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Origins of Chobits Cosplay – Brief Background and Introduction

In case you are wondering how these gorgeous Chobits costumes come into being, we have Madhouse Studio and Clamp to thank. Madhouse certainly needs no introduction but you may not be familiar with Clamp and their works.

Chobits starts as a manga series written and illustrated by Clamps, a team of female Japanese manga artists. Some of their best-known works are Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Babylon, and Chobits itself. Latest consensus reveals that as of 2007, Clamp has sold over 100 million tankobon copies of their works worldwide and twelve years later, that figure only continues to soar.

Madhouse begins production for the Chobits anime series by the early 2000s and by 3rd April 2002, the first episode is released in Japan. The rest, as they say, is history. After the publicity garnered by the anime and manga series, you can only imagine how it caught the interest of the cosplay community.


Cosplay Tips and Tricks for Chobits Costumes

There’s only one character you need to know when you are tackling Chobits Costumes for your cosplay adventures and that is of course ‘Chi’, sometimes written as Chii. In the section, we shall explore some of the most glamorous Chobits Costumes worn by Chi herself.

First and foremost, there is a certain truth to the statement that ‘knowledge is power’. This is especially true in context to cosplay. Tackling characters for cosplay requires you to know at least the surface background of their personalities, background, and eccentricities. To help you get deeper into touch with Chi, we have prepared a brief bio of Chi on your behalf.


The Ultimate Guide To Chi Cosplay Chobits

Chi’s full name is Chi Motosuwa and she is the protagonist of the Chobits series. Chi is a very beautiful young lady whose color theme is defined with gold – hence, her gold-colored eyes and golden hair. She has a very fair complexion and her body frame is described as slender. One of her most notable physical features is her ears which are rounded triangular in shape.

Now, pay extra attention to this part as we described her primary behavioral status. Chi has a very innocent and childlike character, obedient and even subservient to a certain extent. She also has a very go-to happy personality, always brimming with joy and happiness. Her whole world revolves around Hideki, who she cares for deeply and unconditionally. She also sometimes portray a pervasive attitude in comical fashion against Hideki.

Understand that emulating Chi’s personalities and maintaining her radiant disposition is critical to delivering a crackling cosplay of Chi. With our costumes, you will already have won the ‘best costume category’ but mimicking Chi’s behaviors could push you far past your limits!

Items you may need for Chi’s Cosplay

Chi has a plethora of beautiful costumes, some of which will be explained in the next topic. Here, we shall explore some of the other optional cosplay items that you can further acquire for Chi’s Cosplay.

  • Golden Wigs for her golden hair (Available in our store)
  • Golden Brown Lenses to match her eye color
  • Chi’s Ear Accessories and Hair beads combo (Available in our store)
  • Blue Shoes (The color may differ from costumes to costumes)

Getting these accessories will help you portray an even more realistic Chi and will certainly add new dimensions to your Chobits Costumes.


Choose your favorite Chobits Costumes from our large collection

Now you are ready to move to the last and most important part of our journey – choosing your favorite costume! As you can see, we offer some of the most exquisite Chobits costumes in the market and most of them belong to Chi. Depending on your mood, you can select the white princess costume or the black princess costume. We also have the Pink Lolita Dress and a bunch of other varieties you can choose from.

If you choose the ‘white princess’ route, you will be getting an elegant and graceful white gown that can rival any of the Disney princesses. This costume is the reflection of Chi’s innocence and grace.

However, if you are going ‘black princess’ mode, embrace the darker side of Chi and in return, you will get one of the grandest black gowns that have ever been made in cosplay. You will be the instant envy of your friends with this costume.

And lastly, if you don’t want to play princess mode, we also have the perfect pink Lolita costume for you only. Much like the other two, this costume is designed like a gown but it will add a certain essence of Chi’s femininity to your character.

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Chobits Costumes – Going strong nearly two decades later

A timeless classic from ages back, Chobits Costumes still manages to grab the limelight of cosplaying even 17 years after its initial release. Throughout the course of cosplay history, Chobits Cosplay Costumes have always been held in high regards by the cosplay community. At every major anime conventions and cosplay events alike, we are bound to see one or two Chobits cosplayers and that has been the case for quite some time now.


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