in mystery, although it has been established that his biological family abandoned him because of his cursed arm.

Allen is considered to be a kind-hearted fellow, known for his generosity and politeness, which he learned from his adoptive father. He places great importance on the safety of others than his own, often sacrificing his well-being for the sake of others. However, as noted by the others, Allen is also known to have a darker, more twisted personality.


Lenalee Lee

One of the main characters of the series as well as one of Allen’s closest friends, Lenalee is considered to be a very beautiful young lady. Unlike Allen, she continues to serve as an Exorcist under the European Branch of the Black Order. Much like Allen, Lenalee is also known to change her costumes several times during the course of the show. Her costumes are usually different variants of the Black Order Uniform which are tight jackets with long sleeves of different colors and designs, paired with either a short skirt or pants and a pair of two long socks. Fortunately, our store has a complete collection of her different costumes, categorized in an accessible manner with respect to their appearance in the show.

For a more complete cosplay, here are a few items required apart from her main costumes –

  • Dark Green Wigs for her hair(Black in the manga)
  • Purple Lenses for her eyes (Black in the manga)
  • Black thigh-high boots or High heeled boots
  • Any of her weapon prop of your choice

Lenalee is noted to be extremely kind-hearted and warm to those around her. For her, her close friends mean everything to her and she will cherish and protect them with all her might against any adversaries. Lenalee has been established to have a deeply traumatizing past although the detail of the circumstances is yet to be revealed.



Although Mimi is essentially a minor character, she deserves a mention here because of her gorgeous maid costume. Starting from the birth of cosplay as a cultural event, maid costumes remain one of the favorite themes within the community and are considered to be an instant recipe for a successful cosplay.

Mimi previously serves as an Akuna under Lulu Bell. As a spirit servant, she has unbending fidelity towards her mistress. Apart for donning her gorgeous maid attire, you may also need a few other accessories to complete her looks –

  • Pale Blue Wigs with two pigtails
  • Pointy Elf ears
  • Red Lenses for her eyes
  • Crown (for her princess form)


D.Gray-Man Costumes Available Online

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D. Gray-Man Costumes – Get the best deal from us

You may wonder about the other luxuries or benefits our site can offer you. Or perhaps you doubt our product quality because of their low prices. In both cases, we are here to clear any questions you may have.

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