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Characters: JulietPersia, Romio Inuzuka, Hasuki Komai.

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Background History of the Show – Boarding School Juliet Cosplay in Fashion

You already know it –this show is the anime adaptation of Shakespeare’s work, ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Before the anime was made, the manga series was written by Yosuke Kaneda which regularly features in Weekly Shonen Magazine under the title ‘Juliet of Boarding School.’

In December 2018, Studio Liden Films released this anime show and today, it is already one of the favorite romantic comedies of the Otaku community. Of course, it didn’t take long for our enthusiastic cosplay community to take notice as well.

Boarding School Juliet Costumes are currently one of the most coveted costumes in the cosplay industry. At Squinoo, we have assembled the most prestigious cosplay merchandise collection from the very same show. Today must be your lucky day because not only are these costumes on sale; you will also get the best shopping experience with us! But first, please indulge us for a moment while we show you the basic guidelines of cosplaying.


Comprehensive Guide to Cosplay with Boarding School Juliet Costumes

Cosplaying is a devoted art, and as such, the prerequisite for excellence in cosplay is dedication and experience. However, even if you are an amateur cosplayer, don’t worry because, with our instructions below, you can tackle even the most advanced form of cosplaying. Once you begin to get the feel, you will realize that cosplaying can be fun and addictive!

There are no better ways to provide guidelines than using examples of our favorite characters themselves. In no time, we will help you to master equipping your chosen Boarding School Juliet Costumes.


Juliet Persia Cosplay Guide

What better place to begin than Juliet herself, the heroine of our story who the title is named after? Juliet is a beautiful teenage girl who is also one of the leaders of the White Cats faction, who are bitter rivals to the Black Dogs. As the show is rested in a school setting, most of the characters are usually seen wearing their respective dorm uniform.

Juliet is often seen in her White Cat Dorm Uniform, which is incidentally our featured costume for this section. In this costume set, you will be getting a white blazer, white shirt, and black skirt, all worn by Juliet herself. Along with these, this set also includes tons of cool accessories such as white leggings, headwear, red tie, and bandage. This costume represents the popular Japanese Girl Culture, which is always prevalent in any cosplay event.

Unfortunately, buying this costume from Squinoo is not nearly enough to cosplay as Juliet. The ethics of cosplay compels you to emulate some of Juliet’s basic behaviors and character traits, instead of just cosplaying for the sake of eye candy and photo session. You will need to maintain her severe and confident personality to create an impression among the crowd. However, remember that Juliet is a human too and has her comical side so learn how to balance these traits.

To create an even more perfect image, you can also collect the articles mentioned in the list below.

  • Straight and Long Blonde Wig
  • Azure Blue Lenses
  • Black School Shoes


Romio Inuzuka Cosplay Guide

Now, we shall move to the ‘Romeo’ of this story. Romio Inuzuka is one of the leaders of the Black Dog faction, who are bitter rivals to Juliet’s White Cats. In this section, we shall discuss his bio in brief along with his costume.

Romio usually wears the Black Dog Uniform while he is in school, which is most of the time. This costume set features a black suit comprising of a black blazer, white shirt, purple vest, red tie, and a pair of black pants. The full costume set is available as a part of a single clothing unit in the Squinoo Store.

Much like Juliet, Romio also has two sets of personalities. His overt behavior portrays him as a brash and tough young man who usually settles thing with his fist. His academic prowess pales in comparison to his physical domineer but he has been known to work hard when the situation demands it. However, he can also be quite kind and he possesses a maiden personality with feminine behaviors. Emulating such behavior could be tricky but you can do it!

To create an even better look, you can get these items below

  • Spiky Black Wigs
  • Black Lenses
  • Black School Shoes


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