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Our exclusive Code Geass Cosplay Wardrobe, ranging from costumes of various character including Euphemia, C.C, Lelouch himself, and many more have just hit the store. So get ready to awaken your cosplay spirit once more, because Code Geass is in the house!

Characters: Cornelia Li Britannia, Euphemia Li Britannia, Kaguya Sumeragi, Lloyd Asplund.

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The Best of Code Geass Costumes

Welcome to the Holy Land of Brittania, where King Lelouch Vi Brittania rules with an iron-clad fist. Here, you will find bucket loads of fun and cool costumes from the epic Code Geass series. If you are in a mood for a badass character, we got you. If you feel like playing something cute and warm, we got you. Be sure to read this article to get the best guide for an impeccable Code Geass cosplay.

Released in 2006 by Sunrise Studio, Code Geass becomes an instant international sensation, with its mind gripping politics and action-fueled mechas battles. To this date, Code Geass remains one of the highest-rated anime in ‘My Anime List.’ Inevitably, such a phenomenal performance attracts the attention of the cosplay community, who are simply stunned with the gorgeous cast of characters offered by Code Geass.

Characters such as Lelouch, Suzaku, Shirley, and others become the most sought after cosplay models. In any major anime conventions and cosplay parties, these characters continue to dominate the scene and establish a permanent foothold in the cosplay platform. Code Geass Cosplay Merchandise remains a hot prospect and when cosplay season comes, they continue to remain in great demand.

The official Squinoo store has in stock a variety of Code Geass Costumes for you to come and tackle the characters from this masterpiece of an anime. So let’s get started, shall we?


Code Geass Cosplay – Character Guides and Cosplay Tips

First and foremost, the most important thing for a cosplayer is obviously the authenticity of their costumes. A cosplayer’s skill is measured in how to get the details of their costume right. This can be a surmountable task as many costumes are known to have a bizarre and unique design, color pattern, and shape which are simply too difficult to be homemade. So dear customer, we would humbly ask you to not worry about such details and leave that matter to our talented team.

Secondly, it is essential to maintain the attitude and disposition of your played character, which is equally important as the first point. If your character acts too ‘out of character’, then people are simply not going to be impressed, no matter how cool your costume looks. Therefore, it is imperative to know your character deeply, in order to be exuding their same behavioral pattern.

And lastly, the quintessential aspect of good cosplaying is confidence in both your abilities and your costumes. If you act too meek or drawn back, you might not attract enough attention and people might not be able to appreciate your awesome costume.

Below this section, Squinoo has prepared a small list of characters from Code Geass, briefly highlighting their costumes and attitude as well as how to integrate yourself cleanly into their character without breaking a sweat. So sit back, and relax, and prepare to look cool in your brand new Code Geass Costumes.

  • Code Geass Lelouch Cosplay Tutorial

The protagonist of the series Lelouch is the exiled prince of the Brittania Empire, who continues to harbors a deep hatred for the Empire. Through fateful circumstances, Lelouch is granted the power of the Geass, an ability which enables him to give a single undeniable challenge to a single individual. With his new power, he is finally presented with an opportunity to run a rebel group that could topple the Brittania Empire off its perch.

As a prince, Lelouch is proud, resourceful, and highly intelligent with an air of arrogance and cruelty. He is known to be a master tactician, who is cold and calculating. Lelouch usually dons two outfits – the Ashford Academy Uniform and his Zero Costume. The popular Code Geass Zero Cosplay Costume comes with a full-body suit and a black cape although you will need to get the Zero mask in addition to complete the outfit. While wearing the Ashford Academy Uniform, you might also consider getting a wig and lenses to further accentuate your looks.

  • Code Geass C.C Cosplay Tutorial

The origin of this enigmatic character is unknown and she is the one to grant the power of the Geass to Lelouch. C.C has long green hair which could be solved with a wig. C.C has a vast assortment of different costumes which you can check out in our store. One of her most popular costumes is a magnificent black dress with an exotic design featuring an attached white cape and gold bearings.

C.C is known to be immensely fond of pizzas, often putting herself in precarious situations to obtain one. Apart from this, she is a very apathetic character and showed little to no emotions during the show.

  • Code Geass Euphemia Cosplay Tutorial

The third princess of Brittania and the half-sister of Lelouch, Euphemia’s story is one that is tragically beautiful. Kind, sweet and full of compassion, Euphemia dreams of a state where all citizens of Brittania and Japan live in harmony. A malfunction in Lelouch’s Geass causes her to behave erratically, as her illusion of peace is shattered at her own command.

Euphemia is considered to be extremely beautiful. She has pink hair with a stylistic design. Her costume features an elegant dress of pink and white, with a rose choker adorning her neck. Cosplaying as Euphemia can be quite a challenge as she is one of the most beloved characters in anime history.


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